Our minimum commission is either 5,000 Sterling/Euro/USD or the said percentage fee set out below: Transactional Volume: <100,000: 5,000 Sterling/Euro/USD Fixed, Transactional Volume: >100,000 – 1,000,000: 2.5%, Transactional Volume: >1,000,000 - 10,000,000: 1.5%, Transactional Volume: >10,000,000 - 20,000,000: 1%. Paymasters take care of checking the identify of all parties in the transaction. With our offices in Andorra and London, which are located in the heart of the financial system, we are able to offer you a high level of, CR. Paymaster is a safe and regulated bridge between international currencies that enables individuals, businesses and banks to seamlessly operate all types of currencies in their everyday operations and smoothly transition to the digital economy. The paymaster is a neutral third party that receives funds from a buyer, holds them in escrow until all the people in the transaction agree that everything is ready and then disburses the funds according to the contract’s terms. What is the volume of funds? One of the biggest benefits of using a paymaster service instead of traditional letters of credit through a financial institution is the ability to conduct transactions without the hassles normally associated with going through banks, including credit checks or the need to have an established relationship with the financial institution. When engaging in certain business transactions, you must follow federal and your State’s regulations to remain compliant with the law—in fact, depending on the property being transacted, you may need to comply with laws most people have never heard of. Unfortunately, most inquiries are not closed deals or are based on fraud! We get many requests from Intermediaries that want to safeguard their commissions by a paymaster agreement. Safefunds paymaster service is a separate offering and additional documentation is required for members using this product. After taking a small commission as payment for our services we will reconcile the escrow account and will carry out due diligence on all parties. Company House Registration Number: 11753703. The Right Choice For Valuable Asset Purchases. Commercial Agent (paymaster) What is a commercial agent (paymaster)? *Please note that we at Ebraham Legal Services will not participate in any actual transaction / deal / project itself that has resulted in the requirement / need of commercial agent (paymaster) services. Ebraham Legal Services (hereinafter referred to as ELS) is NOT a Securities Dealer or Broker or Investment Adviser. Paperwork must include the following for all parties seeking to use our services: What is your exact position in the transaction: are you the sender, receiver or intermediary? The exact fee depends on the services required. Is it a onetime transaction or do you plan on periodical transactions? One of the most important aspects of large domestic and international financial transactions is KYC, or know your customer. What You Need to Know as November 2020 Gets Closer, Highland Park Place 4514 Cole Ave Suite 600 Dallas, TX 75205, Personal Protective Equipment (gloves, masks, ventilators, and protective gear), Recorded report of any pending exchanges that the paymaster is involved with. A completed CIS  ( Client Information Sheet ) for  private and companies; We as a commercial agent (paymaster) act as a neutral third party to receive funds from any transaction between two separate individuals, businesses, corporations or institutions. As a wholly financial & advisory division of TransAlpha companies Andorra, we offer a paymaster, escrow & fiduciary service to individuals, corporation and companies on a domestic and international market. Global Trust Depository (GTD) offers paymaster services to all foreign and domestic clients. We offer our paymaster service thru our private banks account selected for their high level of security, liquidity and confidentiality. It can also protect your business from losses that are the result of an illegal transaction.