While she is shaving his neck, he harps on her to always put on her best face to hide the ugliness inside herself. A confused Zelena and Belle find themselves in the Underworld. "I'm going to give you one big spoiler: Everyone doesn't die at the end. While initially planning to move in with Regina, after an argument between the two sisters Zelena leaves with Robin and returns to her farmhouse, where she encounters the Evil Queen. Zelena attends Emma and Hook's wedding, until they are all consumed by the Black Curse, which returns Zelena to a deteriorating Oz. But Zelena doesn’t have it all now that she gave up her daughter. Regina eventually hands the wand over, and Zelena summons a cyclone which intentions to take herself and her unborn child to Oz. To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. However, Zelena knows what darkness could do. After the reception, they find Regina dying, and Zelena complains about having accidentally gotten some of Regina's blood on her wedding dress. My past seems to be way more fascinating for people than my future, which bums me out … Why do you care?”. “And I went to two different locations for those treatments.”, “It’s really frustrating, because I am 100 percent allowed to have that, but I think people just want to have some sort of — I understand what you’re asking,” she continued. Gold explains everything, from her being pregnant, to him making a deal to give up his second-born child, and even becoming the Dark One again. Zelena manages to escape her cell and kidnaps Robin Hood, demanding the Apprentice's wand. Although she never returned his love, everything he did was for her. It is revealed that Zelena has collected Regina's heart and David's courage, and wants Rumplestiltskin's brain and Snow and David's baby, to time travel and claim the life that she deserves. A final flashback reveals that Hades disappeared in order to prepare a special dinner for Zelena back at her castle. Archive-It enables you to capture, manage and search collections of digital content without any technical expertise or hosting facilities. She made him a better man, but she can’t make him a different man. When Hansel kidnaps Chad, Zelena confronts him and manages to defeat him. No. In San Francisco, she becomes Kelly West. It’s a deal. Hoping to change the past, Zelena collects ingredients to activate a time portal, but her plan is foiled. “Wouldn’t it be nice to not be alone anymore?” he asks her. The Coven of the Eight later offers Zelena a place in their ranks, but Zelena isn't interested. He takes her on a bike ride and the two share a moment. She is portrayed by Rebecca Mader, with her younger self portrayed by Isabella Blake-Thomas. 12 Must-Listen Podcasts, Author: Hundreds of thousands of evangelicals sat out election due to Trump’s tweets, ‘character problems’. He made it for her. Please click here to learn how. Zelena Henry has left his hometown to help his daughter put her world back together. Zelena finds out she was a… Zelena tries to kill Robin, but he escapes her wrath. When local daylight time was about to reach Sunday, October 25, 2020, 3:00:00 am clocks were turned backward 1 hour to Sunday, October 25, 2020, 2:00:00 am local standard time instead. The writer, Zach Baron, lightly approached the topic of rehab, and Gomez immediately replied: “No, no, no, no, no.” Baron writes that Gomez expressed “frustration and disgust” and reflected for a “long” time before giving him a detailed response. Hades eventually resurfaces and changes Zelena’s mind when he tells her about his desire for revenge on his brother, Zeus. Showrunner Adam Horowitz revealed that Hyperion Heights will be more modern than Storybrooke, complete with technology and robots. Zelena (Rebecca Mader) will return to get back her magic in the upcoming season of "Once Upon a Time." Zelena lost her magic in the final showdown with the Black Fairy (Jaime Murray), and afterwards, it was announced that Mader would not be reprising her role in the ABC series. That’s one secret he’s not willing to expose just yet. Zelena and a group of munchkins uses one of Jefferson's hats to reunite with Regina and the Charmings, and they all return to Storybrooke to witness the Final Battle. Robyn masters archery, giving up her magic to her mother, and they live together at Emerald Acres Farm. Over 50 beheaded by ISIS-aligned extremists in Mozambique raid, CP’s uncomfortable conversation with a black man: 'It’s not exclusively a sin issue', Christian quarterback Ben Roethlisberger leads Steelers with record-setting 8-0 start, Longtime 'Jeopardy!' Another topic she wasn’t excited to discuss was transitioning from Disney star to young adult. West) will start a new life in Hyperion Heights. Zelena's beau is Chad (to be played by Kip Pardue). Zelena likes that Hades wants revenge, and accepts his help. He heard that Zelena is trying to create a spell to time-travel and wants to help.