Now I got to figure out how to lessen the ring time/number of rings … Try resetting the Uverse firewall. Ooma Telo Home Phone Services and Ooma Office Small Business Phones, Post If you have Google Voice, I believe you can set incoming calls from specific numbers to generate at least some of these statuses; minimum, I'm 99% sure you can set it to return the Disconnected tone/msg. Otherwise, it's better to block the random number. by jwterry99 » Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:42 am, Post The people calling me say that it just keeps ringing and never goes to voicemail, so they hang up. So, I was writing the below the fold description in a hurry... forgive the utterly bizarre wording. I don't have any alarms set and I uninstalled all my 3rd party apps and it still does it. No. – beeshyams Jan 17 '17 at 11:44 We don't know. The problem is, my mobile phone voicemail picks up the call before Google Voice … "Don't answer that." When I call someone and they don't answer it keeps ringing instead of going to voice mail. This happens when I use my brothers phone to call to this specific person, too. If so report to customer service you have issues. There you can add a group of contacts by clicking on the “+” icon at the bottom right of the Groups page. With so many phone scams these days, it’s a good idea to just not answer calls from unknown numbers. It’s happening on both Wi-Fi and network service. aha the do not disturb helped me alot. This has been going on since 9"30 this am but started at 0700 and quit after a time, only to resume at 0930. Join 6,462 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. The two can be in entirely separate time zones. Of course, not all calls can just be forwarded to voice mail. Never mind. I asked the phone company for a list of all available numbers and then, with suggestions from my employees, I picked numbers that can be remembered and were less likely to be confused or misdialed. And the call log on the phone is registering the calls as coming from numbers with varying numbers of 8s (eg 88, 8888888, 888 - and once 878888). Yeah I think you need to contact the real phone company, not the cellular one; might need to look in the yellow or white pages (the actual telco-supplied one) for the local office number. Indeed the phone appears to work on a number list, not on a contact list. by jwterry99 » Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:19 pm, Post Numbers are kept only to prevent abuse. Hi @YayaCartii, To disable CW in most Android phones open the Phone app (the app that is normally used to make calls) and then press the menu key to see the setting options available. My Charge starts ringing for no reason and I can't shut it off unless I completely shut off my phone. This is an open bug and was most likely the reason for the delays. A number of users have had issues with Uverse Internet. by lbmofo » Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:23 am, Post Your info is safe here and will never be shared. Does this happen with every number you call? Thank you. Just like before it showed an unknown number. My husband called and it went straight to voicemail. See settings>about phone and you will likely see something like 6.0.1(guessing since it's a a new model), that's Marshmallow. | US and Canada phone numbers only for now. Until relatively recently, it was the recorded. “I swear it was just right here...” Did you lose your cellphone? It seems to always do it at the same time too, around 3:00am and its a ringtone that I don't have on my phone. It happens on a lot of numbers because the phone often rings 10 or 12 times before it finally gets voice mail those times when it does reach voice mail. NPA Telephone Number Geography 800 999-1803 WATS 201 635-9970 Hackensack/Jersey City/Newark/Paterson, NJ 212 724-9970 Manhattan, NY 213 xxx-1117 Los Angeles, CA 213 xxx-1118 Los Angeles, CA 213 xxx-1119 Los Angeles, CA 213 xxx-9198 Los Angeles, CA 216 xxx-9887 Akron/Canton/Cleveland/Lorain/Youngstown, OH 303 431-0000 Denver, CO 303 866-8660 Denver, … super annoying befor I did this My phone (verizon) would ring like 8 times then my computer (Google voice) would ring a bunch of times before going to google voicemail. So I try calling it back and it just keeps ringing. It never goes to voicemail or wont even say "This persons voicemail has not been set up yet." Yo Vlad wassup it's Barry. When someone answers it seems ok. I would lead in with. Going forward, whenever that number calls you the call will come through and your phone will ring. Discussion Forums on Ooma VoIP phone services. This post is in no way advocating that you use phone company test lines for any purpose whatsoever without the expressed permission of the telephone company who owns them. "The phone was just ringing and ringing and that's all it did," said Jennifer Pantoja, who is unemployed.For others, they are able to get through after dozens of calls. I assume none of these work. also they dont go on my call log. I had some calls a while ago, where a random number would call and hang up as soon as I say "Hello" but the call will keep going as long as I dont say anything. Essential Calls is an Android app that lets calls from white listed contacts bring your phone out of silent mode and ring or vibrate, whichever you prefer. by jwterry99 » Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:30 pm, Post At the receiving phone, it rings the normal 4 times but instead of going to voice mail, it disconnects and begins a new call. So just adding a new number to the contact afterwards will not add it to the list of blocked numbers. by jwterry99 » Wed Nov 06, 2013 3:56 am, Post Outgoing calls keep ringing and don't go to voice mail, Re: Outgoing calls keep ringing and don't go to voice mail, viewtopic.php?f=4&t=16582&p=113950#p113948. several times I tried to answer and see who it was however I keep getting hung up on. The phone rings randomly at all hours of the day and night, but when you pick it up there's nobody there. He was the one who alerted me to the problem. Call your company's telco. by jwterry99 » Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:40 am, Post by Tom » Wed Nov 06, 2013 3:38 pm, Return to “Ooma Telo - Calling and Usage”, Home Why? Not even a robo-call. Unfortunately that doesn't really help much since I don't find an option to reset the firewall. Make sure you're calling their business support, they'd be more likely to help. "Don't you dare answer th--" I cut her off by picking the phone from the … I just assumed I was not by phone or didn't hear it ring when calls were coming through. Post your questions here. It's free! At the receiving phone, it rings the normal 4 times but instead of going to voice mail, it disconnects and begins a new call. Unfortunately everything about phone numbers that were live or dead phone numbers were confidential and they would "neither confirm nor deny" that they did any testing on cell phone numbers. (Occasionally it never gets voice mail). But when I answer, there’s no one there…strange! Ask MetaFilter is where thousands of life's little questions are answered. I have no one blocked. As a result, the person I'm calling sees multiple missed calls from me for each attempt. It is usually in there (it differs as to exactly where in there, depending on the make and model number of the phone, so you may have to check all the options available in the Phone app settings ;-) When you dial 1471 to find out the number, there's no number stored (only the last genuine call). I'm the idiot on the phone help line that can't... What kind of job can I get that involves working... How to clean up phone audio using Audacity. Step 1: Access the Contacts app via iCloud’s website. by lbmofo » Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:49 pm, Post Called AT&T Cell (the only phone I own). It's hard to pin down exactly what is going on. For what it's worth, you can purchase telephone loop simulators which you can plug your system into and which can be programmed to return any common behavior you wish. They might charge an extra monthly fee but it will only be like 5 dollars a month more. Just call your phone service and ask them to place the number on a blocked list. Having trouble placing or receiving calls or using your voicemail system on Ooma Telo VoIP Phones? Why? Amy said from her side of the couch. Does the area code of my phone number have to match my business address? This is the screen: You can try dialing out with *98 prefix and see if things are better. The app has a Lite version and a premium version. Fortunately I had a phone numbers so they actually agreed to field my call. I have the same issue. by lbmofo » Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:33 pm, Post I looked at the phone again and the unknown number that continued to stay on the screen. That's an interesting question. I noticed the *. When you tell the phone to 'block a contact', the phone copies the numbers associated with the contact *in that moment* to the list of blocked numbers. When someone calls my Google Voice number, the call gets forwarded to my mobile phone. Please powercycle the telo if you run into this again. i dont have unlimited mins and its frustrating me. Every time I call a buddy from my phone, it keeps ringing and ringing for up to a minute and ends up hanging up by itself. The one ring scam is just the latest in a number of tricks that crooks use to try to fool you into making calls on premium-charge lines. The receiving phone shows a missed call for each of the non-answers, even though I never hung up the outgoing call. And Here is a list of numbers that always ring busy. i get calls from restricted numbers that when i dont answer it just keeps ringing, i have a flip phone so when i open it even hrs later it answers the call, and theres never anybody there. Sorry! We reported on this many years ago, in one of our earliest issues, 809 Phone … On iCloud’s Website. 767-2676 returns a disconnected message in all Northern California area codes (415, 408, 510, 650, 916, to get you started). I checked and his number isn't blocked. Enter the number and listen for the ring. why is this happening? Sometimes it may ring 15 times or more and never get to voicemail. Here is a number that always rings, with no answer: 908-355-9969. Spam sucks! All posts copyright their original authors. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. Sometimes it may ring 15 times or more and never get to voicemail. posted by crazyray at 9:35 AM on May 10, 2009 Do you mean to dial a 10 digit number but add 98 in front of it? Terms. Your telo got into a bad state which it recovered from by rebooting itself. Change a custom ringtone.If your iPhone still doesn't ring for incoming calls, check your ringtone. CallMyLostPhone is a best-effort service. When I get my phone out to make a call or whatever, it’s showing an incoming call from whomever. Then, run their phone number through truecaller or some other app/tracing way you can trust (i never used one though). e.g., 98-636-999-9999? 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