l[72] = 'a'; l[69] = 'r'; l[19] = '|76'; l[36] = '|111'; l[61] = 'l'; Yet administration can't make the decision to delay the civic election. [CDATA[ l[15] = '"'; l[58] = ':'; I appreciate anyone that wishes to cast a vote for me, however, citizens' safety always comes first. During a 5 p.m. media conference, officials made that call. l[33] = '|99'; l[29] = '|97'; l[70] = 'h'; l[73] = '<'; Saskatoon Police said in a news release that officers responded to the incident around 6 p.m. Friday. l[24] = '|115'; l[12] = '|111'; “From that I always had an interest … service was important,” he said. Saskatoon city official says expected snowstorm could pose challenges on election day 05-11-2020 19:57 via saskatoon.ctvnews.ca In an email to sent candidates by the city's civic election returning officer, he acknowledges the challenges a potentially record … People told to stay home. l[14] = '>'; The Saskatoon municipal election has been postponed until Friday. l[31] = '"'; l[9] = '|97'; l[57] = '|80'; var l=new Array(); The roadways department has indicated that it will take some time to make the roads cleared enough so the streets are accessible. It’s 1962, and he’s 20 years old, just a few games into his NHL career. Contemporary. l[22] = '|98'; // l[52] = '|101'; Tropical plants are a hot commodity right now. l[6] = '|32'; Community. On Monday, we had 65 locations to vote and many of them are schools, so again, the logistics aspect of it, to utilize all of those same locations is very complex, so we have switched to five particular locations and voters can attend to any of those five locations,” Bastion said. l[66] = '='; l[37] = '|111'; The Saskatoon municipal election has been postponed until Friday. l[59] = 'o'; l[71] = ' '; Each of our newsrooms provides Canadians with the most recent and straightforward community-based news, stories, weather information. l[28] = '|99'; l[21] = '|108'; l[18] = '|105'; l[63] = 'a'; Residential Break & Enter - 100 Block Stone Terr. These alerts mean that someone who later tested positive for COVID-19 visited the business while they were likely infectious. l[17] = '|110'; l[40] = '|107'; Saskatoon Information on Movies, News, Arts, Entertainment, Sports and other area information. 31 St. Anthony’s... REGINA — Hundreds of concerned doctors in Saskatchewan have signed a letter calling on Premier Scott Moe to take action to reduce the rise in COVID-19 infections. l[8] = '|99'; l[3] = '<'; “What we are planning is to have five particular locations that voters can attend similar to what we had for advanced polls. l[10] = '|116'; Photo taken in Saskatoon, SK on Monday November 9, 2020. l[41] = '|115'; “I wanted to be part... Man killed in three-semi collision was using cell phone at time of crash, Saskatoon police say, Distracted driving cause of fatal semi crash on Circle Drive in Saskatoon, Cleanup focus shifted to Saskatoon residential streets, says city manager, 17-year-old found guilty of 2nd degree murder in 2018 death of girl at Regina house party, City residents come together to find 'Louie' the dog. Arrest - Importation Of A Prohibited Device, Traffic Collision With Injuries - Hanselman Ave & 45th St W, Evade/Firearms/Drugs - 500 Block Ave. T N, Drug Trafficking/Weapons/Evade - Highway 11 North, Arrests - Evade Police - Circle Drive And Clancy Drive, Traffic Stop / Guns And Gangs Unit Investigation - 22nd Street And Witney Avenue, Arrest - Suspicious Person - 21st Street West And Avenue S South, Male Threatening Self-Harm - 200 Block 3rd Avenue North, Arrest - Evade Police / Impaired Driving - 500 Block Avenue U South, Structure Fire 1900 Block Saskatchewan Avenue, UPDATE - Traffic Collision With Injuries - 100 Block Avenue W South, Traffic Collision With Injuries - 110 Block Of Avenue W South, Arrest- Weapon Investigation-3700 Block Diefenbaker Drive, CEW Deployment - Male Arrested - 2200 Block Haskamp St, Male Arrested - Stolen Vehicle/Evade Police - 300 Block Of Montreal Ave. South.