They’re people, too (not lizard people, as some have claimed), and they mess up on occasion. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, READ MORE: Princess Alice’s heroic work sheltering Jewish refugees in WW2 exposed, She also described the confrontation with her parents, quoting her mother as saying: “You have got two options ‒‒ either you get it aborted straight away or we arrange for you to get married this week by special license.”. She claimed her parents tried to pressure her into a shotgun wedding, disowned her and cut off her trust fund (believed to be approximately £130,000) and her monthly allowance (believed to be approximately £350). There are 29 other monarchies [apart from the British Royal Family] around the world. Lady Ogilvy), later being sworn of the Privy Council in 1997. She told Today that she had written to the Queen, addressing her as “Dear Cousin Lilibet”, asking her to intervene in the dispute. But shortly before Christmas Day – her 82nd birthday – this elegant cousin of the Queen returned once again to her long rota of engagements, applying her charm and dedication to the sort of activities that she has carried out so conscientiously over the past six decades. Her father - the Queen's uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent - was a man for whom the phrase "not safe in taxis" could have been coined. But his directorship of the mining company Lonrho saw him being damned as "negligent" in an official report when corruption was exposed. She had previously worked as a survival course instructor and at the complaints department of a London store. Prince George died in a plane crash in Scotland in 1942, and because no one had anticipated such an early death (he was 39) his princely income dried up almost instantly. Prince Michael of Kent does NOT undertake Royal duties for THIS reason. The five months pregnant 23-year-old daughter of Princess Alexandra Of course, the stakes are a lot higher when you’re in the public eye, trying to justify your existence in a world that for the most part only keeps monarchies around to bolster tourism and public morale. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. In the end, Marina and Paul married in February 1990, several months before their child Zenouska was born. Her daughter Zenouska was followed in 1993 by a son Christian but her marriage ended four years later amid claims of violence. Her mother is Tamara Rotolo, who met the prince in 1991 while on holiday on the Côte d’Azur. Even when those closest to her brought scandal to her door with the rebellious antics of her daughter Marina and the questionable business activities of her late husband, Sir Angus Ogilvy (of which more later), she reacted with Olympian levels of dignity. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Princess Alexandra had a furious row with her daughter Marina over the unwed pregnancy, Marina and her father Angus Ogilvy on her wedding day in 1990, Prince Albert of Monaco's royal confession about Grace Kelly exposed, Royal heartbreak: Duchess of Kent spoke about ‘devastating experience', Marina married Paul in February 1990 before giving birth in May, Prince Charles told to 'stop pretending he's a coronavirus expert', Meghan Markle’s brutal assessment of her own performance exposed, Ogilvy family at Sir Angus' funeral in 2005, Princess Alice’s heroic work sheltering Jewish refugees in WW2 exposed, Meghan Markle’s ‘gesture of friendship’ to Sarah Ferguson exposed, Prince Philip's cheeky private joke revealed by Princess Anne, Royal shock: Lady Louise Windsor’s ‘nasty accident’ exposed, ‘Real reason’ Sophie Wessex champions blindness charity exposed, Princess Anne’s fury at wardrobe malfunction exposed, Meghan Markle’s mother Doria's sweet appearance at Grenfell fundraiser.