He is A1/A1, homozygous dun (ED/ED, b/b), dehorned, and halter trained. Website: www.dakotagrazd.com. Post your classified ads for free at Farms.com. Change from Previous Day: +0.44% Change from 10 Days Ago: +5.57% Change from 60 Days Ago: -1.09% 60-Day Index Trendline Indexes track the daily market values for the past 10 & 60 days. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Our goal is to provide healthy, hardy registered cracker cattle for purchase to start or add to your cattle program. | Connecticut | Delaware | District of Columbia | Farms Please reach out to discuss pickup/delivery. New Mexico | New York | Contact us for more info or to be added to our 2020 wait-list. Cattle-exchange.drovers.com is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. We sell our products at the ranch and local farmers markets in the area. Find cattle and livestock for sale. Buy 5 copies for $160, including shipping! | Montana | Nebraska Sergeant Preston is nine months of age and 34" in shoulder height at the time this photo was taken. Contact For Pricing Please text or leave voicemail with inquiries, Rachel KlineADCA Member ID 8650The Kline FarmRacine Ohio, Abigail is a beautiful cow: she has GREAT confirmation and wonderful disposition. Donnie and Trisha Feiring, Please E-mail You won't be disappointed in this…, Fall 2020 purebred longhorn bull calf sired by TLBAA OVER THE ROCKIES. Home raised Grass-Fed / Grass-Finished Beef is available in 1/4, 1/2 and some smaller bundle options. We both buy Florida Cracker cattle and sell Florida Cracker cattle. Priced by age and weight We started raising grassfed beef after listening to Dr. Don Huber speak at the Grassfed Exchange in Bismarck, ND. PHA Negative, Chondrodysplasia non-carrier (obligated) Black, Horned, A1/A1 (obligated). ADCA# 039941. We utilize conventional and high-density rotational grazing to assure the cattle are on the highest plain of nutrition. We raise our animals in a way that doesn't compromise our soil, air, and water; the health of the consumer or the farmer; the health of our rural community; wildlife; nor the robust flavor of well raised meat. I also have 2019 heifers available from the same sire and would be interested in trading for steers. Our animals are allowed to express what each species does best through the way we manage them. It is a great resource for Dexter breeders! Please, Home raised healthy beef Free Home Delivery, USDA inspected pork locally raised and processed, Butcher Beef for sale! That means that our cattle are rotationally grazed on native tallgrass prairie plants and our pigs rotated through our oak savanna. Beyond the Farm Beef Cattle for Sale - buy and sell classifieds for beef cattle. (701) 872-5888. Website: none. Feiring's Grassfed Beef is located in the rolling plains of western North Dakota, on the Montana border.We have been raising registered Angus cattle since 1982 and grassfed beef since 2014. To purchase, contact Bryan by phone or email or fill out the order form on our website here. Please give us a call. Find a broken link, missing website, discontinued e-mail address, We both buy Florida Cracker cattle and sell Florida Cracker cattle. Edward ADCA 037219Dam TC Lady Belle ADCA 033226Sire and Dam QualifiedA2/A1, John and Kimberly Cox ADCA Member Number#10406 Cox Family Farm Pulaski, TN (256) 479-5613 Coxk78@gmail.com, Dexter Downs Lady Liberty ADCA Reg# 028469 Red Polled Cow Chondrodysplasia Non-carrierPHA Non-carrier$3500. Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming sale on December 5th! Replacement Heifers for Sale: 30 - Fancy & Fleshy Purebred Brahman Heifers - Texas 30 Purebred Brahman Heifers 21 are 15-18 months old and weigh 750-850. Feel free to give us a call, we love to talk cattle! All Rights Reserved. criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Breed Better and Feed Better Heritage Dexter Cattle for Sale Heritage Dexter Beef for Sale. (320) 492-2526. for List your animals and livestock for free. If a Wanted listing: Explanation of what you are wanting to buy. Also available for bulk purchase: Grass-Fed Lamb and Pastured Pork. Please email or leave a message on voicemail. Lane's End Doon ADCA - #046147, Please contact me by phone, or email. | Maine | Maryland We concentrate on high-performing and functional cattle to bring you quality & tender meat. | Pennsylvania | Rhode Books about Farming, This For Sale page is offered as a paid service to our members that are interested in advertising their Dexters or Dexter products on the ADCA website. | Oklahoma | Oregon Since then both herds have grown to include Isaac and Charlotte, and 45 mother cows. Jo Robinson, NY Times Bestseller Please upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer or download one of the recommended browsers below, in order to ensure that your browser works with BisManOnline correctly. In addition, you can view this saved search from within the member center. Dakota. | West Virginia | Wisconsin Lane's End Cork ADCA - #046146 We sell our products at the ranch as well as at our local farmers markets in Williston and Watford City. Beef Cattle for Sale - buy and sell classifieds for beef cattle. Or, provide this book as a gift for new Dexter buyers, to help them get started with the breed. Island | South What sets us apart from other farms who are sustainably raising meat is our commitment to restoring the native ecosystems on our farm and using these as the primary source of forage for our pastured animals. Books, North E-mail: brownsmarketingllc@gmail.com. Lakeside Prairie Farm, Bryan Simon, 20503 180th Avenue, Barrett, MN 56311. Website: www.lakesideprairiefarm.com. Free classified listings from ranches and farms. & Food Politics, Special Sale | Wyoming | Sergeant Preston is nine months of age and 34" in shoulder height at the time this photo was taken. Call Doug 520507/5001. Clayton M McGallaMember Number 8536Toronto, OH, Red Polled CowChondrodysplasia - Non-carrierPHA - Non-carrier, Bred to a short Hereford Bull. Jo Robinson, Pasture Perfect Lakeside Prairie Farm specializes in 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef and pastured pork. Welcome to make Offers. for Model 5801 142'' blade. Alabama | Alaska that they meet Eatwild's Dean Walker ADCA Member #10551 Hog Hill FarmLeroy, Mi, Red Polled CowChondrodysplasia - non carrierPHA - non carrier, Corey Schaefer ADCA Member #10415 CS DextersHancock, MN(320) 349-0550coreynamy31@gmail.com, Shannon was born April 12, 2020 ADCA# 047830, Sire is Five Star Prince Charles ADCA# 038021, She is tested and is verified red (E+/E+). Broad breasted white turkeys! I bought off a friend…, Breed Better and Feed Better is our motto products: Brown's Ranch/Nourished by Nature is a highly diversified and multi-generational operation that is located just East of Bismarck. chaneys432@gmail.com, CFD Daisy ADCA Reg# 047412 Red, Horned HeiferChondrodysplasia Non carrier PHA Non carrier Price $1200.00, Texas A&M Accession 121171DOB 1/5/20 Sire Chaneys B.E. Nourished by Nature, Paul Brown, 12550 71st Avenue NE, Bismarck ND 58503. P.O. This provides for the coexistence of a great number of wildlife species (think pollinators and grassland birds) with our cattle and pigs. The following farms and ranches have certified We often have Cracker calves for sale … Follow our program and the RightWay guidelines to qualify. List your animals and livestock for free. Will be perfect for a trophy steer or a nice cross on your longhorn or corriente…, RETAIL PRICE FOR THIS EXACT KIT IS $259.95 on ALL VETERINARY SUPPLY. E-mail: melissa@dakotagrazd.com. We sell meat by the cut, quarter, half, and whole, with seasonal availability. E-mail: feiringcattleco@yahoo.com. 100% Grassfed Beef Steak Bundles: well-marbled, flavorful, tender. All Ages available We always enjoy your visits from old friends and getting to make new ones. All of our livestock are raised in an eco-friendly manner without the use of GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides. Post your classified ads for free at Farms.com. Asking Price: $1000.00 This is what we do and we love it.