After that time, the prices for unplayable cards plummet, while playable cards usually maintain their value, at least when sold from Japan. Promare Merch Roundup – show your love for Promare with flair! eBay (psa_collector) Add to watchlist. A special group of Japanese cards fall under the promotional category and are given out at tournaments, as magazine freebies, at Pokemon events, or as gifts when buying Pokemon merchandise at one of the Pokemon Centers. The problem for non-Japanese collectors bidding on auctions is that since they aren’t part of the competitive Japanese. Others like the Battle Festa Pikachu or the Pikachu card that was given out during the Mega Campaign in 2014 in the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo never increased in value. $89.99. Our pokemon card value finder is the largest TCG lookup database that is updated on an hourly basis. It has to do with the fact that since they are the “source” card for all translated versions, non-Japanese collectors have a particular obsession with obtaining cards that have not yet or will never be released in their own country. Mime Holo #122 1996 Jungle Japanese. eBay (thegoldenchalice) Add to watchlist. With that being said, a card still loses value when damaged, so it’s better to be careful if the price seems too good to be true. Singles, Packs, Boxes and Precons all available here. During that time, even unplayable Rare Rare (RR) and Super Rare (SR) are worth enough to increase in value when buying a Japanese booster box, which is about 30 USD in retail. There are some exceptions, though, that hardly ever make it outside of Japan, either because of their value to players, like the Muscle Band card (ちからハチマキ) which was given out at the Battle Festa 2013 to players that did very well and has since reached a top price of up to $50 USD. eBay (dnahobbies) Add to watchlist. Japanese Pokemon Card ANA 2000 Marill Rare Promo Single Card. We do not base card values off the listed auction prices, only what the cards have eventually sold for. 139 Rare Japanse Nintendo From Japan F/S, Carte / Card Captor Sakura - Carddass Masters - 155, Pikachu Pokémon Card 58/102 Basic Pokémon Grade 8 (Slightly Used), Pokémon n° 11/12 - Trainer - Dresseur - POTION, Pokemon Bandai 072 096 097 102 Tentacool Drowzee Hypno Exeggcute VintageCard1995. There are an endless number of Western websites that sell English language Pokemon cards and the prices on those sites can give you a general idea of how much the Japanese cards are worth if you go by this simple pricing rule: English Pokemon EX Card Price x 50–66% = Japanese Pokemon EX Card Price, English Trainer Card Price x 150–200% = Japanese Trainer Card Price Even though they peaked at $45 and $30 USD, respectively, in Japan their resale value stayed at ¥1000 ($10 USD) and ¥200 ($2 USD), respectively. (Standard format means the cards that can be used in current tournaments.) Our online price guide tool helps users easily search and instantly find the price of any Pokemon cards. 18 Incredibly Rare Pokémon Cards That Could Pay Off Your Student Loan Debt. BUTTERFREE No.012 Vintage ©1996 JAPANESE Jungle Set Pokemon NEAR MINT Card, Pinsir Holo #127 Jungle Japanese Pokemon Card Nintendo Very Rare F/S, Venomoth Pokemon Card Game Pocket Monster Nintendo Japanese 1996 rare No.049 6, Psyduck + Lickitung Japanese Team Rocket Set - #054.108 Pocket Monsters 1996, Carte Prism - SAORI KIDO - SAINT SEIYA - Fan Card - CARDDASS MASTERS Hondan, Rockman X Mega Mission 2 (Megaman) Carddass 60, 1996 Pokemon Japanese Jungle Pikachu Red Cheeks #25 Graded PSA-10, Gambler - 60/62 - Common PL Fossil Pokemon 2B3, Mint condition Pokemon card Sleeper PSA 8 MINT F/S Collection Japan, 100 FOIL BASIC LAND ~mtg NM/NM- Zendikar Rising NEW Mana UNPLAYED, Japanese Jolteon - No. This item is currently out of stock! Others like the Battle Festa Pikachu or the Pikachu card that was given out during the Mega Campaign in 2014 in the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo never increased in value. For example, one of the most coveted cards, the Trophy Pikachu Trainer Card, was only given out to competition winners in Japan and is so rare that it is considered priceless due to lack of sellers. That means Japanese card sellers won’t probably provide information in a standardized way. Popular cosplay looks in Japan – Winter/Spring 2017, How to Buy BTS Japan-exclusive CDs and Merchandise, Number of cards in a Japanese booster pack = 5, Number of booster packs in a Japanese booster box = 20, Standard pull rate for RR/SR/UR cards in a Japanese booster box = 2–4, Number of cards in an English booster pack = 10, Number of booster packs in an English booster box = 36, Standard pull rate for exR/SR/UR cards an English booster box = 2–8. We try to keep our Pokemon Price Guides up to date as much as possible. Charizard (Japanese) No. Buy: $1,800.00 . Troll and Toad keeps a large inventory of all Pokemon cards in stock at all times. 19. Green Quick Starters. Video Starters (SD) Japanese VS Single Cards. $49.99. $119.99. A password reset link will be e-mailed to you. Mime Holo #122 1996 Jungle Japanese, PSA 10 1ST EDITION POKEMON JAPANESE BASIC GYARADOS HOLO NO RARITY SYMBOL, Omastar Prism Card Bandai Carddass No. Want to buy something from Japan? Super Potion 90/102 Base Set Pokemon Trainer Card WOTC, Common Japanese Pokemon Card Base Set Rattata No. This can be seen with promotional cards released only in Japan, which often go for high prices overseas like the 15th Anniversary Full Art Pikachu, the newer Battle Festa Pikachu, and the older CoroCoro Shining Mew. Pokemon card player community, it can be difficult to know when you’re looking at a deal or not. This item is currently out of stock! Japanese Pokemon Balloon Pikachu Rare Promo Single Card. Mariel Loveland. PSA 10 1ST EDITION POKEMON JAPANESE … Japanese Pokemon ANA 2000 Togepi Rare Promo Single Card. Japanese Pokemon Charizard Rare Holo Promo Single Card. Let’s find out! Super Rare (SR): Full Art Pokemon and Trainers, Common (C): Exist in non-holographic and reverse holographic, Ultra Rare (UR): Full Art Pokemon and trainers, Special Rare (SR): Gold items and Pokemon. Each card that makes its way into the Pokemon universe has its beginning at Pokemon Card Laboratories in Japan where it is later sent to different companies around the world for reprinting in foreign languages. Buy: $1.00. They are rarely valuable due to broad distribution and uselessness for players. Japan, unlike Western countries, doesn’t have a widely known ranking system for card condition, such as the PSA. Vending Series 2. In most cases, though, the seller will give a short description of the card’s condition, which can quickly be found out by pasting the text into an online translator. Updated December 10, 2019 58.9k votes 13.5k voters 1.2m views18 items. $37.49. Even though they peaked at $45 and $30 USD, respectively, in Japan their resale value stayed at ¥1000 ($10 USD) and ¥200 ($2 USD), respectively. In some rare cases you might get a cheaper deal from a local seller in your country, especially for extremely playable cards, but for most cards checking a Japanese auction proxy site, like FROM JAPAN, will give you cheaper options. The reason for the difference in prices is because the Japanese Pokemon community has relatively fewer collectors and more players, which leads to a higher demand for Trainer cards and playable Pokemon staple cards (cards that are used in nearly every deck) for deckbuilding, whereas the pull rates for EX cards are much better than in English booster backs. As soon as a playable card leaves Japan the value usually decreases due to the diminished market, which then only consists of card collectors. Card Price Shift; Groudon ex 93/100 EX Crystal Guardians (Rare Holo) $30.00-87.98% Vaporeon 28/64 Jungle (Rare Holo) $4.07-84.08% Clefable 7/165 Expedition Base Set (Rare Holo) $14.69-81.50% Poliwrath 24/165 Expedition Base Set (Rare Holo) $10.00-81.34% Charizard 39/165 Expedition Base Set (Rare) $40.00-76.47% Lugia LEGEND 113/123 HeartGold & SoulSilver Once new cards are released in Japan, their value tends to shoot up dramatically and stay that way until finally being released in English. 135 - Holo - Jungle Pokemon Card Played Heavy, Gyarados 130 Sticker Card Pokemon Center My 151 Japanese Not Sold in Stores F/S. Buy: $0.99. These cards reach 2–3 times the value of other Golden UR cards even though the rarity is the same. Gambler 60/62 Fossil Common Light Play LP Pokemon DNA GAMES. (This is especially true for Full Art cards and Gold cards). Pokemon Price Guides & Setlists for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. However, there is an easy way to tell how much a Japanese standard format card should be worth. ), Even though cards from Japan can’t be used in tournaments outside of the country, foreign collectors should know that they’re still used for tournament play inside of Japan. It’s been 20 years since fans first memorized the Pokemon slogan “Gotta catch ’em all!”, and amazingly, each year new cards are still being printed, players are still meeting for tournaments, and collectors are still struggling to fill their binders in an attempt to, well… “catch ’em all”. Grade: PSA 10. Vending Series 3. (Read more about the difference between English and Japanese cards here. This item is currently out of stock! Serious Collectors Only: 8 of the Rarest Dragon Ball Figures of All Time. Japanese Pokemon Single Cards At PokeOrder. RARE-1996-Japanese Pocket Monsters Pokemon Card-JungleSet-Card #069! $37.49. As mentioned earlier, there are more players than collectors in Japan, so card condition is not as important as in other countries. Pokemon PSA 10 GEM MINT - Mr. Our prices are based on prices of cards actually sold on eBay. $49.99. That’s why playable cards have much higher resale values. Be sure to check out our top 10 picks for the rarest Pokemon cards! Sometimes pricing a Japanese card can be very hard, but if you follow the simple pricing formula above, you can usually have a good idea of what a card is worth, regardless of whether you are looking to buy or sell.