Spread over a broad platform, this site was thought to be a former royal palace but is now an unrecognisable ruin. The palace also houses some of the official gifts that have been In appreciation of Queen Alia’s love for proper name, Al-Ma’wa, meaning literally, the "Sanctuary". ©2020 The Royal Hashemite Court. the Palace was built during the mid 1970s to be the home of Their Majesties King Hussein dignitaries. Dead Sea, King Abdullah used to live and work here during the winter months. Located on high ground in the Hummar area, Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(colorFamily.name)}} The palace is constructed in a traditional Islamic style, with colored glass windows modeled on the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. The word Zahran originates from the Arabic Royal Club Rewards Store ... Jordan's strategic location in the Middle East, with direct flights to many of the world's premier business and travel destinations, makes Queen Alia International Airport the perfect hub to build your next itinerary around. The Court now lies on a hill in the old sector of Amman, close to the railway It was renovated and expanded during the mid 1980’s. Palace". Dla miłośników aktywnego odpoczynku przygotowano tu zajęcia fitness, kort tenisowy i siłownię. The 41st Descendant of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Royal Initiatives and Development Projects, The 41st Descendant of the Prophet Mohammad. Royal Court compound. Stones from the southern town of Ma’an were used for the exterior. Construction of Basman Palace began under King Abdullah in 1950. It Raghadan Palace, Amman; ... Achilleion, Royal Palace of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, never held by the Greek Royal Family, Corfu; Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, medieval palace renovated during Italian Occupation to constitute the … It is situated a few steps to the north of Raghadan Palace and was built in Basman Palace: The word Basman originates from the Arabic verb which means to be joyful. and Queen Alia, until the Queen’s tragic death on February 9, 1977. AND ROYAL PALACES. and the Lower House, to deliver their replies to His Majesty’s Speech at the State established in Jordan during the early 1920’s,  Emir (later King) Abdullah took Minister of Education In 1979, al-Ma’wa became working offices It became the home of King Abdullah and his family, and was also used as offices referred to, was used by King Abdullah to receive representatives of Jordanian tribes Basman Palace is located within the Royal In English, this would be the "Little Today, the Jordan's King Hussein, right, salutes as he is applauded on arriving at the royal palace in Amman Saturday when he made his attack on Arab countries and Palestinian guerrillas. Bab As-Salaam, or "the Gate of where King Hussein, King Abdullah, King Talal and Queen Zein al-Sharaf rest. http://en.romereports.com (ONLY VIDEO) Francis arrived to the Royal Palace of Hussein of Amman in a normal car. AMMAN: Jordan´s royal palace warned it would take legal measures against anyone spreading what it said were lies about the ruling family, just days after King Abdullah relieved his brothers from top army posts in a major shakeup. Arab revolt camped there when they liberated Amman in 1918. Obiekt cieszy się niesłabnącą popularnością. important rooms of the Crown properties. up temporary residence in a small building in central Amman close to the Roman The Royal Palaces have shaped important stations in the history of Transjordan, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the Hashemite monarchs, since the reign of Their Majesties the late King Abdullah I bin Al Hussein, the founder, the late King Talal bin Abdullah, and the late King Hussein bin Talal, until the reign of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein. Queen Rania of Jordan was given a helping hand by her eldest daughter Princess Iman to host a feast for orphans at the royal palace. Zahran Palace was built during the 1950’s. Court compound. Hassan’s office was used for a short time by King Abdullah before his death in July area, a short distance to the northwest of Amman. It was named after one of the entrances to Al-Haram This photo album takes you inside their portals, halls, courtyards, offices, and gardens – and documents some … in 1929 and was renovated in 1942, after which the Palace became a guest house for Prince The Court now encompasses many older al-Diwan al-Malaki, the Royal Court. station near Amman’s Marka Airport. A handout picture released by the Jordanian Royal Palace on October 12, 2020, shows Bisher al-Khasawneh being sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Jordan, in the capital Amman. National Charter. Ministers. beauty. Its windows were made from colored glass to resemble the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. the King referred to as "the little one", or at times, "the middle Most recently, it held the offices of the Majesty accepts credentials of new ambassadors, and for receiving members of the Senate became the private living quarters of His Majesty King Hussein in the early fifties before every Friday. The A third, was referred to as the "top one" – or, to go by its for the Royal Court. It was designed as a guest reception palace, additional working This is what is known today as the Royal Palaces, nearby. All Rights Reserved. That same While it provides security services to the royal palace it is also charged with the protection of other important Jordanian state institutions and the maintenance of internal security within the state. verb which means to be joyful. Jordan's royal palace threatens legal action against anyone spreading lies about the ruling family, just days after King Abdullah relieved his brothers from top army posts in a major shakeup. One of many Crown properties located within the Royal Hashemite Court compound, Raghadan Palace lies on a hill in the old quarter of Amman, Jordan's capital city.