They call it “gourmet powder.” Not that the food doesn’t often taste better in China, but it’s definitely not necessarily healthier, not to mention you can’t really trust it in most places. So you given that America may be the only ones doing multi birds still, i am afraid not an invention but crazily over the top all the same ! If you get Kraft cheese, of course it’s bland. And when the writer says “Chinese food” is invented in the US, he meant that the dishes you find in Chinese restaurants in America, and not literally the Chinese food eaten outside the US. I think this could be the countdown for the most ridiculous American concoctions, and hey you think you could toss in a few more underhanded insults about Americans eating greasy fatty foods. Thankfully it didn’t catch on. So, get off the author’s ass about being incorrect, and quit being pompous assholes if you don’t have the correct information, either. . They will actually deep-fry any food on their menu – even pizza. Raviolis are more akin to a Chinese dish than any egg roll. Just because something is inspired by another country does not mean that country invented it. ‘chinese food’ is what they have in china, hongkong and taiwan… ever been here? I found my beagle, Colonel Mustard, when he was living as a stray on the mean streets of Philadelphia, hiding from the dog catcher behind the dumpster of a cheesesteak place. listen, british visitor. theyre baked. I hardly think it’s an example of American excess…if you want that, you should have listed a Monte Cristo. And what the hell is a baked Alaskan? I could make a better list of awesome American food, in my sleep. And though many historians state that chop suey is an American invention, it actually originated in Guangdong Province in China, called za suey. Well, I can’t understand the lunatic who wants to batter fry a Rueben, but more to the point- a real Rueben isn’t made with pastrami. Egg rolls have been around China and other asian countrys for centuries. It’s not the meat or the cheese – it’s the bread. As documented in the Introduction, Table I-1, more than two-thirds of all adults and nearly one-third of all children and youth in the United States are either overweight or obese. Good luck even finding a basic Mars Bar in the US these days…. look at that… all pure fatness… My mom is from the Philippines she makes lumpia (basically a filipino eggroll) and A delicious pasta thing called Panset. There’s quite a few mistakes… “became” instead of “because,” etc. I even made my own once. -.- Yay for the newer generations of USA that are eating healthier food! You really should revamp the list to include it. You (America) did not invent chinese food. Now, if you still want to believe that the Asian People of the world shy away from our customary deep fried origins, then check out this tid-bit of a web site. So to celebrate Independence Day, we’ve put together this list of the best foods that only a country with just the right combination of greed, grit, and gluttony could have possibly dreamed up.