This section examines the best way to get your peppers ready for pickling and canning and shows you how to safely and dependably get your fresh jalapeno peppers into jars for long-term storage. Ripe jalapenos are a 4 - 6 inches long, fat, firm, and develop a bright sheen. Washing and Prepping. Let sit for at least 8 minutes then use tongs to remove the jalapenos from the pot to a jar; cover with the brining liquid … As you pick fruits, the plant produces more. How to Choose Jalapeños. Buy loose jalapeños so you can check individual peppers for signs of freshness. Quick pickling jalapeños is the best way to get started. So here is a look at how to know when to pick your peppers, and how to store them to keep them as fresh as possible after harvesting. When it comes to picking peppers, there is a bit of conflicting information out there about will they, or will they not ripen off the plant. Choosing this method with all the fruits on the plant will reduce the number of peppers produced. Add jalapeno slices, stir, and remove from heat. You can buy your supplies from a local grocery store, and start preserving those fresh jalapeño peppers for weeks to come! In 3 - 4 month's time, you'll be ready to pick your jalapeno peppers. For the spiciest version of your jalapeno, allow it to turn red on the plant. Fresh jalapeño peppers have a rich color (red or green), have unwrinkled, unbroken skin and are firm to the touch. Jalapeno peppers develop small cracks in the skin on the shoulders when they are ready to pick. Waterbath canning is another method on how to pickle jalapeño peppers. Difficulty: Moderate | Cook Time: ~1 hour. They will turn a bright green, then begin to darken to a deeper green, then to black, and then to red. Waterbath Canning Jalapeños. Picking, Ripening & Storing Peppers When To Pick Peppers. If you are planning to dry your jalapeno peppers, allow them to turn red. Do not wash or clean fresh jalapeños if you plan on storing them whole. Harvesting Jalapeno Peppers. Hold the jalapeno in one hand and cut through the stem with a small knife or shears.