This blade is CPM154 steel with a DLC coating to protect the blade and provides the dark finish. A clip is very useful for carrying. The second one would be the flat edge where you usually push on with your palm for added pressure if you’re trying to cut something which is a little bit harder or firmer. It also features a one-hand open with a thumb hole in the blade and has a two liner lock system made of stainless steel for strength and added confidence. Do you need to cut your apple to two halves? If you’re looking to take a deep dive into the Osborne 940, look no further than the 940 comprehensive review. If grabbing a great knife on a tight budget is your priority, the Kershaw Injection is one of the best EDC knives out there. Actually there are things which are used very rarely. You can go both ways with this. The serrated part is useful for stuff that is not easy to cut. You can have the best-looking knife or the most expensive one in the room but if you can’t use it for whatever reason, then you’ve just wasted a lot of money on it. A good review can tell you more than any other source of information. Super clean lines and fun to carry. And also the female part of the community of EDC-ers (people who are thinking about what should they have with them all the time and sharing their ideas with others) is growing all the time. What are the most common uses? Kershaw Ken Onion Blur EDC Knife. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. Simply defined, an EDC is the selection of items you keep on your person throughout everyday life. We've got a whole bunch more lists of all the Best Knives! The blade also features the patented Tri-Ad lock for increased confidence and stability in whatever situation you find yourself. It seems that the knife industry is mostly guy oriented. This knife is the perfect combination of materials, aesthetics, and practicality. They would definitely love to sharpen their blade. New for 2019, the Blade HQ exclusive Jesper Voxnaes designed Boker Kompakt is a push-button auto with great looks and awesome feel. You know we have to make our high school English teacher proud. Me? Another important item that people are choosing to carry is a small and compact knife. The handle also has a reversible clip designed for deep pocket carry. Explore the question, what does EDC mean to you? Great ergonomics fit my hand perfectly. Every knife on this list has distinguished itself from the hundreds of other EDC knives on the market but all the same there are a select few within the group that warrant singling out for their outstanding build quality, versatility and durability. The knife is coated with gray titanium-nitrade and the blade comes in a Wharncliffe style. EDC knives have many different uses ranging from cutting boxes to self defense. The knife also features a paracord cutting notch which makes it handy in survival situations. The blade steel sharpens easily, and resists rust well. The Mini Griptillian has a 2.91″ 154CM stainless steel blade that is .1″ thick. Your email address will not be published. The blunt blade is not good for any use. Given that, what characteristics and usability should a good EDC or Everyday Carry Knife have? Once you've got your EDC knife situation dialed in, leave a review of your knife! This knife is slim and grippy with its G-10 handle scales. Great build quality, perfect blade centering and zero blade play. Some like them big, some small, and some like them fast. The blade steel sharpens easily, and resists rust well. It also has a tip-down pocket clip making every day carry convenient. There are a lot of situations where a knife would be a great helper. Features– Typically EDC knives are pretty plain but they do have some features worth talking about. For more on this knife, check out our Launch 4 review. Hard to believe it’s real, to be honest. Every-day-carry knife is supposed to be with you every-time you go out. The blade is 3.5″, 4.7″ closed and 8.2″ open, weighing 5.8 oz. With the Benchmade lifetime warranty and LifeSharp service, your Mini Griptillian will always be a reliable EDC knife. It is a manual open folder, but the KVT ball bearing system makes the knife open smoothly with one hand every time. The Kershaw Launch 3 is an automatic folder, perfect for EDC when you need to have your knife easily accessible and ready at a moment’s notice. Click here for the lowest price on Amazon. So what are the usual things which people carry each day? This isn’t only for portability and concealment purposes but also to make it easier to explain why you’re carrying around a “bladed weapon” as most authorities would call it. The knife is 4 3/8″ closed and only weighs 4 ounces, making it a great choice for everyday carry. A folding knife can be as useful for a woman as for a man. The blade opens with a push button, that is even with level of the handle to help prevent the blade from opening unintentionally. A big choice of electronics, wines, clothing makes it very difficult to decide what to buy. and Twitter for all your knife updates. Here is a nice table: Leave those big things at home for trips to the wilderness. It’s pretty obvious that the most common EDC knives out there are made from stainless steel. A made in USA, titanium frame lock knife with premium CPM-S35VN blade steel under $200? The blade is made of CPM S30V flat ground stainless steel, 3.37″ long. For more on this knife, check out our Launch 4 review. It’s handy, it’s stylish and you can take care of it – men love it! They’re incredibly useful tools. First and the most important question is – what kind of knife are you looking for? Or in case you are looking for a fixed blade, a high-quality sheath. Spyderco dragonfly 2 is the best deck knife of 2014. 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The blade is 3.4″, 7.8″ overall, and 4.4″ closed, weighing 3.4 oz. I am passionate about finding quality gear to fuel your next adventure! And lastly, there’s the serrated edge which looks like saw teeth, located usually on top of the blade where it meets with the hilt. The textured handle is G-10 for extra confidence in your grip. Well, not when you have this little file. It also features a 4 way clip for your choice of carrying options. One very polarizing subject that continues to come up in the news and in daily normal conversation is the right to bear arms.