Long story short though, you do not have to make a decision before going to University / College, because as long as you try hard enough and keep a high enough GPA you should be able to also make the choice as you grow throughout your Bachelors Degree. I obtained my I/O doctoral degree abroad and will be returning to Ontario to work soon. I don’t want to make peanuts though so I am willing to put in the time (I’m 30 now but I graduated 5 years ago). Are there any additional certificates, diplomas I should get? Will i have to do any additional course to be registered and work as psychological associate in Canada? Can I get a phD or psyD with a BA and a BSc? I am a Canadian and completed a BA in psychology with upper second class honours at the University of the West Indies in Barbados last year. I don’t know which school to choose and I’m not sure if clinical psychology is the right program for me since I don’t believe I would enjoy the research aspect (and kind of think it’s unnecesary) to understand/help someone. I am from NYC with a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. I may be able to complete a minor degree in psychology as part of my Bachelor degree. i have done Master in psychology from India and according to WES assessment i hold double bachelors in psychology. Thank you in advance. Thank you for the wonderful information. Home » How to Become a Psychologist in Ontario. Sincerely, Lissette. You must want to help people and be able to effectively listen to what they need or want professional counseling. I have 1000 of Direct and Indirect client hours. Hello, I have obtained an undergraduate Honours B.Sc. For example the University of Athabasca in Alberta will give you until October for a winter semester start – http://gcap.athabascau.ca/application-information/program-application/deadlines. I am a Canadian student who just finished my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Ottawa. Like years between finishing high school and officially being a psychologist in Ontario? Thank you for your kind words and I wish you the best in your Psychology career! How many years of university/college do I have to do? Generally going to school part time to complete an after degree (major in Psychology) will not effect how you are admitted. For the past 2 years I have been a preschool teacher at an international daycare. Psychologist or psychiatrist? This means that you know your car well enough, and are able to stay in touch at any time. I’m currently another senior in high school. To become a registered Psychologist in Manitoba you will at the minimum, a Doctoral degree (Ph.D., Ed.,D., etc.) And if you have any hesitations in applying, do not worry as what is the worst that could happen? or is there a different route i could take to becoming a psychologist? to qualify. Salary expectations as a Psychologist will however vary. So make sure you know what you get. I graduated with a BA in Criminal Justice & Political Science in 2009 from an American University, with the intentions to go to Law school after.  Have at least four years of acceptable experience after completion of the masters degree; ultimately, I would like some advice and insight on what do I need to do follow my calling to help people as a licensed therapist in Ontario. HI, Hi, Also, should I focus my last three high school classes in Psychology and Sciences? HOWEVER, after going deeper into research I found that the psychologist job description was much more appealing than phychiatric nurse practitioner. I recently graduated law school and am completing my articling. Also, is it better to do a specialization over a major? To get an undergraduate degree, do I have to study 4 years in that university or can I do the 2+2 (2 years of college and 2 years of university)? My aime is to be a Psychologist one day. Can I apply for graduate studies in psychology with my previous education? I completed this degree at Michigan State University which was housed in the department of education- kinesiology. Thank you. 1. Who would most likely deal with a patient who has severe mental health issues? I love kids especially those with disabilities like autism or other condition. The requirements for being registered, licensed, certified or chartered as a psychologist providing psychological services varies from province-to-province in Canada. I’m looking at it myself…. Do I need to obtain my Masters and Doctorate separately or can I complete them at the same time? My husband is Canadian from Ontario and I am planning to move to Canada soon. This can be used on everything from cognitive science in terms of ergonomics. You must also have an open mind, able to adapt to any new situation, without judging or hurting your customer. My worry is that I already spent 4 years of my life per suing the wrong degree and profession. You need content here silly! Would they take this into consideration when I aply for a masters in Psych? I am using my husband’s e-mail. Alternatively, I can wait to obtain my Doctoral degree when moving back to Canada. No you would not have to start over again with a BA. However, beginning my grade 11 year i realized I was interested in the psychology field and thought maybe psychiatric nurse practitioner was the way to go. I have read a few confusing pieces on this and would like some clarification. I have completed undergrand in BScN (bachelor of science of nursing) with honors and I would like to explore the role of psychologist as a second carreer. Is a Master in Counselling from UofC an acceptable masters in psychology program? Include everything you can in your application package, compile your best references and include all previous school transcripts. Is there a way around this? I have a BA Psyc from Queens University. Are there really opportunities in Canada for me to practice as a private psychologist and make a good amount of money (what would the salary look like?)? Professionals who have earned a doctorate and become licensed psychologists can work with clients in a wide range of settings, including private practice. I can’t honestly say I’m interested in the research aspect of psychology but I would become a psychologist if it means I would be paid at a higher rate than say a psychotherapist or clinical social worker. Congratulations on already graduating with a double major. I am a Toronto high school student, who is planning to be a child psychologist who works in a hospital or so not self employed, in the future. Hi! This does not mean that occasionally feel depressed. How to Become a Psychologist in New Brunswick First: Obtain An Undergraduate Degree. As you are aware, there are differences in the ways of becoming a psychologist or psychiatrist, but you must also take into considerations the differences of their roles as well. (I have checked with the degree requirements, and it does satisfy them all). Considering that i have a one year masters if i have to do an additional course or service, how long will that time period be and is there any specific course that i will have to do. prior which will generally require an undergraduate four year degree. Of course there are opportunities to work as a Psychologist in Canada whether it be private practice or not, and it has actually been said that the need for Psychologists (or mental health related careers) is growing. I am Master in Psychology and about to complete MS in Psychology(18 years education). I hope you can help with my questions! Hello Annie, I know it must be tough being a senior and trying to plan out your career spectrum. Thanks a lot for your help and look forward to your reply! If you were to obtain all the requirements to become a psychologist are you considered a doctor? I also cannot afford to pay for another 6 years of school. Below I will give you a quick skim of what it takes to register in the various registered certificates. To become a psychologist who will share time with your own training, volunteering, etc. If you have any further questions try contacting the college itself and they can probably clear up any further confusion – The College of Psychologists of Ontario Contact Page. If my scores are excellent and I decide to apply for a masters in Psychology, do they consider the fact I did my undergrad part time? For example, in some provinces in Canada (e.g., Alberta, Saskatchewan), individuals can become chartered psychologists and college professors with a master’s degree. If I obtained my Doctor of Psychology from a Hong Kong university, would it be recognized? First: Obtain An Undergraduate Degree in Psychology In order to become a fully registered Psychologist in Newfoundland Labrador you must have completed a Master’s or Doctorate level program of Psychology approved by the Newfoundland and Labrador Psychology Board.  Pass the College’s Oral Examination; If you would like further information on the official registration information as outlined by the The College of Psychologists of Ontario then please visit the Prospective Members page and scroll down to the bottom where you can find out how to register under the following certificates: The College of Psychologists of Ontario describes the Psychological Associate with Supervised Practice as a “temporary and transitional period during which the candidate actively prepared for autonomous practice”. Do you like to help others?