Recently puchased a thickness caliper from stew mac to add to my guitar making arsenal.It, like everything else I've purchased there works perfectly...Stew mac paired with stew max......awesome!! You can really see exactly what you're doing while thinning out a top or back. The extra versatility and precision have kept them on pro benches for years. They are not the best-of-the-best as far as calipers go, nor are they meant to be; Readings can be skewed with varying pressure so diligence is required for precision, but as far as general measurement goes they work very well. I use my Starrett 6' rule WITH good light AND a magnifying visor. Give your vintage or new amp the exact power it needs. IMO, a guitar is a balancing act and need to be treated as individuals. Why bother even measuring it? Plus, it's a. I use guages but it can be a bit frustrating when most guitars seem to specify 1/64's or thousandths of an inch and my head works in mm. I ever never had a response so positive and so quick as this. Nice product of high quality and good delivery service ... thank you. But don’t hesitate. I use calipers for a lot of jobs, but action height isn't one of them. Easy to use and reaches all the way to the center of the plate. It's still much more accurate than eyeballing a ruler that's only good to 64ths. About This Item. The main thing I do not like about these: they have an auto-on function, which turns the caliper display on whenever it senses a movement of the jaws. These calipers are perfect for light jobs and quick measurements. It's not as sensitive as some calipers I've seen, but this sensitivity varies across the lot I purchased, and if these did not have that feature then I would rate them a solid 5-stars for their purpose. Biggest Acoustic Guitar Kit Sale of the Year! The way the brass lifter connects to the dial indicator makes it very awkward to get an accurate reading. The more expensive european made top lever design only comes in metric. When I first got it, it was a bit sticky and I needed to adjust the screw on the thumb lever and add a drop of oil. A shop favorite, now more affordable than ever! I'm not looking for an absolute number with which to calculate the trajectory of a jump to light speed that avoids all obstacles in the next 98 trillion miles. Our Luthier's Featherweight Digital Caliper is the perfect first step to doing better, more precise work. Feeler gauges are better for checking relief and a quality rule is plenty accurate for string height - your fingers will tell you more about that setting anyway! If you continue without changing your settings, you're agreeing to receive all cookies on the StewMac website. Need something heavier duty? We use cookies on our website to make sure you get the best experience. I use my Starrett 6' rule WITH good light AND a magnifying visor. Any recommendations for one that might be good for this task? Our original Luthier's Digital Caliper is made from stainless steel and has extra features for a lifetime of use in a busy shop. Agree with both points above - any digital caliper will be plenty accurate for the purpose however I too don't think it's an appropriate tool for measuring string height. Inch or metric models for archtop carving! I made a custom wooden box for storage and would have paid extra for one if it was offered. This really only works well for setting a height I want to be at, and then getting there. On a purely unadulterated flat-top acoustic guitar… The only gripe is that it can be a little difficult to read, which is probably a sign I need better glasses. Get new glasses and/or work in a strong light. I use a 6" rule. Whether you're looking for something traditional or exotic, StewMac has the fingerboards for you. Featuring LCD digital readouts in inches and millimeters. Dan demonstrates how to fix a crack in a boutique acoustic guitar. For electric guitars, in our opinion, a good default string … That never really worked well for me. We added a custom jaw notch for accurately measuring fretwire crown height (the height above the fretboard). They have all the luthier-specific mods to usual calipers that StewMac has enshrined in their more expensive calipers, which is what makes these really nice for the price. And thanks to a great idea by repairman Frank Ford, we've also added a notch on the depth gauge to measure fret height on the instrument—a real time saver. You must log in or register to reply here. Also check out the new, precision 64ths string action gauge. Since every small increase in thickness makes a huge difference in stiffness, it's great how the needle is so sensitive.