The Netherlands  The module focuses on all dimensions of global history, from economy to the social and from the cultural to politics. Please note that some courses are offered only once or twice per year. Case materials explore applications to manufacturing, warehouse, office, materials management and general management. This communication course teaches the business writing skills needed to produce effective business and technical reports: inspection, trip, incident, and progress reports, proposals, feasibility studies, formal reports, oral reports, summaries and graphics. International Careers: Global Studies is an ideal course of study for students wishing to work for international organizations either governmental organizations or non-governmental ones (NGOs). On the analytical level, you will be introduced to the core concepts and theories related to migration and citizenship, including legal categories and channels for mobility and the individual motivations for mobility. The world is a big and interconnected place, especially nowadays. Examines how the operating environment affects trade and trading relationships. Practically, you will explore different datasets to analyse and visualize relationships between carbon emissions and other economic factors across countries. Through actual business scenarios, cases and exercises, participants gain experience in decision-making and applying theory to real world organizations. A minimum of 12.0 credits must be taken at a. Courses in Global Studies GB 101 Introduction to Global Studies (4) An interdisciplinary course that examines humanitarian, economic, political, social, cultural, and ecological issues from a global perspective. Do you want to know if Students apply the acquired knowledge and gain relevant skills during hands-on activities such as scenario-based discussions and case studies. International business is the cornerstone of a globalized business world. The program head will determine the eligibility of courses for open electives as well as the number of credits and tier of the transfer. The opportunity to get that experience is available through the School of Business Diploma in Business Administration (Global Studies) which is offered in partnership with post-secondary institutions worldwide. All financial obligations to the Institute must be met prior to issuance of any credential. Click here Click here if you are interested to see all our courses. In addition, graduates may be granted transfer credit towards business degree programs at a number of universities both within and outside the province. Concepts will be related to both manufacturing and knowledge-based, service business environments. Find out more about the Global Studies, GS profile available in different languages. UM postal address We will examine the roles of diverse stakeholders, identify their standpoints, and develop a framing of the case(s) that takes the diversity of standpoints into account. Click here if you are a home learner want to increase your skills and knowledge by taking one of our online courses! This course is the second of two designed to provide first year students with a general understanding of the nature, purpose and general procedures of accounting. This course provides an understanding of computer terminology, operating systems, and the most popular office software used in business. Additionally, students make their first experience with group work and their own projects. Courses in the Business Administration program are classified as follows: View the Course Tier Guide [PDF] for a list of Tier 1 and 2 courses. Students should plan to spend an average of seven to ten hours per week on their studies for each course. The Global Studies tracks also include upper-level courses that were designed to meet the unique needs of the program. Prerequisite: Students must have one of the following: 1) a final grade of 70% or better in BCIT level 1 COMM (ie: COMM 1100 or COMM 1103 or COMM 1106 or COMM 1120; or 2) a score of 70 or better in COMM 0015; or 3) an OFFICIAL transfer credit granted for BCIT level 1 or level 2 COMM course with a final grade of 70% or better (refer to This website uses cookies in order to give you the best possible visitor experience. Hence thinking about pollution requires a global approach. You will need to position yourself within the issue you are studying and to think through the ethical issues of whatever intervention you propose. Pierre Matthee Prepares students to identify and evaluate the economic considerations they will undoubtedly encounter in business. Students with training in international business practices and experience are able to work successfully in companies that engage in international trade. Complete your diploma at your own pace by attending evening or weekend classes at BCIT’s Burnaby or downtown Vancouver campuses, or studying as an online learner. It covers claim, bad-news and sales letters, job applications, and the writing of procedures and instructions. The thesis will be on a topic that you select. Required for Global Studies minor. LinkedIn Vancouver, BC. If you have BCIT full-time diploma program level 1 COMM course credit, email to apply for approval to register. It’s not just objects and pollutants that flow around the world. It covers routine memos, letters, request and reply letters, and oral presentations. Highlights the contributions that history, geography, anthropology, political science, economics, and other disciplines make to the field of Global Studies. Reflection on your future self in Semester 1 will come full circle in Semester 6 as you weigh all your learning experiences and design a personal development plan for the years to come. Please click on the links in semester 1 and 2 (30 ECTS each) of the first year to see the full content of the semester. Additional courses may be offered through other departments. *Program credit requirements are subject to change. Prerequisite: Students must have one of the following: 1) English 12 "67%" (C+) or equivalent (refer to BCIT's Admission page); 2) COMM 0015 score of 70 or better. A range of distance learning home study courses, designed in partnership with recognised awarding bodies. View the Transfer Credit Guide for approved courses. for this program. Here, we will reconnect with content learnt about globalization in Semester 1 by analysing flows of ideologies, identities, ideas, and technologies, looking at how these are received in new contexts, how they underlie social differentiation, and how they impact social cohesion. The Bachelor of Global studies consists of core courses, a major, a language, area studies, General Education, and elective courses. The course assists students in developing intercultural competence, leadership and negotiation skills to successfully solve problems and gain on opportunities in a multicultural environment. And your life is shaped by the choices made by other people, some of whom live far away. Students will have some choices in project applications. Semester 3 will provide you with an overview of the complexities of contemporary mobility trends and their legal, psychological and social consequences for global citizenship and inclusion. Classification of courses not listed must be approved by the program head. Prerequisites: FMGT 2100 or FMGT 2105 or FMGT 2152, Analyses business strategy formulation to give the student practical experience and confidence in handling complex business situations. To make up for a full-time diploma program level 2 COMM course, students must take both COMM 2202 (or COMM 2002) and COMM 2203 (or COMM 2003). Career opportunities occur in marketing, finance, and management with firms such as trading houses, importers and exporters, customs brokers, freight forwarders, and transportation providers. Please see the Part-time Studies Tuition & Fees page for information on part-time tuition fees. Allow approximately six to eight weeks for processing. Global Studies operates to the highest academic standards and has multiple structures in place that guarantee that a high quality education and training is provided to its students. 9) Term at a non-European partner university or Internship orThematic Specialization. Global Studies operates to the highest academic standards and has multiple structures in place that guarantee that a high quality education and training is provided to its students. Emphasis will be placed on explanations of how the operating environments affect production, transportation and marketing. In this semester you will be introduced to the field of Global Studies. Sign up to receive updates, invitations to events, and information about BCIT and your program. Topics include accounting as an information system; introduction to accounting theory; income measure; traditional record keeping; the accounting cycle; cash and financial statements.