by jburgeson. Posted by 6 years ago. Manufacturer’s knurl description: smooth knurl depth. Olympic Barbell Review and Shopping Guide. I got the Wonder Bar v2 from Fringe Sport - $160 and built a 8X8 platform and bolted rack to it - $185. The bar came in a tube as well, and it wasn’t as destroyed as Rep’s one. The 28.5 mm shaft is rated at 205k PSI and the yield is rated at 160k PSI. 44% off (3 days ago) Fringe Sport sells fitness and strength equipment such as strength bands, pull-up bars, core trainers, gymnastics equipment, weight vests, weight lifting equipment, and more. While I like the Vaughn, and I like the Wonder 2 for what it is, my feelings on the original Bomba were not as good. This bar represents the result of many years of using every bar on the market, plus years of selling Oly bars at FringeSport. "The Wonder Bar is amazing. More importantly it’s very spinny . by jburgeson. Of the Fringesport bars, I’ve handled the original Bomba, the Wonder 2, and the Vaughn. on November 22, 2019 {4 comments} Fringe Sport Lone Star Power Bar Review. 222k members in the homegym community. Who Should Buy the Fringe Sport Women’s Wonder Bar Athletes that want a strong bar. Verified and Tested. Medicine ball. The Fringe Sport Wonder Bar V2 is an entry-level WOD bar offered either as a bushing bar or a bearing bar ($219 and $239, respectively.) The other members include the fringesport wonder bar, Bomba V2, Fringesport weightlifting bar, and the fringesport power bar. 45% OFF. We've taken everything we know about bars and delivered a competitively priced entry-level bar that has a ton going for it. on February 8, 2020 {479 comments} Fringe Sport 20 kg Hybrid Bar Review. FringeSport 15 kg Women's Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell (Bushing) 15kg: Multipurpose: 25mm: 160k: Black Zinc: Black Zinc: Medium ("Smooth knurl depth- neither a cheese grater nor too soft") None: Bushings (Bronze Oil Lite Bushings) Dual: None ("Stiff") 86in: 16in: N/A: China: Lifetime Warranty: $189: FringeSport 15 kg Women's Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell (Bearing) 15kg: Multipurpose: 25mm: … The entire bar is coated in my least favorite finish: black zinc. Fringesport Vaughn Bar Review. on November 4, 2019 {2 comments} Fringe Sport … I am an older athlete who is somewhat proficient at the Oly lifts and I have discovered that this bar is not only a great value but performs like the more expensive bars! The Basics: Price: $184 Fringesport. by jburgeson. More important, though, it allows you to perform explosive, upper-body moves like throws and smashes — terrific for building power and three-dimensional athleticism. It’s true, you could get a cheaper entry-level bar like the Wonder Bar or even a Bomba Bar, but entry-level bars come with compromises. Black-zinc coated sleeves; Slightly smaller shaft; Tensile strength 205,000 PSI; Bronze bushing; Key features. 5. Check out the FringeSport Wonder Bar 2.0 here. The whip felt decent when I deadlifted with it. The knurl was medium and felt great to clean with and the spin is smooth. outer knurl: no center knurl: alternative outer knurl (unfinished) Rogue Bella Bar. XMark Lumberjack Men’s Olympic Bar. I was between the Fringe Wonder Bar, the Rogue 2.0, and the Rogue Ohio Bar (Not OPB). Priced at just under $400, this bar has really good value compared to some of the other higher end bars that can exceed $1,000. The Less Costly runner-up: FringeSport Wonder Bar. Deal. As mentioned in the introduction, what sets the fringesport hybrid barbell apart from all the other barbells is that it seeks to suit multiple strength-related fields all in one. 10% OFF . FringeSport Wonder Bar V2. Stoic Knee sleeves, elbow sleeves X2 (md and lg), wrist wraps - $100 It has the best spin out of all of the bars I’ve used." SHOW DEAL. The FringeSport Weightlifting Bar retails for $399, which for a bar that has top tier specs and performs like this bar does, is a steal. Fringe Sport Weightlifting Bar – Pros and Cons Pros. Our top pick: FringeSport Wonder Bar ($189). Verified and Tested. Verified and Tested. It feels like a much more expensive bar. Contrary to our top choice, the Wonder Bar includes black zinc coated sleeves, a marginally bigger 28mm shaft listed at 205,000 PSI tensile strength and bronze bushings. 45% Off on Your Order with Fringesport Weight Vest Voucher Code. So i got the Vaughn competition bar from Fringesport today and had the pleasure of training on it. I can attest to the quality of their bars. I've used it for 365 Squat, 405 dead, and 225 clean and jerk. Aesthetically it is a very good looking bar in all black. on January 23, 2020 {10 comments} A Look At The Fringe Sport Savage Bumper Plates. Highlights. Get $10 Off on Your Next Order with Fringesport Wonder Bar V2 $200 Discount Code. That said, the V2 is a completely different bar so it wouldn’t really be fair for me to make any assumptions of the V2 based on the original. With only one tool, you can perform a plethora of exercises and train a wide magnitude of muscles in the body. The knurling is somewhat passive, making it great for CrossFit-type workouts, although we wouldn’t suggest it for powerlifting. I am looking for a new Olympic barbell and for some reason, the Fringesport 20k men wonder bar v2 caught my attention. Can You Destroy This Indestructible Medicine Ball? Archived. Specs Full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns Designed by Chad Vaughn 216,000psi steel- rated to 1500 pounds... and tested to 2200 pounds! At under $200 shipped to your door, the value of this bar is hard to beat. FringeSport Wonder Bar v2 (Bushing Version) Diameter: 28mm: Shaft Finish: Black Zinc: Tensile Strength: 205,000 PSI: Sleeve Spin: Bronze Bushing: Center Knurl: No: Knurl Marks: IWF: Sleeve Surface: Smooth: Most of the bars on this list are made with bushings in the sleeves, but the their Wonder Bar is available in both. SHOW DEAL. Contents: 1 - 15 lb Training Wonder Bar by Fringe Sport; Weight: 15 lb; Weight Capacity: 150 lb; Material: Aluminum with Chrome Finish; Length: 72" Sleeve Specs: 9.5" long with 2" diameter (Accepts standard "Olympic" size plates- iron, bumper, etc.) My experience with FringeSport Weightlifting Bar. If you would like something cheaper and do not mind black zinc sleeves, we also enjoy the FringeSport Wonder Bar. A medicine ball can be used in place of weights for exercises like the lunge, squat, and rotational chop. Not to mention that the Wonder Bar V2 also comes with a lifetime warranty, that’s also backed by Fringe’s 365 day return policy. Fringe Sport Immortal Med Ball - Duration: 6:00. They’re also a hell of a lot of fun. Bar and Weight Tree - $79. Also, they have a newer power bar for 299 shipped you may want to research before you pull the trigger on anything. The original Wonder Bar was my first barbell and while I didn’t think much of it at the time, it has evolved into a staple in the fitness community and is one of Fringe Sport’s best selling bars. The Wonder Bar can handle any weight you throw at it, solid knurl looks great, and has a lifetime warranty. 45% OFF. There isn’t much out there that is even remotely close to matching the performance for price of the Fringe WL bar and like all things from FringeSport, it ships for FREE. It offers great grip, but without a lot of sharpness. Grand Total $1795. Aesthetically it is a very good looking bar in all black. Flat $10 Off Fringesport Women's Bomba Bar Promotional Code … 10% OFF. Fringesport Vaughn Bar Review . Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Have the Fringe sport bomba bar and its my go to for bench and squat. 205 PSI, 28.5 mm; black zinc shaft & sleeves; dual-marks; bushings or bearings; moderate knurling; no center; 15kg or 20 kg; imported; $199. Got a 5% bulk discount $83 and shipping for everything was $220. Has just a tad bit of whip but not too much for squatting. The knurl on this bar is on the aggressive side when compared to some other weightlifting bars. It’s value is unmatched both in performance per dollar and the unbeatable customer service they provide. Many entry-level bars will work just fine for powerlifting and your average garage gym usage, but if you ever decide to start practicing Olympic lifts (and you should, to build your explosive power) you’ll eventually want a better bar. SHOW DEAL. Get your HYBRID BAR HERE: WRITTEN REVIEW: SHOW DEAL. I just received my Fringe Sport Wonder Bar barbell (bearing). I just received my Fringe Sport Wonder Bar barbell (bearing). Verified and Tested. A subreddit devoted to working out at home. This barbell has tensile strength of 160k, yield strength of 199,000, and test strength of 1,000 lbs. More importantly it’s very spinny . FringeSport bills itself as the official supplier of the garage gym functional fitness movement. Close. by jburgeson. They sent me 10% discount code, I asked for more, they gave me 15%, so it was a good deal. Wonder Bar V2 Review. If for some reason you weren’t satisfied, you can count on FringeSport’s stellar customer service to take care of you, or even reach out to Peter himself, as he makes himself pretty available to the community. Deal. I ended up choosing the Fringe Wonder Bar. I don’t think you can go wrong with the Wonder Bar as a really solid do it all barbell that continue performing for years to come. FringeSport Wonder Bar. It stocks everything that a home or professional gym or CrossFit box could need. I am an older athlete who is somewhat proficient at the Oly lifts and I have discovered that this bar is not only a great value but performs like the more expensive bars! Fringe Sport 286 views FringeSport Coupons & Promo Codes 2020: Up to 44% off. Peter talks barbells, their specifications, and what you need to know before your purchase. The barbell is an essential tool for anyone looking to get bigger or stronger. So, after I had to send my Rep Gladiator back, I was in search for weightlifting bar again, and landed on Fringe Sport this time. Shaft Specs: 50" (wide enough to teach the snatch) with a 28mm shaft diameter; Bushings: Brass. The FringeSport Wonder Bar V2 is our runner-up for the best olympic barbell for most people. Features the best end caps; Well-constructed; Low price; Stiff whip; 28 mm shaft diameter; Bottom line. The Wonder Bar V2 comes in a bushing or bearing cartridges, the specs for both are the same outside of that.