The COV have blocked off the entrance with a large get, run through it with a vehicle, or just shoot it. Also, Tannis will die, which is also bad, so maybe you should stop them. As you head south towards the objective, look to the left to spot a piece of the railing broken. DLC Locked Skill Tree/Characters isn't new but. Once the room is clear, you’ll find the Eridian Writing to the west and then the stairs leading up. Go to Big Donny's Chop Shop. I then quit his game and was able to continue on with my story progression. Try going there and see if you have a waypoint on that map. Be aware however that other Technicals will attack you during this, take them out before they can deal too much damage or total your Vehicle. corynolllee (Corynolllee) September 19, 2019, 2:08am #1. I had a friend who could, travel there and then send me a game invite. Park your vehicle on the conveyor belt and get out of it. Hi, i recently got to Blood Drive quest, but i dont have an objective. Drop down the ladder just beyond here and you’ll come up against the Tink Train, a brute with Armor that will shoot Cryo rockets at you. Borderlands 3 Blood Drive. Now that you have discovered Tannis's secret, speak with her to complete the mission. The next room with all the machinery will have more enemies to kill, and some stuff to loot on the bottom floor if you want to go down there.  In the next room you have to make your wall all the way to the top using the air vents or ladders, then take the catwalk that goes above the spinning machinery to continue. Blood Drive Mission Summary The Calypsos have kidnapped Tannis and are … Reach the elevator that moves to Carnivora's Playgrounds. Now that Tannis is free, head over and speak to her to complete the mission and get your reward. Quickly track down a minion and shoot him with the best weapon you have to get Second Wind. This will include Destroying the Fuel Lines and Killing the Supporting Crew. Head up to the button on the platform to the right, and press it to send in your ride. Once you’re finished there, grab a vehicle and head north, optionally grabbing the two Typhon Logs along the way as you enter The Splinterlands to the northwest. FEEDBACK. As you continue along into the converyor room, you’ll spot the Dead Claptrap on one of them. You need to visit another new region - Splinterlands. If you head up here and follow it to the end, you’ll also find the Crimson Radio to tick off the list. Avoid contact with machinery flames (you can run fast through them). Trying to play the game again and can't connect to friends? This finishes Blood Drive main mission in Borderlands 3. Now the next quest  Angels and Speed Demons becomes available. Try to shot the core while you are standing a little to the side. Follow the objective points on the map. Destroy the tank to stop Carnivora. Watch out for Badass versions of Psychos and Tinks. Then hit the button on the platform to send it in. Finally, head back to the far east of this desert to find the Dead Drop behind a silo. This page of the guide to Borderlands 3 has a walkthrough for Blood Drive, one of the main missions. They are marked in red. The toughest challenge here are the Tink Sentries that may be set up and the Festering Goliath, this particular variant has the ability to spew Corrosive bile at you so keep your distance when taking care of it. To damage the mech, you want to shoot any of the red boxes on the front of it, it’s eyes, or the big fuel tank on the back. You’ll find a garage to the northwest that you can crouch into, inside you’ll find the second Red Chest while a little north of this you’ll find Azlan’s Stash which contains the final Typhon Log and a White Chest. Start shooting this now to continually damage the boss the rest of the way. Eliminate more fanatics. Required fields are marked *. With a worth vehicle in your possession, ride it back to the gates of Carnivora and leave it on the conveyor and gain access to Carnivora. This is largely an “avoid obstacles” boss, where they will do things such as make fire spit out of the floor and spin a saw blade around the arena. When you were given the quest Blood Drive Lilith should have told you to go back to Pandora at which point you would have a quest marker leading the way back to The Droughts. Reach the three buttons presented in the picture - each one of them plays different music while you are entering the arena. Return to The Droughts on Pandora. The most deadly attack however starts appearing after you deplete around half of it’s first gauge. After watching the scene with the twins talking about having stolen Tannis, nothing else happens. This mission will see you rescuing Tannis … When it lights up the floors with red get off them as they’ll burn you. I ported there, then got the next quest objectives. Where her location is in guts of Carnivora. However, this is not a serious problem, because the pet can't attack the boss, only its minions appearing in the arena. Same issue - was invited to anothers game the other day. Once you have a vehicle, make your way to on-screen marker. Avoid unnecessary damage by constantly moving around the map. The container on the back will fall down, giving you a path to get inside the tank.