So who, exactly, needs a roofing license in Illinois? and mailed in, with the $125 application fee. Our next class will be held November 2-5 at Contractors Network and Training Center in Chicago. Unlicensed roofing pros can face up to a $5,000 fine if found to be working without a license in the state of Illinois. Will you be working on plumbing systems and you need to get licensed? As we mentioned earlier, insurance is mandatory if you’re planning to obtain your license in Illinois. If you apply for just a Residential license, you will need to wait 1 year before applying for the Commercial/Industrial license. Call 773-635-0099 for more information. As we mentioned earlier, insurance is mandatory if you’re planning to obtain your license in Illinois. It will help ensure that you don’t end up overpaying. Networking with other local pros can also be a great way to learn more about your industry as well as a trusted source for any questions about your area. This is because the requirements for contractors will depend on the projects up for bid. To make inquiries, you can contact the Plumbing Program at (217) 524-0791. If you are a license holder of the following trades, you may also be able to work on projects in the village: It’s a given that there’s legwork, paperwork, and money involved when it comes to applying for contractor licenses. We give you mock questions and practice quizzes, but our real secret sauce is the way we teach. The limited license comes in three different forms: Residential, Commercial/Industrial, and Unlimited. The Right Roofing Insurance . Licenses issued by the city of Chicago expire annually and are renewable. (225 ILCS 335/3) (from Ch. Acquiring your license through this method only applies if you already have a license that you got from another state that has a reciprocity agreement with the state you are currently applying in. The Department of Public Health will have the final say if your license from another state can be considered for the reciprocity method of application, regardless of which state you got it. There are two types of licenses: limited and unlimited. Aside from that, you also need to: Unless you will be strictly working on commercial or industrial properties, it is recommended that you acquire a Limited or Residential Roofing Contractor License first. Make sure to follow this guide if you are applying for the state-issued plumbing and roofing licenses. If this applies to you, you must obtain your certificate from the Secretary of State of Illinois, which you can contact at, (217) 782-6961. No more hundreds of hours in the evenings and weekends studying, wondering if what you’re studying will be on the exam. The application process for all the license classifications of the trade is the same. ©2019 Contractors Network and Training Center ®. But regardless of where you live in the United States, a license can be beneficial to you and your business. Roofing contractors of the state, on the other hand, do not qualify for any license reciprocity. However, the bigger cities usually have a database where you can check the list of licensed contractors in that particular city. In the city of Aurora, the second largest in the state, the following trade and contractor licenses are available: Except for Mechanical, Dumpster, and Fence and Driveway Contractors licenses applications, the application form that you should use is found at General contractors need to have a license in the City of Chicago, Illinois which needs to be renewed on an annual basis. We have partnered with a company to help you  get ready for the exams to obtain your contractor license, no matter if you’re in Illinois or another state. Do note that the types of contractor licenses vary per state and you should always confirm with their issuing authority, usually the municipal hall, as to which contractor licenses you need to apply for. If you are interested in such contracts, you should inquire with the Village Hall on how you can be qualified to bid on them. However, the city does require an electrical contractor to register with the city’s Community and Economic Development Department. Even within one state, cities and counties may have their own specific rules and regulations. Sometimes, it’s best to talk to another roofing pro who has already been through the process if you’re looking for help. The steps to acquire a license will depend on the type of plumbing license you are applying for. On the other hand, Rockford requires demolition contractors and those working on the mechanical trade to get themselves licensed. We’ve conducted years of research to create the best way to provide you with the knowledge and fundamentals to not only obtain your state license, but to translate it into a meaningful and profitable enterprise. Not only do you pay for labor but also for the materials needed for your project. This helps increase their trust in your work and the likelihood of you winning the job. So how are these licenses different from each other? There are so many reasons why but the following should already convince you to do so: It’s true that construction projects typically cost so much. Prior to our Chicago Roofing School’s Exam Prep Course, experienced roofing contractors failed to pass multiple times! If so, you need to determine if you need to get your contractor license at the state level or at the city or county level. Read How To Bid Out A Roofing Job. You must also submit proof of a surety bond in the amount of $10,000 for a limited license or $25,000 for unlimited license holders. But what if there’s a shortcut for it? One thing roofing contractors must know are the permits needed for each state. Follow the instructions on your License Renewal Notice and respond to appropriate questions. $25,000 Bond . Some insurance companies have a package for roofing business owners that includes the insurance policy you need to get your license, as well as extra coverage options for your business. "Unlimited roofing license" means a license made available to contractors whose roofing business is unlimited in nature and includes roofing on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. In the case of the state of Illinois, however, license reciprocity with other states is only applicable on a case-to-case basis, particularly for plumbing licenses. Unlimited gives the roofing contractor the option to work on residential, commercial and industrial roofs right away. Be the first to get free industry tips, special offers and updates. The Residential license exam consists of 80 questions within a 90 minute time limit. This bond must have an expiration date of September 30 of the same year when you filed your application, Have a certificate of insurance, which shows that you have a minimum insurance coverage of $500,000 for workers’ compensation, $300,000 for injury and bodily harm, $100,000 for general liability, and $50,000 for property damage, Pay $175 for your application if you are applying anywhere in the state, except for Chicago where the required fee is $225, Take the trade examinations and get a passing grade, Fill out the application form, which you can get at, Submit details of your business or organization, Show proof that you have obtained a surety bond of $10,000, either worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance, out-of-state workers’ compensation insurance, or a certificate of approval as a self-insurer, property damage insurance of $250,000, and personal injury insurance per occurrence of $500,000, Identify who your qualifying party is. You can only verify contractor license by personally getting in touch with the issuing authority in that city or county. The fee for the exam is $226. If this is the case, then you’re exempted from submitting some of the requirements for your license application, such as your work experience and even the trade exams. Plumber –has successfully completed an apprenticeship program, gained enough experience, and passed the necessary examinations to be able to work independently on plumbing systems within the state. 3. Hinsdale, however, requires general contractors to be registered only. For that reason, we recommend roofing contractors apply for the Unlimited license, which gives you the opportunity to take any kind of roofing work in Illinois. You need to meet the following requirements to obtain your license: You need to take note that any Roofing Contractor license will expire every other year and you should renew yours before June 30th of those years. Next, you’ll need to take the Illinois roofing exam. The online databases will require you to input that information. When customers see you have a license, they know you have a certain standard of know-how, skill, and expertise in the trade. If you’re looking for study materials, you can find a wealth of information online. for roofing business owners that includes the insurance policy you need to get your license, as well as extra coverage options for your business. Once you are proven to be prequalified, remember to renew it every 16 months. Once you are proven to be prequalified, remember to renew it every 16 months. 7503) (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2016) Sec. Not all states issue roofing contractor licenses at the state level and Illinois is just one of the 21 that do so. All rights reserved. The same is the case when you’re trying to lookup HVAC licenses. But if you have questions, you can direct them to the department’s Prequalification Section under the Bureau of Construction. The Act states that anyone who has the experience, knowledge, and skill to construct, reconstruct, alter, maintain, and repair roofs needs to be licensed in order to do so. Sign up with CraftJack today to start receiving leads from homeowners in your area. Illinois contractors can take control of repairs, negotiate directly with the insurance company, be paid on time, and add more money to their bottom line by becoming a licensed public adjuster with the help of Contractors Network and Training Center in Chicago.