If you find a broken link below, please use the Report a Broken Link form to let us know. Please try again later. Please try again later. Email: support@propertyshark.com, Please input values in both search fields. Subscribe to the Bossier Parish, Louisiana Clerk of Courts service to search for civil, criminal, marriage, property Records, and recorded documents. If you're searching for a home, you are probably about to make the largest purchase you've ever made. Land records, court records, maps, marriages, and historical records from the St. Tammany Parish Clerk of Court. The Family History Library has microfilm copies and indexes of the records kept by the French Conseil Superieur and the Spanish cabildo. 8:30 to 4:30 M-F. To search for land status records: Start by selecting the state. Our databases are currently down for maintenance. The Property Records of Caddo Parish begin in the year 1839. How much did the current owner pay for this property? PropertyShark is my go to resource for accurate and up to date property data! Civil Suits, conveyances, criminal, marriages, mortgages and probate. Calcasieu Parish Clerk of Court fee-based recorded document and images database. Please try again later. Requires registration and fee. You will be switched to the "Search Results" page. 410 Main St / PO Box 370, Minden, Louisiana 71055 / 71058-0370. Subscription required. Paid subscribers may search the Orleans Parish, Civil District Court's recorded documents database for conveyance, mortgage or court records; subscription info available at Remote Access Info link on side toolbar. to view mortgage, conveyance, chattel, civil, criminal and marriage documents. Jefferson Parish recorded documents, civil and criminal court records, and property records. You can rely on our up-to-date and accurate property data when doing your research, and all tools are easy-to-use! You can get a brief description of what each field means by hovering your mouse over it. Get answers to these questions using PropertyShark, so you can confidently make your home buying decision. It is important to gather any available information about the property you're considering buying. Louisiana property records for real estate brokers, Louisiana property records for home buyers. Hover your mouse over a field to get a brief description. corrections, offender, and fugitive records. Lincoln Parish deeds, mortgages, and other recorded documents. Gain access to comps with updated sales, informative maps, mailing lists, and distressed property listings. In several regions, including New York and California, we provide ownership contact information as well, so you can reach the right person directly. The French and the Spanish kept the earliest land records of Louisiana, and the documents are in their languages. Search property records in Louisiana acquired from multiple public sources.Look up for property description, deeds, title documents...Free registration! Our CDI database is currently down for maintenance. The records are indexed by name and in order of time filed. Our Tract Book database is currently down for maintenance. We call these databases "Recorded Documents." Fee-based service, requires registration with the Clerk of Court. With the help of our property records and tools, you will save valuable time tracking down property owners, finding out how much a property is worth, or spotting investment opportunities. These Index Books are used by attorneys, title examiners, and the general public when researching land. Your research will be easier since we aggregated public property records from multiple sources, and we added our proprietary research. Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at The Corcoran Group. Since most of these records were filed with notarial records, please refer to Louisiana Notarial Records.. Subscribe with the Iberia Parish, Louisiana Clerk of Court to have access to the recorded documents site. Choose the document type you wish to search for. You will be switched directly to the details page of the specified document. Registration required. Phone: (718) 715-1758 Phone: (318) 371-0366 We have compiled property records in a single, comprehensive property report which can provide you with lots of answers to your questions. How high are current property taxes? Search Louisiana Parish Clerk of Courts databases for land records / recorded documents such as deeds, mortgages, liens, judgments, military discharges, financing statements, and more. CONTACT US: 1201 N. Third Street, Ste. Requires subscription. Click on a link below to search available Louisiana Parish Clerk of Courts databases for deeds, mortgages, and other recorded documents. Search the Caddo Parish recorded documents database (mortgages, deeds, liens, judgments, etc.) Were there any permits filed recently on the property indicating repairs and maintenance work? Type the appropriate identifier in the field. This site provides search by address or name for all property records, mortgage, deeds, title data and lien information for all LA. Fill in any desired criteria. Residential brokers can inform their clients by presenting user-friendly property reports that include property characteristics, recent sales, property tax records, and useful property maps. Registration and fees required. Subscribe to the Jackson Parish, Louisiana WebView system to have access to their marriage and property records. Please try again later. Use this service from the St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana Clerk of Court to search for recorded documents by name, book/page, file number, date range, etc. In Louisiana the term used for deeds, mortgages, and related filings is usually "Land Records" and they are typically filed with the Parish Clerk of Courts. What is the official size (square footage) of the property? How does the home's sales history look, judging from the available property deed records? PropertyShark.com is focused on providing investors with a complete real estate data offering which includes ownership info, property history, property sales records, foreclosure and pre-foreclosure listings (in selected regions), property tax records, permit data, property maps, building violations, and more. Webster Parish Clerk of Court . Click the Search Land Status button. Use this fee based service from the DeSoto Parish, Louisiana Clerk of Courts to view real estate records. Click on Services, then Internet Access info for needed registration form. and US counties. U.S. Title Records offers and specializes in owner, title and lien searches for Louisiana. Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court recorded documents. Sign up instructions are shown on site. Subscribe for this fee based system with the Sabine Parish Clerk of Court to have access to their online recorded documents information. Please try again later. Is an increase in property taxes expected for the next year? Subscribe to this fee based service from the Livingston Parish Clerk of Courts to search recorded documents. Please try again later. Our Patent database is currently down for maintenance. The Mortgage and Conveyance Index Books are kept in the Record Room of the Caddo Parish Clerk's Office. Do a comprehensive background search of over 500 million court, inmate, Commercial real estate brokers will get quick access to property ownership records, sales history, title documents, zoning, land records, permits, and more. Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court deeds, conveyances, and other documents recorded since 1976. 7-210 | Baton Rouge, LA 70802 | Local: (225) 342-7000 | Toll Free: (800) 354-9548 Lafourche Parish Clerk of Court public records online, including deeds, mortgages, notarial adoptions, Wills, UCCs, court orders, marriages, and more. In addition to deeds and mortgages, depending on the Parish, these filings may also include liens, judgments, military discharges, bonds, trusts, child support enforcement orders, business registration such as assumed or fictitious business names, power of attorney filings, financing statements, Uniform Commercial Code filings, trusts, partnership documents, leases, Wills, and more. Subscribe to this fee based WebView service from the Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana Clerk of Court's office to view recorded document information (deeds, mortgages, liens, etc.). Official records search from the Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court. You will save time since property records load quickly and all features are hassle-free, created with users like you in mind. Our LSR database is currently down for maintenance. Our Survey database is currently down for maintenance.