At midnight David's wind velocity was reportedly 105 mph. In all, Hurricane David killed seven people in Puerto Rico, four of which resulted from electrocutions. In our news wrap Thursday, Hurricane Iota’s death toll has passed 40 across Central America. Now, another tropical storm is taking aim at the beleaguered country. The final death count for Harvey isn't expected to be released until next year. Making landfall during Labor Day weekend, David forced the cancellations of many activities in the greater Miami area.[8]. TEGUCIGALPA/MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Authorities in Central America recovered more bodies on Thursday from landslides triggered by hurricane Iota, … Officials said the death toll from the storm throughout the Caribbean is above 650, and they feared the final death toll could be in the thousands. By two months after the storm, assistance pledges amounted to over $37 million (1979 US$) from various groups around the world. Carbon monoxide poisoning due to unsafe operation of power generators killed more than half of the victims. In particular, South Florida escaped relatively lightly. $18.5 billion in damage. It paralleled the Florida coastline just inland until emerging into the western Atlantic Ocean at New Smyrna Beach, Florida later on September 3. Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 storm at its peak, ripped through parts of Texas. The hurricane battered the Dominican Republic Friday and Saturday and sliced through the Bahamas yesterday, causing widespread destruction and casualties as it headed toward the southeast coast of Florida. While it was a difficult and trying experience all three reporters survived and ended up winning numerous awards. David was the first hurricane to affect the Lesser Antilles since Hurricane Inez in 1966. Hurricane Laura death toll in Louisiana rises to 25 An airplane hanger is destroyed Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020, after Hurricane Laura went through the area near Lake Charles, La. In Cocoa Beach, Baumbach decided to ride out the hurricane in his home with two other journalists. Hurricane David was an extremely deadly hurricane which caused massive loss of life in the Dominican Republic in August 1979, and was the most intense hurricane to make landfall in the country in recorded history. The death toll in Haiti has risen by 10 to 31 and eight people are missing, the country's civil protection service said. [12] Extreme river flooding resulted in most of the country's 2,000 fatalities. "At first we thought the capital city was going to be the worst hit, because that's where the hurricane hit," Vice President Jacobo Majluta told United Press International. With winds of 175 mph (280 km/h), David was the only storm of Category 5 intensity to make landfall on the Dominican Republic in the 20th century and the deadliest since the 1930 Dominican Republic Hurricane, San Zenon, killing over 2,000 people in its path. 2 Min Read. [3], After crossing the Windward Passage, David struck eastern Cuba as a minimal hurricane on September 1. The preliminary death toll is lower than that from Hurricane Rita in … [6] Even as it became increasingly clear that David was headed for the island, residents did not appear to take the situation seriously. [3], Overall, damage was light in most areas, though it was very widespread. Hurricane Iota left a trail of devastation in its wake as it tore across parts of Nicaragua and Honduras. The tornadoes caused one death, 19 injuries, damaged 270 homes, and destroyed three homes, amounting to $6 million ($20 million in 2005 USD) in losses.