Or discover more great skin care & beauty recipes by subscribing to Soap Deli News blog via email. AOS Product Private Limited is incorporated in 2009. As with the oil, add just enough of the liquid as needed for a wet sand consistency.) We offer Menthol Crystals IP/BP/USP for Then set your finished shower steamers with menthol crystals aside for several hours, until dry. Once dry, wrap your DIY shower steamers tightly in foodservice film or store in an airtight container until ready for use. A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Nor will you need to use more expensive oils or butters to bind these two ingredients together. The maximum dilution rate for using menthol crystals is 5% in order to protect respiratory system and skin from any distress or discomfort. Then weigh out the menthol crystals. Start with a small amount of the liquid, then work your way up as needed. It is used in Chewing gums, hard candies, aerated drinks and liquors.20 Incredible Uses and Benefits of Menthol Crystals:This crystallized product is useful in various Cosmetic & Perfumery product for their analgesic and cooling & refreshing property. We have a approved drug certificate related to menthol and all types of Natural Oils products. Whether you have a stuffy nose, chest congestion or even a sore throat, menthol crystals have been historically used in aromatherapy to relieve the symptoms of colds, flu and allergies. At the same time, however, you don’t want them to suffer either. Therefore you may want to use a face mask or respirator to avoid inhaling this ingredient should it become airborne. HISTORY OF MENTHOL CRYSTALS’ USAGE. The top countries of suppliers are India, China, from which the percentage of menthol crystal plant supply is 6%, 93% respectively. Can you provide us COA and MSDS of Menthol details also, Hello AOS, how are you? Really good experience with AOS. I am sharing my own experience I have bought this product from many traders and vendors but all I have got in fake quality then one of my friend suggest me to buy it from AOS products then I called in their office and asked about this product you never know I was amazed that is anyone in market are available to educate us about the product then I order the same. 2, how can you assure your products’ quality9 At first, we have our own farm, so the raw materials are natural; and we have the topping testing facilities to test the quality and various experiment testing facilities. The plant belong to Labiatae family which is very large family having annual and perennial herbs. I really like some of your recipes but it is hard to copy and paste them. - Because of its physical nature it has a sweet taste, pleasant smell and cold sensation. Not only do menthol crystals help promote easier breathing and offer temporary relief from nasal congestion, they can also be used to soothe sore throats, alleviate fever symptoms, coughs, headaches and sinus related discomfort. The amount of liquid needed may vary based on how quickly the menthol crystals soak up the oils, as well as the humidity in your area. However, you may run into issues with the shower steamers activating when using witch hazel. Thanks and everyone we prefer to shop only from India's perfect manufacturer of Menthol. As a leading Menthol Crystal Plant manufacturers in Delhi, India. With back to school right around the corner, there’s really no better time to make your own DIY shower steamers. 10 oz. We supply 100% I am Kurt Fagerer, am looking on your portal that you are genuine manufacturer of pure Menthol.