Im currently doing Lose a pound a day for a month to lose weight, How many jumping jacks would I need to do todayto lose a pound? So, let's do the math- 3500/0.15= 23,333.33 jumping jacks. Say if its 0.1 cal/jumpingjack then You would answer 35000 jumping jacks. 1. Absolutely No Way I have seen some of these crazy estimations of how many calories are burned off as result of performing whatever exercise. We’ll do the math and explain how jumping jacks can help with weight loss. Do at least 5 reps. It takes about six or seven jumping jacks for a 150 pound person to burn one calorie. Obviously, that's very hard to do in one day, which is why you should exercise every day and reduce your number of calories if you want to lose weight (within reason). How many to do: If you are a beginner do 50, for intermediate 100, and for an advance at least 250. well, it takes a hell lot of work-not something you can do in one try. how it works: 3,500 calories = one pound of fat. Jumping jacks Target area: If you are tired of your underarm and inner thigh fat lobes then try jumping jacks for sure. 35,000 jumping jacks will burn off one pound. (3500 calories) Please try to get it accurate. That means, to burn one pound of fat, a 130lb person would have to do jumping jacks for about 8 hours, and a 190lb person would have to do jumping jacks for about 5 and a half hours. My anatomy text averages that one jumping jack for a 150 pound person burns 0.15 calories. 1,000 jumping jacks burns of 100 calories, so 35,000 jumping jacks will burn off 3,500 calories, or one pound. so you have to burn 3,500 calories to lose one pound. To me they always seem like big exaggerations. Jumping jacks are a great way to get your heart pounding, but how many calories do they actually burn?