MTV launched. The rarest are the coupes. The 1980s was still a busy period for British car manufacturers – many of the bestselling cars of the decade were made in … Note: Test vehicle was a coupe. 1965 The Austin/Morris 1100 was the best-selling car of 1965 with almost 160,000 registrations 3 1975 The Ford Cortina edged out the Ford Escort to top the list of best-selling cars in 1975 Start your search for a Pontiac Bonneville at Both Forza players and Radio Control lovers out there. Note: The L81 engine was the only mill offered in the 1981 Corvette. The Ford Escort may have been introduced in 1969 but it wasn’t until the 1980s that it took the number one sales spot. Video successivo. Times presented below are 0-60 mph results. Get your Freedom Rock cassette and head out to a Phish concert. The best cars of the last 36 years and what they cost. Ten Best Performers (cars, that is) backed up by the Ten Worst Performance Statistics and the Best Race-Car Performance Statistics for 1983. 1980 AMC Eagle. Start your search for a Volkswagen Vanagon at There’s an almost Soviet-vehicle, paramilitary quality to the Eagles that I find especially endearing. Not every automaker struggled with performance back in the early Eighties, however. They’ve never been as popular as the VW Bus from the 1960s, but the 1980s air-cooled Vanagons still make for legitimate campers. More than likely, you’ll find sedans, so the two-doors are something of a rarity. On the east coast, we would’ve already sold it for parts. In Lincoln trim, it produced a tepid 130 horsepower, and in the Town Car, it returned a leisurely 14.9 second 0-60 time. Cars produced before the first of January 1981 may have had a Pontiac V-8 in place of the later Olds engine. With its inline six, four-speed transmission and jump-seats, it’s ready for all kinds of adventure. Best Selling Car of 1981: Chevrolet Chevette 1981 Chevrolet Chevette The 80s generation may have loved their sports cars, like the Olds Cutlass 442, but they were practical as well. Car of the Year is the highest honour a car can receive – here is every winner in the 43-year history of the award It features the 2.0-liter four-cylidner from the Rabbit and Jetta, mated to a four-speed manual transmission. Ones you find now will be almost invariably in remarkably nice condition, and having gone through extensive restoration. Following the success of the Buick Turbo Grand National, Buick released the Turbo Trans Am. Being named What Car? 3. Note: The TR8’s V8 engine was also found in the rare Rover 3500, a 4-door hatchback that was only offered in the U.S. for two model years. The coolest cars of the 1980s. By using this service and related content, you agree to the use of cookies for analytics, personalised content and ads. Credit, too, the lighter weight of most German and Swedish cars relative to their American counterparts. 10 Classic Ads From 1976. It was the zenith of the “Malaise Era,” but it was a time when a lot of us still enjoyed what was left of America’s unique design aesthetic. It was a year when GM was on the verge of augering into the ground for decades, but it was still riding high in profits. Here’s an eye-opening then-and-now comparison for you. A few 1981 model year cars that we wouldn’t mind having in the driveway: Z/28s always took a back seat to Trans Ams, but by 1981, there was little reason to spend the extra money for the Pontiac version of GM’s pony car. I never grew out of respecting things that looked “tough,” and these battle-ready AMCs certainly fit that description. France. The best selling foreign model is the Renault 18 in 1980 (#10) and the Datsun Cherry in 1981 at a fantastic 8th place, the highest rank ever for a Japanese model. The 1981 Lincoln lineup’s sole engine choice was Ford’s corporate 5.0-liter V8. The official horsepower of… It darts ahead of the #2 ranked 1981 Renault Le Car Turbo by 1.2 seconds and the #3 ranked 1981 Datsun 280 ZX Turbo by 3.8 seconds. Writer, editor, lousy guitar player, dad. The mid-level Vanagon L trim featured cloth interior and nicer interior panels, and a Westfalia Camper conversion came with a pop-up camper, complete with a small kitchen inside, with a two burner stove, a fridge and a stainless steel sink with an on-board water supply. It was … Start your search for a Z/28 at Electric Shavers and Complicated Cupholders: Inside the BMW M5, Consumer Guide Picks the 15 Best-Looking Cars of All Time*, Model-Year Madness! The Morris Marina is replaced by the Ital over the period, #5 in 1981. Datsun remains the best-selling carmaker in the country for the… V-8, and you could order it with a four-speed manual transmission, as this car was optioned originally. Top 10 Eighties cars in pictures. The five-speed manual transmission especially made this a popular choice for how it gave drivers more control over the road. Note: Consumer Guide referred to the 528i as stingy, praising their observed 27 mpg test results. View our huge selection of used 1981 Cars and find the perfect 1981 Cars with anywhere in the UK Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. 1981 Cars for sale. 2:48. This one looks in really nice shape. 04 May 2010 • 07:00 am . The 10 Fastest Cars of 1981* Chevrolet Corvette: 8.1 Seconds. I confess that I am a guaranteed sucker for General Motors B-Body cars of the 1980s. As the Consumer Guide folks didn’t spend much time testing Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and higher-end Porsches, this list is decidedly mainstream. As Bryce Cleveland writes in Dust Runners Automotive Journal, the convertible’s Fox Body gives drivers that perfect jolt of ‘80s nostalgia while also standing out from other Mustangs with its unique lack of “tri-bar” tail lamps and what Cleveland describes as a “wonky front-end.” The UK Singles Chart is one of many music charts compiled by the Official Charts Company that calculates the best-selling singles of the week in the United Kingdom. You’d have to find some data to corroborate this, but it feels like about 74 percent of Scramblers came in this shade of brown. The Lada 1200/2105 is the best-selling vehicle in Finland over the period. What made this one of the best American cars at the time was how it worked with better fuel economy, burned cleaner and ran smoother. Spam 3. A muscle car if there ever was one, 1987’s Ford Mustang convertible was a must-have, both then and now. * See the Top 50 All-brands and models by clicking on the title * The Finnish new car market edges up 1.7% year-on-year in 1981 to 104.957 registrations. The '80s saw two generations of Escort – the front-wheel drive Mk3 in 1980, followed by its facelifted replacement, the Mk4 in 1986 – along with plenty of desirable models like the RS1600i to ensure desirability. Pulling up at #1 in this class is the 1981 Lancia Montecarlo Group 5 Turbo, which races 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds. The Chevrolet Corvette churned out just 190hp. Scramblers are just the coolest. At number 2 is the amazing Ferrari F40, this car was a step up from the 288 GTO. A 900 sedan was also available. Note: Consumer Guide referred to the 528i as stingy, praising their observed 27 … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Best-Looking Cars of 1980. We reveal the full list of cars of the year since 1978 below and what a decent version of each would cost you … And the best 810 of them all, at least during 1981, was called the Maxima. Learn more. Ten Best Alternative Modes. Meet the 1979 Toyota Supra And Chuckle At Its Advert. Red vinyl interior and T-Tops makes this the one to get. Music: "Power of Love" Huey Lewis I strive to maintain a positive world. Built from 1978 to 1981, so barely eligible for a spot in this story, the BMW M1 was envisioned as a range-topping supercar that blended the best technology from Italy and Germany. Some rights reserved, David Hasselhoff Hosts "Battle of the 80s Supercars", Found On Craigslist: 13 Fun Ones From 1981, REVIEW: 2015 Volkswagen Eos Final Edition, Camaro Z28 Named Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s Car, Mad Max Timeline: From 1979 to the Comic-Con Trailer, 11 Things You Didn’t Know About “I Can’t Drive 55”, 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Midnight Special Debuts at Chicago Auto Show, VIDEO: Luxury AND Performance!? Ronald Reagan got shot. Note that a couple of American cars muscled their way onto the list–both of them make use of low gearing, four-barrel carbs, and fairly modest curb weights. © Copyright 2006-2020 Gatehouse Media, Inc. Specifics of the vehicle tested follow. Note: Tested Jetta was a four-door sedan. European brands, being early adopters of fuel injection and turbocharging, found themselves among the acceleration leaders of the era. Ferrari F40. Start your search for a Jeep Scrambler at The Triumph name disappeared on sports cars with the demise of the Triumph TR7 in October, on the closure of the Speke factory near Liverpool which had been producing Triumph cars since 1959.