Even if the word ends in an s, like Chas, you would still add the 's; Chas's. We could talk about the Associated Press style for forming the possessive when a singular proper noun ends in s (Chris'). We are not sure what your question has to do with apostrophes. Example: There are too many distracting like's and um's in her speech. . The term base layer is usually a two-word phrase. Since the name is likely a shortened form of “Our hats are off,” the word hats is a simple plural, and an apostrophe would be incorrect. First, let’s get rid of a myth: There is no such thing as its’. 2.) Your sentence is a good example of the difficulty we sometimes encounter in expressing precisely what we intend. For example, we could think about the very few instances in which plurals are formed with apostrophes. To make a singular word possessive, add an apostrophe and an s: This defendant's attorney has left a message. Apostrophe Rules for Possession (Possessive Apostrophe Image). Relax, Heather. “Fish’s habitats” or “fishes’ habitats” would be correct because the plural of “fish,” as you note, is “fish” or “fishes.” I’M A SALES CONSULTANT FROM GHANA AND I WRITE FOR A WELL-KNOWN BUSINESS BI-WEEKLY IN GHANA. Homeowners are responsible for their own home’s exterior maintenance. We recommend writing Girls’ Thermals and Boys’ Thermals. If you wish to respond to another reader's question or comment, please click its corresponding "REPLY" button. This question is not related to the subject of this post, “Apostrophes.”. Susan and James Childs OR Dr. Susan Childs and Dr. James Childs. I suppose the contraction of this kind is not so common in American English. Third Monday in February. I think before but when I put it there it looks weird... the 's means contraction, as you already know (it is = it's, you are = you're), and possession; That is Sally's. Well she stated that is not correct, it should read “Sam’s and Rosco’s Restaurant”. So question in this sentence does it need to read owners, owner’s, or owners? Rob Kyff is a teacher and writer in West Hartford. It makes no sense to write it without the apostrophe. Plural: more than one. What do you think of the answers? We are very pleased to hear we have been helpful. My mother and father's home is in Florida. When referring to an event that has been done for a number of years how would I make the statement “This years event was extremely successful…” Is it years or year’s or years’, I am stumped. Childrens Conferences The symbol (‘) is called an apostrophe in the English language. Jason, the rule is to use an apostrophe if the League does, and to leave it out if the League doesn’t use one. The sheer abundance of misuse is a contributor to the confusion, particularly in the mainstream media. Wordy), House was provided by boss’s friend. I had to answer this at the end of a job interview for a secretarial position and did not get asked back or offered the job so I never found out the correct answer. https://www.grammarbook.com/punctuation/apostro.asp Rule 2 I’ll appreciate if you can quickly answer my quiz. do u put an apostrophe in Roberts name? I was just looking at your website for some help with apostrophes. Where is the women’s restroom? “A monster’s got to do…” is correct. ), Hi. Without knowing how many boys or customers there are, we cannot give you any advice except that “customers clothes” cannot be correct. RECENTLY I WROTE AN ARTICLE IN WHICH I USE THE CONSTRUCTION “A BUSINESS’S MAIN GOAL”. “It was supposed to be girls’ day out but dad wanted to join us.” Is it a girl’s day out, the girls’ day out or girls’ day out?