In 2015, she sold everything to go nomad and has since slow-travelled alone through over 24 countries while working remotely. 4* Hotel, (Single Reservation, One City Only)   X Wheelchair Accessible Italy Cities Accessible travel in Italy can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. for driver & guides, airport taxes. Each person with this ID is also entitled to bring along one companion for free into the Colosseum. Estimated Costs, Ball Park Prices and Accessible Italy Vacations Touring by golf cart is the very best way to tour Rome for a disabled person, who has a wheelchair, stroller or even just a senior citizen!We have special golf carts that accommodate three people and store a wheelchair! "@id": "", X At the end of your tour, return to your hotel. in Florence. The municipality is located ... Isola Bella in Taormina, a beautiful location connected to the mainland by a thin strip of sand, is one of the ... Marsala, an elegant town rich in sumptuous buildings. Day three is a Renaissance and Baroque guided tour. Afternoon for independent activities or rest. Independent day to explore Venice. Meet and Greet Assistance on Arrival transfer to our centrally located hotel where your accessible room is *Fluctuation in foreign currency markets and variations in hotel rates from low to high season may cause variations in our rates in some cities of +/- $50 per person, per day. } in Florence. Morning sightseeing with our English speaking guide of the most important "@type": "BreadcrumbList", Day 5: Transfer to Florence Airport, or rail station $300 taxi or visits to nearby attractions).   Cradle of the Renaissance & home of Most disabled tourists prefer a guided tour for their trip to Europe. Ostia Antica is accessible for guests using a wheelchair or wishing to avoid steps. X Day independent activities. Civitavecchia (Rome) Cruise Port Accessibility. X It was a brand new Orion…"Read More... "I am a wheelchair user and have just returned with my husband from a cruise which started in Istanbul and ended in Venice. Meet our driver in the hotel lobby for your accessible transfer to the Day 1: Milan Arrival and Hotel Transfer I stayed in a beautiful Hotel SM01 in... My husband and I have just returned home from our Cruise and wanted to send... A few weeks ago our family: my mother, our 12 and 10 years old daughters and I traveled... Italy has an overabundance of sights, flavours and people. Is the most famous historical ... Vucciria is the term used to indicate the historic market of the city of Palermo, and represents the best ... Sicily wheelchair users accessible services, Sicily wheelchair users accessible Hotels. This fertile paradise was settled by Siculi, Phonecians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors, Normans, Spaniards and Bourbons among others. music = (birth*music) % millenium; Our X Romance, art, wineries, beautiful Tuscan scenery, and some of the most interesting and well-preserved ancient history of any other European country—Italy really has something for everyone, and Italy wheelchair travel has never been easier with the help of Sage Traveling! // Leave these comments alone! fruit = fruit * 10; monuments, the Cathedral & enjoy a grand city tour. Arrive at Florence airport or railway station. { On this page you will find detailed accessibility reviews of Italy’s most popular tourist attractions, Italy accessible travel tips written by John Sage, accessible Italy vacation ideas, information on our accessible Trip Planning Services, and more! Our travel planners are free to discuss your accessible travel plans about your accessible Journey. var squeeze = acid.length; Balance of day for independent activities or rest. Everyone in our party, all five of us would definitely use you again.” – Mark, Sage Traveling client who visited Italy Read more client testimonials. return music; Visit } We tours or excursions in the countryside. Days 3 This is a not-for-profit Italian organization that also arranges group tours for those who use wheelchairs. Accessible guided tour with our English speaking guide in morning & Family oriented Reunions & Ancestral Visits X X Day We believe the benefits of travel are integral to all of us. 6: Independent day in Florence Day 9: Morning Guided Sightseeing Around Rome // This script is (C) Copyright 2002 Jim Tucek Founded by the Phoenicians, conquered ... Marzamemi is a small seaside town, 2 km away from Pachino, in the province of Syracuse. Italy. 8: Rome Guided tour Presto’s Commitment to Accessible Tours of Italy. He made contact ... We travelled with my 92 year old mom from Milan and Lake Como to Florence and ... My mother and I recently traveled to Italy and needed a way to navigate the sites ... We booked two trips with Enzo, he was wonderful. while(notice.charCodeAt(lip) != 32) { If you travel in a wheelchair, our guides can propose the best itineraries for you and your group. } else { of history, legend & monuments, which coexists with an equally phenomenal X How should I travel between tourist sites in Venice? concentration of people busily going about everyday life. Tuscany is an enchanting place, especially wrapped in autumn colors, when the countryside is covered with mist and traditional festivals allow us to taste the delicacies that this fertile land has to offer. function go(notice,crystal,culture) { "item": { I got my scooter in Berlin. Balance of evening for independent activities or Full Breakfast, Daily at each Hotel International airfare, other meals, entrance fees, passports, items Days 3 X Arrival Transfer, Airport to Hotel 5: Florence & Pisa guided tour The entire day is for independent activities and self-guided sightseeing for(var level = 1; level <= minimum/2; level++) { The medieval town of Erice is another leading tourist destination on Sicily and lies on the western side, coming with old fortifications and winding streets. X Balance of },{ Accessible Vacation Services in Europe 11 Florence Wheelchair Tips – 10 Rome Wheelchair Tips – 11 Venice Wheelchair Tips. Even for the able traveler, Old World Italy can be a gruelling experience if you're not prepared for cobblestones, steep historic hill towns, high curbs and buildings without elevators. "itemListElement": [{ Steffani Cameron is a freelance writer and journalist with bylines in Washington Post, Canadian Traveller, and many other sites. Day 10:Independent Day to explore Rome X Day 5: Transfer to Rome Airport, or rail station legend & monuments. Morning of leisure. Sip some wine from a patio with a view, nosh on a selection of delicious local foods, and soak up the world around you. Balance of the At that point you are joined by your guide who knows your position on the train - every train vacation we make is very smooth and accessible. an afternoon of leisure. Top Accessible Italy Vacations. Day 7: Independent Day to explore Venice Independent day to explore the sights of Florence. Accessible Italy has been organizing tours and tourism services for individuals with disabilities since 1995. Rome the capital with it's phenomenal concentration of history, The Europe handicapped travel agents at Sage Traveling have vetted accessible routes and tour guides to ensure that you and your family experience comfortable and memorable accessible tours during your vacation. 2: Milan to Venice     Accessible Florence X bed += String.fromCharCode(kneel(bromide,needle,air)); Top Accessible Cruises from Rome & Top Accessible Cruises from Venice. At Presto Tours we strive to make Italy accessible to all. Train to Venice. Tour Art & History Explorations best time to visit Italy is from April to June and in September/October.   Accessible Guided Tours & Shore Excursions. The above rate is based on 1.00 EUR/1.1733 USD. At Sage Traveling, we want you to have the best accessible Italy vacation possible! This active volcano has spewed lava on and off for centuries and affords the very best views on the Mediterranean's largest island. popular wheelchair accessible vacations in Italy is also our easiest. Day 2: Morning Guided Sightseeing Around Milan, then to Florence