If thats the case, its usually due to the way your baby was positioned in utero. Log in Sign up. 3 || Showing a strong preference for a specific posture or position, seldom moving out of a specific position (e.g. Claire W(1525) Posted on 17-09-2012 at 10.29AM . Babys head is always tilted to one side. Bring her to a physical therapist to check her neck muscles and get some stretches, and bring her to have a developmental vision exam from a developmental optometrist. She already has 2 bottom teeth and is showing all the usual symptons of teething but worried this may be her ear giving her jip? My son has had a tilted head since he was 2 weeks old. Any one else’s baby’s doing this?? Hi there, My 8 month old son has just recently started tilting his head to one side when he is paying attention to something. Comments (5) MrsSmudge18. Another telltale sign: the head will tilt toward the sore side to relieve stress on the neck, and the chin will tilt in the opposite direction to relax the neck even more. You may notice your cats’ eyes moving erratically from one side to another as it struggles to keep its balance. Synonym(s): Canting The Head, Cocking The Head, Head Tilted At Forty Five Degrees, Head Cocked, Head Canting. Baby have tendency to keep head at one side: My baby is 1 month old. Talk with your doctor. The top of the head generally tilts to one side while the chin tilts to the other side. Is this a sign of teething or a sign of an ear infection? They will be able to make an assessment and monitor over a certain period so if there continues to be no improvement or things to seem to worsen they will be able to liaise with the GP or physiotherapy for an assessment if they feel that is appropriate. Almost three years after a stroke, one of my rabbits has only a slight tilt to his head, unnoticeable, unless pointed out. Hope this helps Ask for a second opinion. He had to have PT for about 4 months. This stretches it out so if it is uncomfortable for you little one, this may be the problem. Perhaps get him checked if you're worried :) Sent from my iPhone using Netmums mobile app, Hi Laura :hiya: The infant will have a persistent head tilt to the involved side with the chin rotated toward the opposite shoulder. Perhaps this happened due to a head injury or whiplash earlier in life, two things notorious for causing lasting damage to the vestibular system and brain. Then I looked for my own peditrician because I needed to find out closer to my home and outside the hospital. It doesn't sound like hers is bad if she does have it. So she immediately gave me a referral to a physical therapist since my insurance required a referral. Avoids close, near-vision activities like scribbling, coloring, playing board games, or doing schoolwork. But after it didn't go away I looked it up online and went to my docs office. She’s 3 months . He is also teething could this be connected with teething or could this be his neck or eyes. : My son will be 5 months next week. From that view, the back of your baby's head might look flatter on one side than on the other. Is an uneven head shape cause for worry? Has anyone else seen this in a child where it was not torticcolis? They said he had torticollis. Yes it is important to get an opthamic exam done to rule out occulomotor nerve palsy because it can result in head tilt to one side. Positional molding. We used to turn her the other way in her crib - babies tend to turn their heads to the door. Head tilt is a condition that causes a child to hold her head or neck in a twisted or otherwise abnormal position. When a baby is born with the condition, it's called congenital torticollis. It was always worse at a growth spurt because the muscles don't grow, they have to stretch again to keep up. Torticollis means "twisted neck," and if a child has this condition, her head will be tilted to one side while the chin is turned to the other side. Try taking her to a chiropractor tomorrow and see if that helps! Positional molding might be most noticeable when you're looking at your baby's head from above. Occupational therapist maybe xx same if he spots the wall tv in the kitchen. Seizures can also be a likely … Thank you all for your comments. We went to therapy for about 2 months and learned the exercises and you also have to do them at home or it will not be as effective and it could lead to possible surgeries. Interview them just like you would a pediatrician. When my daughter was born she went to the hospital peditrician and they told me everything was fine with her. Closes one eye to see better (while looking at a book or watching television, for example). She started doing this more frequently a few days ago, and I noticed it was happening when she would crawl, just be playing, or when she would look at someone. When I was younger I was referred to a specialist as I would tilt my head to one side when I was tired. Common causes of head tilt. Anyone else every experience this? Gravity has an even bigger effect on head position when baby is supported in a semi-reclined position as in most Baby Holding Devices. My baby had a closed soft spot at 3 months so I'm worried it's all connected I will take him bk to doctors. We thought she was just being silly and looking through a different perspective but today her daycare teachers noticed it's always the same side that she tilts to and also said she was tugging on that ear. If that is what she has she does need Physical Therapy.