Carl Cox is a charismatic British House and Techno DJ, who is currently ranked number one in his field by the DJ List. - my dentist asked me to put him on the guest list. I will say, "Have you heard of so and so?" The Sage has been creating amazing alt hip-hop since 1999, and is the infamous founder of Strange Famous records. She can still be heard in the early hours of Friday, later Wednesday mornings on BBC Radio 1 BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Asian Network. It's in its box. Nightingale, one of the letter's 29 signatories, revealed later on that she had not read the letter prior to signing it.[7]. This makes her the longest-serving presenter, but she still knows exactly how to spin the best new bass, breakbeat and trap! Do her friends - friends her own age, I mean - share her taste in music? She must still enjoy some of that, surely? We have great arguments about music. We doubt we’d be able to recognise him if he went without his glasses…. I get sent it constantly, on CD, vinyl, MP3s, digital downloads. we take rehearsals Very seriously #tommyCunningham, A photo posted by Infected (@infectedmushroom) on Sep 2, 2015 at 8:50am PDT. She must, I suggest, have been a cool mother. Is that cosmetic dentistry? He held it together. I can't manage it and I'm 17 years old. [5] The film has been shown a total of 3 times on BBC Four and it features tributes from Paul Weller and Tinie Tempah and interviews with Paul McCartney, Mani from The Stone Roses and Primal Scream, DJ Starscream and The Clash’s Mick Jones. 'That was simply because I followed the chart show and we had to think of a way to keep people listening,' she says. She had begun The Sunday Request Show in September 1975, originally on Sunday afternoons until the end of 1979. He is the father of her two grown children, Alex and Lucy. My skin is still terrible due to my cold and I had to, Hardly styled, as I have been working from home all week. In fact, she looks pretty much as she did when she first posed for a group photograph of Radio 1 presenters back in 1970, the year she became the station's first female DJ. 'There has to be an element of trust,' she says. And there is an air of mild chaos about her. She does, after all, do a show on Radio 1 that goes out at 5am on a Saturday morning - a graveyard slot you might suppose but, actually, club culture being what it is, the show is one of the station's most listened-to worldwide, especially since the 'listen again' facility came in. Drake is a young Canadian rapper, producer and DJ who does incredible things with Hip-hop and R&B. Acid and E. With breakbeat I think it is more drink culture. 2014-05-29 - Annie Nightingale, Tiga - Promo Mix; 2020-07-01 - Annie Nightingale, Oliver Heldens - Annie Nightingale Show; 2019-08-25 - Tiga @ Lost Village, UK She is BBC Radio 1’s longest serving broadcaster and holds the Guinness Book Of Records Award for the longest ever running radio show. In the same year she appeared at ITV's gala spectacular The Nation's Favourite: The Beatles No One. Lucy Hume, Debrett's Ltd, 2017. ', Does she ever listen to mainstream music? They are known for their live multimedia extravaganzas and have a cult-like following. In 1992 she hosted a rave there that lasted six days. 'Well,' she says with an arch of her eyebrow, 'we used to say of Radio 1 that it was figures by day, reputation by night. He used to manage Primal Scream and is now the Chemical Brothers' agent. Before I meet Annie Nightingale, or rather 'the legendary Annie Nightingale', as she is styled on the Radio 1 website, I look for her on a group photograph of current Radio 1 DJs and staff. Annie Nightingale is a veteran of BBC Radio 1 with 35 years of DJ-ing under her belt. There are many iconic spectacle-wearers in music from John Lennon to Elton John, but the world of dance music is little known for its eyewear and is yet still no exception. With "Lisa15" you will, My mood after our 4h hike yesterday. Notably, he started his career as the voice of CBeebies Rastamouse. All Corona compliant, There's no more Halloween this year . She waves the question away. I have read that her record and CD collection is split between her office here and her home a ten-minute drive away - and she's not organised enough to know what is where. 'One came round the other day and I was listening to some stuff and she said, "This is like root-canal work to me." Who doesn’t love Reggie? The show was one of the first on British radio to regularly play music from CDs, taking advantage of its FM carriage before BBC Radio 1 had its own higher-quality frequencies.