He married Ansa (or Ansia) and, as well as a son, had five daughters: Today, the legacy of Desiderius still has significance in Italy. Desiderio (last King) of LOMBARDS. Desiderius died sometime around 786. 786) was a king of the Lombard Kingdom of northern Italy, ruling from 756 to 774. Refer to each style’s convention regarding the best way to format page numbers and retrieval dates. In the tragedy Adelchi, written by renowned Italian novelist and Poet Alessandro Manzoni in 1822,[6] Desiderius is portrayed as vain man, destroying his kingdom and legacy over his desire for power. New Catholic Encyclopedia. In addition to the MLA, Chicago, and APA styles, your school, university, publication, or institution may have its own requirements for citations. U.S. President [WASHINGTON] 's 28-Great Grandfather. He is chiefly known for his connection to Charlemagne, who married his daughter and conquered his realm. In the August of 759 Desiderius made his son Adelchis associate King of Lombardy,[1] co ruling with him until they were deposed in June 774. Major children and living persons must directly contact the, Relationship with Queen of the Lombards Ansa (spouse), List of all individuals in the family tree. In 774 Desiderius, last King of the Lombards, was exiled here after his defeat by Charlemagne. Charles sent her back to her father. King Aistulf made him duke of Istria and Tuscany and he became king after the death of Aistulf in 756. Welcome to My Family Tree Website. Deceased persons do not fall within the scope of these legal provisions. Desiderius, King of the Lombards, d. 774. After the death of Aistulf, Ratchis attempted to become king of Lombardy, but he was deposed by Desiderius, duke of Tuscany, the last Lombard to rule as king. "Desiderius, King of the Lombards Charlemagne conquered the Lombards in 774 at the invitation of Pope Adrian I. Charlemagne (774–781) in personal union, passed kingship to his third son, Pippin. New Catholic Encyclopedia. Moreover, Gerberga, the widow of Charlemagne's brother Carloman, sought the protection of the Lombard king after her husband's death in 771; and probably in return for the insult Charlemagne had given to the Lombards by rejecting Desiderata,Desiderius recognized Gerberga's sons as lawful heirs, and attacked Pope Adrian for refusing to crown their kings and invaded the Pentapolis. aka Didier de NASSAU. Antipope Philip was never recognized nor gained a significant following, so he left the same day and returned to his monastery where he was never heard from or seen again. In the same year Desiderius associated to his kingdom his son Adelchis. Her flight to the Lombard kingdom of Desiderius following Carloman's death precipitated the last Franco-Lombard war, and the end of the independent kingdom of the Lombards in 774. Probably in return for the insult Charlemagne had given to the Lombards by rejecting Desiderata, Desiderius recognized Gerberga's sons as lawful heirs, attacked Pope Adrian for refusing to crown their kings, and invaded the Pentapolis. Desiderius' son Adelchis was raising an army at Verona, but the young prince was chased to the Adriatic littoral and fled to Constantinople when Charlemagne approached. King Aistulf made him duke of Istria and Tuscany and he became king after the death of Aistulf in 756. Born in Brescia, Desiderius was originally a royal officer, the dux Langobardorum et comes stabuli, "constable and duke of the Lombards," an office apparently similar to the contemporaneous Frankish office of dux Francorum. After the bloody battle during which Charlemagne defeated the Longobard King Desiderius in 773, its name changed. [citation needed]. The Lombards were severely defeated at Mortara (Ara Mortis) and soon besieged in their capital of Ticinum, the modern Pavia. He was succeeded by Desiderius as king of the Lombards and by Alboin as duke of Spoleto. Xlibris Corporation. Desiderius (dēsĭdēr`ēəs), d. after 774, last Lombard king in Italy (756–74). A family of Frankish origin which established an extensive kingdom in Gaul during the late 5th and early 6th centuries over which the fa…, A Frankish family from which emerged a succession of rulers of the kingdom of the franks who played a decisive role in shaping the course of western…, Vogler, Georg Joseph Desiderius was exiled to Corbie Abbey, where he died, and his son Adelchis spent his entire life in futile attempts to recover his father's kingdom. The Franks entered Italy in 773, and after a year’s siege Pavia fell to their armies. Desiderius defeated him and granted his duchy to one Arechis, tying the duchy more closely to Pavia than it had been since Grimoald's time. The Franks entered Italy in 773, and after a year’s siege Pavia fell to their armies. Son of Ansprand I, King of the Lombards and Theodarada of the Lombards Father of Arechis; Donnolo and Hildeprand Brother of Sister of Luitprand; Ratperga Lombards, of the Lombards; Liutprand, King of the Lombards and Aurona. "Desiderius, King of the Lombards Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. [5] As stated by Paul the Deacon in the Historia Langobardorum, Charlemagne's father Pepin the Short was formally adopted by Lombard king Liutprand, thanks to the alliance, and personal friendship, between the latter and Pepin's father Charles Martel.