My problem is a little different. I am looking at an adapter right now that is POSITIVE but the “-” sign is on the right, and the “+” on the left. Most plug is fused at 5A as standard – could this damage my adapter? You need to look at the OUTPUT the input does not matter as long as it was bought in the same country. I could probably sell you one for about $10. Use a flashlight and toothpick/pin to carefully remove any dirt that’s stuck on the charging pin. Hello, i would like to ask what will happen to my laptop if i replace my original 19V and 3.74A adapter with a 19.5V and 3.6A adapter? Think in terms of speakers, hook two 4 ohms speakers in series and the total R will be 8 ohms. There are manufacturers, mostly from China, which displays the symbol in reverse where the “C” or open circle is placed on the right. The universal power supply has circuitry to adjust the voltage to the needed level and the maximum current would also change such that the product is 90W. Does iPhone 12 series have Fingerprint sensor? This applies to most if not all of such design including the headphones and them huge speakers. I can’t seem to find a power supply that goes from 12v outlet to 12v light string. It’s a craig 3piece shelf clock radio stereo. Other than that, it’s by far the best and easiest to understand article about adapters and electricity :), When i connect my charger to my laptop …. Help! But you will need an expert to do it for you. Start by testing the resistance on the charger with your multimeter. There’s an option to see how long your battery will last in an array of the phone’s states, whether its 3G talk time or 3G browsing, Wi-Fi, LTE, video, and more. Most USB wall adapters will be 5 V adapters and have a current rating well over .5 A. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this page, I will definitely let more people know about it. Do LI Charger Chips Require Constant Current Input. 1.5v x 8 = 12V, BUT on the side where the power adapter plugs in, it says: “DC IN 9.5V”, Why the difference? I had a 100-240V 50/60hz input on my TV my sister gave me, and had been using a power plug that was 12V–4A, then all of a sudden, it stopped working. this process rapeat again and again … fed of from this… could u plz help me. To check your iPhone battery health, there are quite a few apps in app store. I misspoke. The following will cause harm to your power cord or adapter: The following might not cause damage, but the device will not work properly: Higher current adapter than device rating. )- So is this an output values?? All they need to do is add a discaimer . However the C is backwards facing the “+”. will the powerbank charge the battery? Which is the positive? It’s difficult to change new batteries for your iPhone by yourself. I went to Radio Shack and bought an adapter that can be used with multiple tips, along with the correct tip for my device, and all is well again. Milliamperes.