With the need for content at a premium, it’s not just enough to stick to the shows you know. Prepare to laugh, cry, and scratch your head with some of the best classic TV shows available right now: Note: “Classic” in this sense is defined as within the last 30 years. //-->. Jordan Peele would reboot the series, presenting them as longer episodes, on CBS All Access. It was originally produced by Associated British Corporation, and later by Thames Television from mid 1968. As a reflection of changing social sensibilities, Bill Cosby becomes the first black lead on prime time TV in 1965 on I Spy. This version does not show the drunken Santa at all. Lucky for everyone, the kids are reasonably well-behaved — as is their live-in housekeeper, the real HBIC! The series’ final episode, entitled “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” would break the record for the number of audiences watching it on their televisions. ,  Mission Impossible, I Spy, the Avengers. No Time For Sergeants chronicles the comedic misadventures of a country bumpkin named Will Stockdale, brilliantly protrayed by Andy Griffith, who is drafted into the U.S. Army during World War II and assigned to the United States Army Air Forces. The film was retitled  Black Brigade  for later and home video release. It was set just a few years after The Civil War. Where to stream: CBS All Access, One of the best master classes in physical comedy you’ll ever lay your eyes on, I Love Lucy’s Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz both invented and perfected the working-with-your-spouse genre: You know the chocolate scene, you know the hamburger scene, but weaved in with all that delightful lunacy is a tale of a Manhattan couple that just wants to get by and have fun, Lucy’s showbiz naïveté be damned. Set in Nevada in the 1860s, Bonanza chronicled the adventures of the Cartwright family who owned a large ranch called The Ponderosa. The show has attained an iconic status in the United States, with the Cleavers exemplifying the... Set in Nevada in the 1860's, Bonanza chronicled the adventures of the Cartwright family who owned a large ranch called The Ponderosa. While TV didn’t begin in the 1950s, practically no one had a set before then, there were few shows, and people looked to radio and newspapers for entertainment and news. But with so much time on our hands it’s worthwhile to seek out the shows made before the rise of the Peak TV streaming era that you can actually access. drawl and all. Should be easy! What ensues is surprisingly honest discourse about everything from racism to religion to sexuality, a small-screen rarity at the time. Jackie Gleason was the 3rd and most popular host of the series. Interestingly, the show would later have a wildly successful revival in the ’80s with nearly the entire original cast returning. All rights reserved. N – The Best of Rocky & Bullwinkle - Vol. e9 = new Object(); By 1962 a million color sets had sold, by 1965, 5 million and the networks had gone to color, by 1970 there were 37 million color sets in the U.S. e9.size = "300x250"; Starring Betty White. The popular radio show comes to life in this hit sitcom about a wise family man, Jim Anderson, his common-sense wife Margaret and their children Betty, Bud and Kathy. You can classic episodes of “MST3K” using the Shout Factory! If you need a quick pick-me-up there’s nothing an episode of “I Love Lucy” can’t fix. In that economy? It was later re-run as "Meet Mr. Kringle". 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We’re also required to note that the show features the most iconic pig supporting character in TV history. Hopefully in the public domain. Here we pay tribute to the great Classic TV shows. Where to stream: Archive.org, You can take away a man’s oil swamp, but you can never take the oil swamp out of a man. A frequent comedy of errors featuring seven castaways who unexpectedly end up shipwrecked on an island — an island that’s somehow overflowing with Hawaiian whimsy, given the circumstances — these new pals have to band together so they can stay sane and survive in their new locale. There are many networks, with many shows, at many given times! and son in the suburbs, and a writer extraordinaire who’s in charge of jokes for a popular variety program in the city. (We also have lots of classic television commercials in the Prelinger collection.). Each episode generally ended with a twist, a moral, and Serling’s intro and outros to the camera to remind the audience that they’d just entered “the Twilight Zone.” The series is one of the few classic shows to remain a staple on traditional cable, having regular marathons on New Year’s Day and the Fourth of July. About the Film: Almost as long as I have been a filmmaker I have also been a film collector. Where to stream: Hulu, Here’s the story: A man with three sons and a woman with three daughters decide to follow their hearts and get married, and the classic “Uh-oh, we’re a new family now!” high jinks ensue. If you can’t hang out with your own friends there’s no better substitute than “The Golden Girls,” streaming on Hulu. Bringing you classic television shows submitted by Internet Archive users since July 9th, 2007. Update Re: Status of Future Marion Stokes Tape Uploads on Archive.Org? The show was rebooted in 2017 for Netflix with a more modern slate of bad content, but there’s nothing like the original. Russell Hayden was the producer of the series and the co-composer of the theme song. But in the early-1990s, it was unlike anything audiences had seen and the drop-off between episodes was stark. (Not that their dumb German commandant would know.) television commercials in the Prelinger collection. Where to stream: Amazon, Witch meets mortal. “I Love Lucy” consistently ranks high as one of the most beloved, and influential, television shows in existence. Where “The Flintstones” was the first animated sitcom to hold a primetime spot, “The Simpsons” has held a similar position for over 30 years.