If it’s a classic G&T you crave, you really can’t go wrong with a chilled bottle of Schweppes. This tonic water from Fentimans is created with a delicate infusion of natural botanicals and quinine for an all around balanced tatse.

There are plenty of fancy newcomers in the world of tonic water, but the Schweppes company has been making the stuff since 1871 and it knows what it’s doing.

Best Overall: Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water Buy on Amazon Buy on ReserveBar Fever-Tree has a wide range of flavors available, but the classic Indian Tonic Water is one of the best. 3. Fever-Tree has a wide range of flavors available, but the classic Indian Tonic Water is one of the best.

Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water. A gift from the U.K., Fentimans Tonic Water has practically no carbonation and walks the tightrope of what a tonic water should be.

The Manual may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Ten Gin with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water, ice, and a curl of lime rind. The added lemongrass brings a citrusy element to the table without drowning the palate in bitterness. Best gin 2020: Don't miss this Amazon early Black Friday deal on Ableforth's Bathtub gin, Best vodka 2020: £10 off craft vodka in Amazon's early Black Friday sale, Fentimans Valencian Orange Tonic Water, 500ml x 8, Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water 500ml (Pack of 4), Schweppes Indian Tonic Water Mini Cans 12 x 150ml, Schweppes Slimline Indian Tonic Water (12x150ml), Lamb & Watt Hibiscus Tonic Water Bottle, 200 ml, Pack of 12, Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Mediterranean Tonic Water 24x200ml, Fever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic Water, 5.07 Fl Oz (Pack of 8), Best tonic water 2020: Make a cracking cocktail with these excellent tonic waters.

Another premium option for the true lovers of tonic, if you love gin that's a huge plus as the flavour won't upstage you're alcoholic beverage. The main ingredient in tonic water, quinine, is a blacklight-friendly medicine that was originally used to cure malaria (though it is no longer the leading recommended cure). This makes it perfect for a classic gin and tonic, with the tonic providing an extra burst of herbal flavor to amplify the character of any gin. Price: £12 (12x150ml) | Buy it now from Amazon. Our pick for 2018: Jeffrey’s Lime, Galangal and Orange Tonic Syrup Price: £13 (12x200ml) | Buy it now from Amazon. If you’re watching your figure, try a light tonic water with natural fructose instead. Canada Dry's Tonic Water is a simple, accessible option for this purpose. Whatever you're into when it comes to the perfect mixer, the top clear options are usually lemonade, soda or tonic water. Rounded by the fruity notes, this tonic from Double Dutch is especially great with gins that are more on the citrusy side of the spectrum. What's more, 5% of all sales goes to wildlife conservation charity, Tusk - which in our opinion is another big reason to sample this set. Fentimans has been “botanical brewing” since the early 20th century and is well known for its spicy ginger beer. Tonic water with botanicals: Herbs and edible flowers – such as thyme, rosemary, lime flower and myrtle – add subtle hints of flavour to the standard tonic taste. It'd be very difficult to conduct a roundup about tonic water, with mentioning Schweppes. You'll get eight bottles in a pack and the ingredients are gluten free and suitable for vegans. Some people are allergic to fructose, some avoid it as a part of their diet, and some folks prefer a more natural sweetener and one that is not genetically modified. Best Tonic Water Overall: Fever Tree Light Tonic Water At one point Fever Tree Light was a legitimate “light” offering on the tonic water scene.

Le Tribute Tonic Water is made with quinine from the Loja Province, in Ecuador. So, tonic waters with a stronger flavor profile are ideal for making a vodka tonic or any other vodka drink. It's one of the leading mixer brands in the industry and has a classic tonic taste, that will compliment a host of cocktails. Whatever you like, we have our colonial ancestors to thanks for the delicious mixer that is tonic water. Luckily, if you're not a huge tonic fan, most tonic brands have started to experiment with flavours to make them more appealing in a host of beverages.

All rights reserved. We don’t boss you around; we’re simply here to bring authenticity and understanding to all that enriches our lives as men on a daily basis. Add a wheel of lemon or lime as a garnish, sit back and enjoy a superior vodka cocktail. Best all-round tonic water. However, tonic water shouldn't just be reserved for the gin drinkers; it's a top contender for adding the finishing touches to your spring cocktails too. The classic tonic water recipe combines sugar, quinine and carbonated water for a distinctive bitter-sweet taste. Updated hourly.


Tonic water lays its claim to fame with its gin and tonic pairings but it can brighten up spirits and non-alcoholic drinks as well.