However, more than just a handicraft, the threads of Phulkari are inextricably tied to the history of Punjab. It is still Multi-cultural, Multi-religion nation with a secular State. Jay Hind Jay Bharat. 1940; CLICK ON THE MAP FOR A VERY LARGE SCAN, Source: Akbar S. Ahmed, "Jinnah, Pakistan, and Islamic Identity" Learn how your comment data is processed. Oct 19, 2015 - political map of state punjab before 1947 - Google Search. princely Nice joke Dexter . British India: Maps. British divided india into British Burma and British India when they felt they will loose Burma any way. In 1947, the province was divided between Pakistan and India, provoking a violent exodus of Sikhs, who were forced to quit their lands in Pakistan. The map shows areas with Muslim majorities (Pakistan, Bangistan, etc.) Remember, it’s is a contraction for “it is”. G S Study Tips & student help 403 views. This range contains maps acquired by, or transferred to, the India Office Library and Records in the FCO between 15 August 1947 and 31 December 1973. At least present day India is not a Hindu Homeland. The invader must be kept out but India maintains being a secular country. warning their readers about possible boundary changes, especially in whose responsible?  Muslim population in India is roughly equal to Muslim population of Pakistan. and india did not get POK because there was posiblity of kashmir civilians being killed. These instructions will show you how to find historical maps online. See the results of your search on the right side. USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). *India is the largest muslim populated country in the world. Arguably best politicians Pakistan had. Disimpan oleh imran. India before Aug 15,1947 was a nation of Multi-cultural, Multi-religious people. The vast majority of bible was written by Kings and High priests, King David, King Solomon, Moses, Joshua (military leaders), High Priest Jeremiah and so – on. c. According to this plan, Punjab was was divided in two provinces of East Punjab and West Punjab. Then please share them with a friend: Filed Under: Other Tagged With: India, pakistan. there were even Nepal Kingdom, Bhutan Kingdom, Shri lanka, Maldives, Andaman and some more. he wrote: “At this solemn hour in the history of India, when British and Indian statesmen are laying the foundations of a Federal Constitution for that land, we address this appeal to you, in the name of our common heritage, on behalf of our thirty million Muslim brethren who live in PAKSTAN—by which we mean the five Northern units of India, Viz: Punjab, North-West Frontier Province (Afghan Province), Kashmir, Sind and Baluchistan.”. Making Sense Of The World, One Map At A Time, The map above was created by Choudhry Rahmat Ali, who was a Pakistani nationalist and is often credited with coming up with the name ‘Pakistan.’. . East Punjab (known simply as Punjab from 1950) was a province and later a state of India from 1947 until 1966, consisting of the parts of the Punjab Province of British India that went to India following the partition of the province between India and Pakistan by the Radcliffe Commission in 1947. Under the two-nation theory Muslims and Hindus were both given their own homelands. Democracy will be buried FOREVER. and scanned by FWP, July 2006, In March 1951, the editors of this National Geographic map are 67. That is why Indonesia become not stable and create another tendency of radicals to grow, because a group of people take the truth in the name of the majority of the people. It is India which evolved in thousands of years. While it’s population was largely (85%) Hindu, it’s ruling Nizam was Muslim. The earliest proposed map of the "Pak Commonwealth of Nations," After partition a sizable section of Muslim population decided to move to Pakistan. 1909 For a larger view, scroll down For a larger view, scroll down Midnight’s Furies: The Deadly Legacy of India’s Partition, Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire, The Great Partition: The Making of India and Pakistan. And this condition is left just like that so they feel to have the right to the truth of their actions. Punjab, Punjab States, No 44I This range contains maps acquired by, or transferred to, the India Office Library and Records in the FCO between 15 August 1947 and 31 December 1973. britishers were the ones which for being prejudiced racists do not even wanted to see , listen ,value or touch Hindus and all other easterners or oriental ones and their stuff but only steal some stuff which they are interested . After partition a sizable section of Muslim population decided to move to Pakistan. Narrow your search with advanced settings, such as Years (from/to), Fulltext, Publisher, etc. There was no issue of Hindu and Muslim Homelands. *, And how things looked right after Items acquired by gift or purchase, in common with all such acquisitions of books and private paper, India And Adjacent Countries 1:63,360 or 1" = 1 mile maps, India Office reference collection of maps. India obliged but took control of most of the state with the rest coming under the control of Pakistan. ... Punjab before 1947 - Duration: 5:16. (London: 2008, Before and after; CLICK ON EITHER MAP FOR A LARGE SCAN, Source: Sun-Times; *, INDIA PARTITION OF THE PUNJAB (1947) was the result of the overwhelming support the Muslim demand for the creation of Pakistan, an independent and sovereign Muslim State, had gathered in India. Ha ha! It had been expected that he would join the new state of Pakistan, but an insurgency just before partition resulted in Singh asking India for military aide. He ate pigs Maybe you don’t know that Hindus are divided into four groups , they consider shudras(the lowest considered group ) as inhuman and don’t even want to touch them. (downloaded Nov. 2006), An attempt to show the population transfers in August 1947; the India has always been secular since olden times, its because majority of its people are hindus which allows difference of opinions and has no hate preached againest other Religions unlike other middle eastern Religions.  IN 1946, SHOWING PRINCELY STATES AND OTHER POLITICAL BOUNDARIES*, Rand McNally's late 1947 view of Partition; CLICK ON EITHER HALF Call Sign 954 T161g Specific Topics Lepel H. Griffin, The Rajas of the Punjab (1870), reprint : Delhi, Low Price Publications, no year [G] and if youdo know who was first prime minister of india, its “Pandit Jawarlal Nehru” a kashmiri Pandit. The pope is a prince, and all European Christian Churches had their local King as their head, eg Queen Elizabeth. Mohammad became the leader of all of arabia. its never about belief, that perspective is only understood by simpletons who dont see the big picture. still  Look at the founders and present heads of all major world religions. You can scroll down to find more maps of this location. The Military, Government and Society in Colonial Punjab 1849-1947, New Delhi : Sage 2005 KMLA Lib. Also every lies , wrong , very old stories and stuff and bad useless things which is typed written said about Bharat are false myths and are not History but only stories and nothing more and that caste story is not History and was , are and is lies told by “uk””usa” every west and westernized which believe on lies and are frustrated brainwashed biased bad losers against Bharat . A recent exhibition held at the Philadelphia Museum […] why do this Pakistani’s put all there deficits on India Muslim population in India keep growing. Partition, a news map from the archives of the Chicago Sun Times; *, Indian troops invade and seize the While considerable amount of Muslim population stayed in india rejecting the idea of pakistan and chose to be secular india. Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (Great Britain), Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, entworfen nach den astronomischen-trigonometrischen Vermessungen von W. S. Webb, J. Your email address will not be published. You are frequently using it’s, instead of, its. 1798 1836 1857 1909 From 1780 to 1947 [best maps] . – The main center of Pakistan was always East-Bengal (present day Bangladesh) If map you showed was correct, Pakistan will have nothing but an emergency laden Government to keep all sections together, army then Ruling. Phulkari, which literally translates to ‘flower work’, is a unique style or technique of embroidery particular to Punjab. Others only came from outsides and satteled here because of greatness of this land. And while it seems unlikely that the three states will ever become one again, the concept of an Indo-Pak Confederation still exists. Singh signed an ascension agreement with India, which has resulted in the very complicated situation that still exists to this day. state of Hyderabad in 1948, a map from the archives of the Chicago It is India which evolved in thousands of years. Im not sure how much more obvious religion can be.   Both have endured much: partition, industrial reforms, changing economic and fashion trends. – Junagad Kingdom when tried to join Pakistan, Jinnah said i don’t want any problems with India and then Hindu majority revolted against the royal sultan family of Junagad Kingdom and when they ran away to Europe with there all treasure, referendum was organised where Pakistan lost horribly with 14 votes only where as India got about 12 Lakh and few thousand votes. People of Pakistan will see dark days full of military men and see no freedom. Share on After the disintegration of the Mughal Empire, Sikh power rapidly rose in central and eastern Punjab in late 1750s. Even this idea of division on basis of religion is created by radical islamic population who never want to live or see things which are non islamic. . Kashmir; Índia is the largest world’s largest Hindu , Jain , Lingayat ,Buddhist, Sikh ,Taoist ,Confucionist ,Shindoist shinto ,Shaman Animist ,Parsi Zoroastrian ,Christian , Bahai ,jew , other sincretical and folclorical traditions ,philosophies and religions and not only Muslim Sufi etc population and even the whole Planet Earth every ,Planets ,every Universes and Every Gakaxies really do belong to Bharat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disimpan dari Can’t you see bangistan and pakistan are two different independant states, definitely all states must have their own governments just look at your foolish comment and ask your self about your caliber and qhat you are looking and commenting at? . – killed there own best leader ‘Benazir Bhutto’ under the name of Islam. At least present day India is not a Hindu Homeland. whose responsible? Tallis's Illustrated Atlas, and Modern History of the World, Geographical, Political, Commercial, and Statistical. – Kashmir joined India because Pakistan invaded it. == FWP's main page, A news bureau map from August 1947, or areas of significant Muslim influence or importance (e.g. When the word Pakistan was first mentioned, the idea had been laughed out of court, even by the Muslims themselves. British India had about 20% Muslims and 80% from Hinduism and other religions. To the north of India, the region of the Punjab – “the land of the five rivers”– was traditionally inhabited by Muslims and by Sikhs, a religious group dating back to the 15th century. The truth is that the Muslims of the Subcontinent were ripped off in 1947. Abdullah Mtp,India is third largest Muslim population country in the world, Indonesia is first. Osmanistan). Hyderabad, the largest princely state and Osmanistan on Ali’s map, initially opted for independence. Before moving to my subject I would like to give a historical background of the modern political boundaries of Punjab. , Share Please don’t use it when your meaning is the possessive “its”. In Now or Never; Are We to Live or Perish Forever? It was never the place of the Muslim. Which is why now muslum population of india and pakistan is same. The Absolute Truth by The Real Gods and Our Hindu Teachings. Required fields are marked *. ... 1947. India has a lot more poverty than Pakistan . He also wanted to rename the whole sub-continent to Dinia instead of India, which would have had many successor states.