These, however, may not always be accurate. Have a question? Yep, DS gets a nasty contact allergy if cinnamon stays on his skin for too long. Colossalumbrella is a growing community and our audience loves to read new content. During a skin test, allergist pricks your skin, and Cinnamon allergen is applied on it. Yes, Cinnamon allergy is more common than you think. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, or Antihistamines will be prescribed in some cases. In essence, the allergy is not to the actual spice, but to the pollen, which can cause a localized itch in the mouth. A cinnamon allergy is caused due to an adverse reaction to foods or supplements which contain cinnamon. The rash usually looks like a sunburn with redness, peeling, and itching. However, this is also the cause of its being a strong allergen. As mentioned that the US government doesn’t regulate on labelling fragrances and spices so it can be difficult to completely avoid consuming cinnamon. However, some people have an allergy to this spice and should not use it. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. While any substance – say dairy products – could cause allergies in one person, they could be perfectly safe for someone else. Symptoms could be mild like eye irritation or nose congestion to swelling of the face and body and difficulty breathing. Cinnamon oil is usually used as a fragrance or medicinally in creams and lotions. Ceylon is considered purer than Cassia and is native to Sri Lanka and India. Some times cinnamon also causes allergies. It is heavily used in baking. If it's still itchy try Caladryl lotion. Patients with cinnamon allergy usually experience bloating of the face coupled with consistent coughing and vomiting. Sure enough it did and the poor girl was having a reaction. Upset stomach - gastrointestinal upset is one of the dangerous symptoms that should be observed by those who are suspected to have allergy to cinnamon. The allergic reaction will occur only where cinnamon oil comes in contact with the skin if the reaction is irritant contact dermatitis. A person sensitive to the aldehyde and alcohol could develop skin reactions like redness, inflammation, itchy rash or hives. Cinnamon allergy is hard to detect and some people could be hyper sensitive to this herb. Natural Remedies: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think. I regularly consume Cinnamon powder along with my salad. Walpurgisnacht Night: second Halloween in Germany, Amazing pet accessories – Dog accessories in India, Planned Parenthood -7 basic benefits and popular myths, Best out of waste easy ideas – Waste material craft (Part 3), Amazon Prime Day 2020 India – Don’t miss these deals, Rash (looks like mosquito bites and is also itchy). We have no food allergies, thankfully, but we have many other allergies in my family. Very often the body may not display any symptoms the first time it comes in contact with an allergen (eg.