MSL Make Sounds Loudly Bixonic Expandora Clone Guitar Overdrive Pedal Purchased New from MSL. or Best Offer. $199.99 + $9.99 shipping . If you want to see similar videos please subscribe. Although a capable player, I still feel this was just added differentiation to justify the launch of an Expandora clone. My Dilemma in all of this is deciding which version to go for - or do I need more than one? choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. The external dip-switches or toggles here have the same function as the original’s, but are labelled G1 and G2 and although they create the same modes - their configuration is slightly different - e.g. MSL Make Sounds Loudly Bixonic Expandora Clone Guitar Overdrive Pedal. Last edited: Nov 1, 2020. hotairguitar likes this. favorite this post Nov 27 Northfield Sound NSPH22 Phaser $75 (Gallatin) pic hide this posting restore restore … As things are though right now - the question is still whether to stick or twist / hold on for something better ??? Free shipping . Bixonic Expandora Clone $50 (Gallatin) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. New versions of Expandora have corrected the problem, the switch can now be accessed on the top of the pedal, which is much better. Watch; NEW! 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The Bixonic Expandora EXP 2000R is a unique looking pedal, with a novel approach and style that sets it apart from today’s invasion of new overdrive units. The difference I was most interested in is that guitar/bass voicing switch at the end. 3 shades of fuzz: - Tone Bender MkII Clone - Andi Schnell Gold Bender (Tone Bender MkIII) - Bixonic Expandora EXP2001 first 2 minutes with Telecaster and JTM 45, then with Les Paul. Guitar Pedal Directory - Favourite Pedals by Preferred Pedal-Makers, Hungry Robot Launches New and Improved V2 Mini and Deluxe Editions of The Wardenclyffe Lo-Fi Ambient Modulator, Reveals its Best-Selling New Pedals for 2020, Boss Reveals the Results of a 2 Year Macari's Sola Sound Collaboration - The Rare and Unique TB-2W Germanium Tone Bender MKII Fuzz. Caline Leon Drive CP-50 F*lltone OCD Clone … Early Summer Pedal-Chain State of the Union - the Final Formation? I modded the values on my Sabro v1 clone … Free shipping . Of all the genuine Expandora pedals the 2000R is my favourite variety - retaining the essential character of the original, while making it easier to switch modes. mode switch, and chaos/voltage drain switch for chaotic sounds. 4 modes are available from the switches, Crunch, OD, Distorsion … Rock On Penguin (Expandora Tribute) Regular price $130.00 CAD Hot Foazz (Super-Fuzz Clone) Regular price $120.00 CAD Dust Transmitter Foazz. $129.99. The V2 is obviously compact format - more easy to place on the pedalboard and hardly anyone anyway bothers to use the Boost switch of the original supposedly - so why not? I still very much like the symmetry and topology of this pedal and writing this right now am leaning towards this choice. This version externalises the dip-switches and adds Instrument selector - where you can toggle between [B]ass and [G]uitar options. For reasons of easier accommodation / storage and all-round flexibility - the V2 Kilt is the one that I will acquire therefore right now. A demo video of an original Expandora pedal made popular by Billy Gibbons. Dave Friedman Finally Releases Compact Smallbox Overdrive/Distortion Pedal which was first teased at this year's Winter NAMM, Boss Releases Refined and Evolved Nextone Special 2-Channel Amp with Extra Controls and Brand New B12 Waza Craft Speaker, Sitek's New and Improved Caffeine V2 Dirty Booster is the Perfect Dynamic Playback Amp Conditioner, Keeley Launches Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo Pedal on Same Smart Platform as the Eccos Delay, Ed Rembold's Toneczar Openhaus 6-Band Active EQ High Gain Distortion is a Beautifully Balanced Metal Monster, Steve Demedash Releases the Rather Clever Spidola Germanium Fuzz - which Internally Splits the High and Low Frequency Signal Generation. $129.00. With modern technology, such contraptions can be built efficiently and cheaply. So my preferred take of the original Expandora is in highly rarefied supply nowadays - I've not seen any available in top notch condition for a really long time now. My favorite overdrive pedal, the Bixonica Expandora. I’ve actually been pondering on this for the best part of a year now - and whenever I encounter a Kilt at the right price / condition level - I’m about ready to pull the trigger - but then I get caught up in this rather conflicted decision process again. The pedal’s name and descriptions of the controls are embossed onto the stainless-steel face, with respective controls for Gain, Tone, and Level. $129.99 +$12.00 shipping. The modes being each 1/3 of the way around on rotation of the ’Drive’ dial. Reading between the lines of relatively recent reviews - most players don’t seem to miss the no boost on the V2, but I of course like my pedals to be as versatile as is practically possible - so I include that possibility here. Here it is re- uploaded. Bixonic EXP-2001 Expandora II: Bixonic » distortion pedal » Bixonic (2001-2008) Previously available on a "need to know" basis only, information on the Expandora has now been … You must be registered and logged in to comment. Promotions, new products, new products, join our mailing group to get early discount and information about GUP Tech. This means that the V1 Kilt becomes somewhat moot for the time being, and the Expandora 2000R a lot less pressing. Guitarist looking for a distortion pedal should put it on their short list. Into order … Pre-Owned. This pedal was not as raw-sounding and textured as the original, nor could you attain the 4th secret mode. or Best Offer +$14.90 shipping. The larger / vertical medium enclosure V1 has the extra Boost footswitch and corresponding dial - while a lot of its users state that they don’t really use the Boost. You also have an independent boost footswitch with attached Boost level dial for extended range. JHS Mini Bomb = Tim Escobedo's Duende JFET.