How does kinesiology tape work? Kinesio tape works by gently lifting the layer of skin over the affected body part as the patient moves. How Does Kinesio Tape Work In Comparison To Traditional Treatments? It contains no medications or topical ingredients. Due to the lightweight strips of the kt tape, one can barely feel the tape at all. So does kinesio tape work? Despite kinesio tape recent gain in popularity and the proposed theories of effectiveness, there remains a lack of sufficient evidence supporting these claims and current literature is limited in its ability to draw discernible conclusions. It is non-restrictive and allows normal movement. How Does KT Tape Work? Does kinesio tape work? In my experience clinically I've found it very effective but there is minimal high quality evidence to support its use in runners. If the tape is applied properly, an increase in blood flow, pain relief and postural corrections will occur during use of kt tp. When people see kinesiology taping in action, the first question is usually, “Does it work?” followed quickly by, “How does it work?” Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about what this kind of tape does, and how, so this article will get you on the same page with what science is telling us! This allows the flow of blood and other lymphatic fluids through and around the injured muscles and ligaments. Does Kinesiology Tape Really Work? This “second skin” is meant to promote healing, but it’s a bit more complicated than it looks. It is so light and flexible, it is barely noticeable when worn. Since kinesiology taping is a relatively new and novel concept in the field of physical therapy, much research still needs to be done to understand the mechanisms of how the tape works and if it truly lives up to its claims. There was some evidence to show that it doesn't decrease performance in a number of tasks and, in … How Does Kinesio Tape Work? A roll of tape costs less than $20 and