Meanwhile, Toyota and Honda kept quiet and continued to build a solid customer base and providing value in a way where now…even though the new Fusion and Malibu are better cars, people are not willing to pay the same prices. Take into consideration the warranties, wear on the vehicle, having a hand me down sedan verses a no previous owner, off the lot malibu or fusion. Fine, but don’t just make it about the American entries. And the handling was rock solid, even at triple digit speeds. While I wouldn’t go CPO on a G37 (Not an apples to apples comparison people) for the same price, neither would I go brand new Fusion Sport over a brand new Accord for the same $$$. My main point is that the Uplevel Variants of all these MidSize FWD Cars make no sense, at least as far as pricing. To ridiculous to even comment on.lmao. Though the Contour was as reliable as the day was long, the clutch’s point of engagement was anyone’s guess. no manual at all now even for the 2.5 hmmm mind you if the shift changes are quick enough it will be ok. Genuine content…I am trying to like Ford again, this review helped. ", Opinion: Infiniti is Headed Nowhere Fast, and Needs an Entirely Different Approach, 2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt Review – Going Back to Improve the Present, After Driving Two Turbocharged Mazdas for Two Weeks, Mazdaspeed is Actually Kind of Alive, GM is Paying Cadillac Dealers to Ditch the Brand, Ford Recalling 28,000 Vehicles Over Fire, Rolling Risk, 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid First Drive – High Mileage Family Hauler, Honda Talon 1000X-4 Off-Road Review: Dedicated Ride for Rocky Terrain, 2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat First Drive: The Three-Row, One-Year Wonder, 2021 Mazda 3 Turbo Premium Plus First Drive – Maturing Gracefully, 2021 Ford F-150 First Drive: Now With Even More Torque, 2021 Hyundai Elantra/Elantra N First Drive: Opt for the Ridiculous, Getting Hitched: The Best Hitch Accessories for Your Car, Work That Body: The Best Dent Repair Kits for Your Car, Flat, Busted: Best Portable Air Compressors and Tire Inflators. It fills every need, and more importantly wants I had. Yeah, that’s Japanese territory. Almost nothing on how it looks, almost everything on how it drives. incidentally how much power does the 3.5 produce? Just kinda throwing that out there. Lists of … The Fusion Sport’s real charm is all beneath those surfaces. Also I think the reviewer needs to remember that it is a “Sport” version. Autoblog fa parte del gruppo Verizon Media. Bought used with 23,000 miles for an even $20,000 (including tax title fees) but not plates. The same problem that all the big 2.5 suffer from is an inability to price products well. Did the Fusion Sport you tested even have AWD?? The same people crying for Ford of Europe (expensive) products to bo sold on this side of the pond, are complaining about the price of a loaded AWD Fusion? I totally agree with what you wrote. The camry has 56,000 miles on it. Note that motorcycles use a push-to-downshift in their sequential boxes as well. The 2010 Ford Fusion Sport AWD is definitely one of the most compelling choices in its class at $30K. I believe they do it that way so that you can upshift while leaned over in a corner (without trying to sneak your foot under the shifter, pretty tricky when your scraping your freaking shoulder armor like Rossi). I suspect it wont be long to see a change there too. All great cars, fusion just surpasses. At least they didn’t feel compelled to use the garbage flappy-paddles which are only good for nervous fiddling in traffic. The Fusion Sport returns an estiamted 17 miles per gallon city, 26 mpg highway, and 20 mpg combined, although it's worth noting that Ford's EcoBoost engines are notorious for … See, that’s the problem, if you can’t make the product and sell it for a price that competes, perhaps you shouldn’t be making the product in the first place! 2010 Ford Fusion Reviews: Read 26 candid owner reviews for the 2010 Ford Fusion. quality, style, pricing, etc all in sync) then perhaps it’s time to not make a Fusion at all…. A few commenters have discussed AWD. Actual transaction prices of the Malibu and Fusion would be in the 24-25K range for fully equipped V6 top model versions. The better car should probably be judged on auto facts and not matter of opinion. We dial the braking back a bit going into some of the fast sweepers and the big Ford reveals itself to be a little more neutral than the vast majority of FWD family sedans. Otherwise, it would have been the perfect vehicle. Alex Dykes : If Ford can’t do a Fusion at a competitive advantage (i.e. I have not heard a squeak or rattle out of this car and I have not had in the shop for anything other than maintenance. Well done, Ford. The Fusion really is that good. Let me tell you that, under our testing conditions, it was money in the bank in terms of over-the-road speed. More than three hours and two hundred miles after leaving home, a call came through on our Fusion’s SYNC system: the testing session we’d scheduled at Virginia International Raceway was canceled due to several inches of unexpected snowfall. I think the Fusion is a very underrated car that deserves as much attention as the Chevy Malibu. Plus, my GTP still gets 31mpg while cruising on the highway at 73mph (flat highway of course). And yes, the 2010 is a reskin, but the underlying car was already very solid and competitive, if there was any deficiency it was in the interior, which has now been redone. We have 23 2010 Ford Fusion Sport vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 11 1 … The Fusion effectively transitions to and from ABS activation without excessive pedal feedback. Ok, I like the review. I’ve had many cars, and many of those were Fords. Jack: racing motorcycles often reverse the shift pattern so that you push to upshift. Ford is not going to recover by playing Hyundai pricing tactics.…. The more participants we have, the more information we can provide to everyone. We’ll see it it pays off… I suspect it will and should pay off for Ford. Understand your depreciation concern—but quality is not part of the equation here. What is this car’s direct competition anyways? I own a 2007 fusion and traded in my 2005 malibu last week on a new GMC Acadia, and I will and actually have the right to say that from personal experience the newer Malibu’s might as well have the mechanics shop preset in the navi..151,000 miles on fusion and 72,000 on malibu, with the malibu having to be put in shop so many times that I just parked it and got a camry.My fusion has never had to be worked on for any reason at all, and still runs amazing. Fact: the Fusion Sport comprehensively out-muscles every iteration of the legendary Ford Taurus SHO. Well I have, and actually own a new camry and a fusion se 3.0. The 2010 Fusion is just as good if not better than the Camry/Accord, so pricing it to compete makes sense. The steering is very loose and off center. Really??? 2010 Ford Fusion: See 26 user reviews, 777 photos and great deals for 2010 Ford Fusion. Look for Logan, OH. quality, style, pricing, etc all in sync) then perhaps it’s time to not make a Fusion at all…. And Jack: Is the Camry’s platform really any newer than the Fusion’s? From a standing start, there’s a bit of torque steer, but once underway the AWD system provides wheelslip-free corner exits with no unwelcome feedback through the steering wheel. Very comfortable seats and very fast. Buying a Fusion instead requires explanation. A normal Camcordtima buyer wouldn’t really want a sport version of anything (their loss). I sincerely believe that this is the trend now… away from bland vehicles using quality of build as their only “claim to fame.”. The 2010 Ford Fusion Sport comes standard with a 3.5-liter V-6 rated at 263 horsepower, which can't be had on non-Sport Fusions. But the price is going to be near $40k Canadian, and there is too much competition at that price, both new and lightly used. I second that, Bob12 and 1169hp. I think people in the market for AWD will go with an A4 or Legacy – and the Fusion Sport probably compares even worse to the 2009 Legacy than a 2-3 year old Infiniti G Sedan. 2010 Fusion sport 26550 And Ford…avoid the rental car trap with this, OK??? People turn heads with this car… Camcord’s don’t. So talk of resale value down the road has to be weighted against real initial cost. And the reason for that is very simple; Ford overcharges for their products. I did a quick search and found one CPO 2008 G37 2-door for 33k.