Logical failure can be defined as the corruption or damage in a PS4 hard drive’s file structure or software rather than the actual hardware. Follow the step by step process to fix the PS4 hard drive by rebuilding the PlayStation database. Meanwhile, it may cause lagging in the performance of PS4 or even result in a PS4 hard drive crash. Even though the lost data have been already overwritten, you can still follow the steps mentioned in the previous part to try to get them back. How to Recover Data From Mac HFS, HFS+ Partitions? Browse the backup files and select the ones you want. In the PS4 main menu, go to Settings >> Manage saved application data >> Saved data in the online cloud. In the following contents, you will get more information about PS4 corrupted data/database error and the corresponding fixes. Step 2: Go to Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Service. You can’t see it because the system has marked it as deleted (but you only lose entries to them). According to the investigation, there are many PS4 users wondering how to recover save data on PS4. Required fields are marked *. I have been bothered by PS4 corrupted data error for a long time. With CHKDSK, you should be able to fix the corruption in PS4. Initializing PS4 is a simple operation, but it will restore your system settings to the default and delete all the data saved on the system storage. Know all about ScanPST.exe, its location and how to download Inbox repair tool to fix PST files. You fail to load the character in the game. Step 7: Now connect the USB storage device to the system and enter Settings again. Game data and files are lost now and then, and this has affected many gamers around the world. Sign in PS4 with the same account; type the username and password. Example 3: Broken PS4, retrieve data on new Pro? She said it’s a wonderful thing to see people solving their problems on PC, mobile photos, and other devices; it’s a sense of accomplishment. ), The last step is waiting for the PS4 game data recovery to complete itself. These corrupted files will be identified by your PS4 system and be store in a separate folder. Step five: select the PS4 hard drive and click on the Scan button in the lower right corner to detect lost files on it. PS4 corrupted data/database is a common error that frequently appears when you try to play games using PlayStation 4. Select the disk that you want to initialize. Once you select the format, give the file system and set the cluster size. If you have failed PS4 drive, your  PlayStation game console won’t work at all.