19-69 is my go-to spot for fragrances. KASBAH plays on my romantic image of fall and wintertime, reminding me of warm apple cider with a shot of bourbon and a cinnamon stick. A girl's signature scent is very personal, but I'm going to put aside my pride and share with you some of my all-time favorite, no-one-will-ever-guess-what-you're-wearing perfumes. You want to wear something inviting, welcoming, and bright to your place of work. It is a sensual fragrance that is exotic too and a real head-turner. Every niche fragrance on this list has received compliments from experts in the perfume industry. The fragrance might not be really exciting, but overall, this is an average product. Every professional man must have at least one product from Pasha de Cartier in the wardrobe. House of Matriarch is one of the fragrance brands that deserve more attention. This product has an aromatic fragrance that includes a star, sweet anise, rosemary, and bergamot. Don't get me wrong, I love Santal 33 and Chanel No. The floral musk of this product provides the perfect balance it requires. This product has a clean refreshing fragrance that comprises of Artemisia, Virginia cedarwood, white pepper, and nutmeg. It was chosen as the Top Men’s Fragrance by Men’s Journal Magazine based in New York and also Best of the West by Sunset Magazine. It is a really bold, musky fragrance that is extraordinary. Marie Claire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Contrary to my man's opinion, I think this fragrance is fresh, slightly masculine, and perfect for all seasons. Your fragrance could also make you feel more comfortable and confident. This isn’t an everyday perfume. Then again, for some women, every single day is a special event, and if you’re one of those women, then this the fragrance for you. This perfume, like all of D.S. This product has saffron-infused notes that give the fragrance a gentle leather, white musk and amber provide warmth. If you've ever wanted to smell like a French movie star in the '60s without the nicotine addiction, this perfume will give you that chance, minus the harmful substances. But I can safely say I had never heard of this fragrance before stepping into their NYC boutique. So you should be mindful of what you use. 15 Of The Best Niche Fragrance Brands To Know With sales of traditional fragrances falling, niche scents are becoming a big deal these days – because who wants to smell the same as everyone else? The inspiration behind this amazing fragrance is different oriental fragrances and allure. House of Matriarch – Black No. It is quite medicinal because the brand started as an apothecary, but they have toned down the Tonka nut and white patchouli over the years. Hopefully, you would consider buying one of these other products also. The bucket hat is the right fashion accessory for you. You might have to re-apply during the day, but the smell is gorgeous. But it’s hard to find that super special perfume or cologne when there are so many fine ones on the market. With notes of jasmine, tobacco, apricot, and musk, among others, you'll smell like a luxurious starlet lighting a Virginia Slims cigarette before getting into a big, public fight with a producer. It is also subtle to other people, and it does not suffocate them. So, if you want to know what they are and you’re looking for a signature scent, then keep reading. But I still feel embarrassed when someone comes up to me and correctly guesses my fragrance. It is enriched with vanilla, Virginia cedar, and benzoin. This is the right product for professionals that want to smell fresh and clean. If you've ever wanted to take a walk on the wild side, this perfume will transport you there. It gives a complex and unique scent. Well done, Amouage. Perhaps it is the jasmine combined with rose, lily-of-the-valley, vanilla, and iris that gives it this quality. Mint is one of my all-time favorite scents, but it's so rarely included in perfumes. Nightingale is one of such fragrances. It is made from aquatic and woodsy materials like; bergamot, yuzu, tarragon, lemon, water lily, nutmeg, tobacco, cedar, musk, ad vetiver. It’s an enigma and is highly recommended because of it. This brand was initially launched in 1902, and after 118 years, this versatile fragrance has not lost its charm. It is a fresh, spicy scent that will turn heads. The timeless smell of this white dress scent would swallow you up in immense fragrance when you sniff it. Their Black No. Atelier Bloem – Nieuw Amsterdam Eau de Parfum [For Women], 7. This product has a welcoming fragrance that consists of orange blossom, rose, lily, neroli notes, and bergamot nectar. It is an intense fragrance for an intense, dominant personality-type. The popular fashion brands would not be included in this list to give room for other products. This fragrance contains; citrus, lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot. It is suitable for professional and casual settings. What does that smell like, you ask? There is something otherworldly about this haunting, rare perfume. This is an amazing product from the Paris-based in-house perfumer; Thierry Wasser. This fragrance comprises bitter rosemary, lemon, and masculine middle notes of bergamot, cumin, and basil to give it a fresh, musky scent. The list of adjectives that one thinks of to describe this fragrance is endless, but the most appropriate are: complex and opulent. It is elegant, simple, and the right product to make your everyday all-round fragrance. This fragrance is a blend of an unusual combination. You should ensure that it is a fragrance that would regularly get you compliments when you walk pass random people or friends. Although it’s true that when it comes to mens cologne, expensive niche fragrances don’t always cut it, Reflection Man by Amouage was number 1 for a reason. A fun fact for you: The Swedes know how to make good perfumes. Mistpouffer is a very enigmatic scent, with notes that include smoke vetiver and fig leaf pine. It’s named after The Pixies famous song Debaser and this fragrance has the potential to become as iconic as that song. After its inception in 1963, this brand is now a household name for people that are particular about the fashion industry. It’s expensive, but for good reason. It has a super-fresh note of lime and lemon, while lavender promotes its clean and subtle character. Amouage – Reflection Man [For Men] – Top Pick . It is made from a mixture of lavender and rosemary, It is made from natural, organic materials, It is made by a French-based manufacturer, It is made from a composition of the earth, It is made from fresh bergamot and grapefruit, It contains Virginia cedar and cypriol oil, Nerolis, bergamot work together to give a fresh scent, Patchouli and oakmoss give it an earthy feel, This product consists of raspberry and lily. It is fresh and it is fruity, and, what’s more, it is an über-hip perfume. If you are popular with iconic fashion brands, you should be familiar with Burberry. You might have to re-apply during the day because the fragrance lasts only 2-3 hours. You can get this product for yourself, or you can buy for family and friends, close relatives, or co-workers. 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