PO Box 78, County Hall, Fishergate, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 8XJ, The county council has overseen the development of children's centres in the authority. The figures go down to the ward level, and the Pendle profile has results from the census, the index of multiple deprivation and other data sources.

The recorded crime article reveals that the crime rate for Pendle is below the average for the Lancashire-14 area. The personal incomes report has in Table 4, figures for pension incomes. Follow us Social media links. News. Nelson Interchange provides good connections between local bus and train services, and rail passenger numbers have seen significant growth between 2002 and 2014.

View free school report for Wentworthville Public School Wentworthville, NSW 2145, CNR STATION ST & FULLAGAR RD, get school ranking for Wentworthville Public School Assisted areas are those places where regional aid can be offered to undertakings, typically businesses, under state aid rules.

The details are listed to by major urban localities across the county. pennanthil-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au, address An interactive map on this site shows the extent of the Environmental Record Centre coverage, including the LERN area, and when adding a species using the 'Add to Map' control, records of their sightings are displayed. The median results are the middle value that best reflects typical income, and they show a low result for Pendle that is below the Lancashire-12 average. Pendle is a district that has similar problems to other East Lancashire authorities. Pendle has relatively low total carbon dioxide emissions. At 61.5% this is the highest figure in Lancashire.

The number of State Pension claimants in the district is around 16,500.

General enquiries .

This last figure itself is well below the 17.3% projected rise in households for England as a whole. However, it is not a foregone conclusion that "extra" years of life expectancy should necessarily lead to additional years with ill health or disability.

Wentworthville Public School. Enrolment. Ofsted inspection reports are a useful source of local information. Key stage 4 covers the two years of school education that incorporates GCSEs in maintained schools.


The town centre of Nelson is destined to benefit from the Future High Streets Fund, launched in 2018.

They check the unrestricted sprawl of large built-up areas; prevent neighbouring towns from merging into one another; assist in safeguarding the countryside, preserve the character of historic towns and encourage the recycling of derelict and other urban land. 4 were here. (PDF 957 KB) for Pendle provide further details on lifestyle behaviours such as smoking, drinking, substance use, physical activity, nutrition, excess weight and wellbeing. A cluster of LSOAs in Pendle, mainly within Nelson/Colne appear to have seen some deterioration in air quality and this is highlighted by results of the 2019 Indices of Deprivation, which rank Whitefield ward the most deprived in England on the 'living environment' sub-domain. In Pendle as in most places, the manufacturing sector has shed jobs over the years whilst the service sector has grown as a source of employee jobs.

The rate of carbon dioxide tonnes per resident is low when compared with the county and national averages.

In urban areas the reliance on the car presents problems of traffic congestion and reduced air quality. We acknowledge the continued deep spiritual attachment and relationship of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to this country and commit ourselves to the ongoing journey of Reconciliation. Transient renters, rural reality (inexpensive homes in village communities), and family basics are three of the dominant groups in Pendle. Between 2009 and 2017, employment in the authority rose by nearly 10%. In comparison to the national average, there is a high percentage of the working age population that is reliant on welfare benefits. The website lists a large number of care and nursing homes, along with domiciliary care agencies in the area. 27 Trebor Rd The same article also highlights the improvement in the number of fly-tipping incidents recorded in the authority, by nearly 60% to 2018/19 . pennanthil-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au, address A total of 17.3% of households were in fuel poverty in 2017 which was the second highest rate in Lancashire, and the fifth highest rate in England. There are also various health centres and clinics. Average earnings results in Pendle for 2019 were £432.70 per week by place of residence and £425.50 by place of work. The website for Petty's Surveyors of Burnley contains details of a large number of available commercial sites in Pendle and across much of East Lancashire. A mosaic profile of local households classifies Lancashire residents by 15 main groups. The 2019 Indices of Deprivation reveals that Pendle was the 36th most deprived area out of 317 districts and unitary authorities in England, when measured by the rank of average LSOA rank. Stay connected with Quakers Hill Public School. Along with other East Lancashire authorities, Pendle has a very high proportion of its housing stock in the lowest category 'A' council tax band. The largest minority ethnic group is Pakistani. Attendance allowance provides financial help to people aged 65 or over who are physically or mentally disabled. -33.7358 Alcohol is known to contribute to offending behaviour, particularly violence, anti-social behaviour and criminal damage. General enquiries . Much of the local data is supplied by the, , which is hosted by Lancashire County Council.

Pennant Hills 02 9875 2333 The National Biodiversity Network Gateway acts as a “data warehouse” for biodiversity information, which can be quickly and easily accessed to understand the distribution of particular species in the UK. he following graph reveals life expectancy changes in the authority, and for England, by three-year time periods from 1991-93 onwards. the Pendle graph reveals that the employment total was at its highest in 1929.

Ramsay & Weemala Roads Methodological changes, and assumptions for missing years, reduce the accuracy of the graphs, but they do give a useful broad indication of changes over time. Pennant Hills

These were both 7th highest in the Lancashire-14 area. The Department for Transport website has an interactive map that lists the traffic flows at hundreds of sites across all of the Lancashire County Council area. Part of the authority is classified within the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Beauty.

Breadcrumb navigation Back. Home; Contact us; Contact us. The 2011 census results reveal the strong commuter flows over 4,600 in each direction, between Pendle and Burnley.

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These also show the prevalence of high blood pressure (hypertension). Enrolment. Gallery. The county council has overseen the development of children's centres in the authority. -33.7358 The Pendle Health Profile, published by Public Health England, reveals that the health of people in the area is generally worse than the England average.

Pennant Hills Public School acknowledge the Dharug and Kuring-Gai people, who are the traditional owners of this land. The county council's Young People's Service website has an activity and organisations search facility that lists a wide range of options for young people in each 12 districts within the county council area. Quakers Hill Public School. The web page for the North West region lists land and properties by towns including those in Pendle district. The air quality in the urbanised central core area of the authority is of concern but poorer levels are found in a selection of other Lancashire authorities. Newsletter. Get directions. 151.068058, telephone The Sport England website contains local sport profiles for each local authority in England.

The housing benefit article identifies the number of recipients and the impact of the spare room subsidy withdrawal in the authority. The local government association has produced 'housing, health and wellbeing profiles' for each local authority across the country. The authority also has a high percentage of vacant dwellings. Expand school to provide 14 new permanent teaching spaces and upgrade core facilities to address enrolment growth. Much of the local data is supplied by the Lancashire Environment Record Network (LERN), which is hosted by Lancashire County Council. The Pendle Health Profile, published by Public Health England, reveals that the health of people in the area is generally worse than the England average. An. E: Emailpennanthil-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au, address Pendle Hill Public School Upgrade* Prospect. Stay connected with Wentworthville Public School. Using sustainable transport modes can significantly improve employment opportunities and life chances. The following graph reveals life expectancy changes in the authority, and for England, by three-year time periods from 1991-93 onwards. This is largely influenced by the Air Quality indicator, for which the whole of Whitefield ward, and also Walverden ward, score over 1. The survey of personal incomes by HM Revenue and customs broadly includes all individuals whose income is higher than the prevailing personal tax allowance and who are therefore liable to tax. Hospital services are provided by East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust. It is predominantly white. The average and middle value (median) figures for Pendle are rather low in comparison to other districts and the national average. Residents in the authority have an above average number of hospital stays due to alcohol according to the LAPE (Local Alcohol Profiles for England).

The household waste reuse, recycling and composting rate in Pendle (31.3%) was well below the national rate. School Ranking History for Pendle Hill High School, Student Distribution for Pendle Hill High School. A new secondary school GCSE accountability system was implemented in 2016, in which 'Attainment 8' measures achievement in maths and English plus other subjects with less weighting. Figures for life expectancy at birth reveal that Pendle district has male and female averages that were below the national figures. Penshurst West Public School Upgrade* In total, 31.6% of the lower super output areas in the authority were among the 10% most deprived in the country. 02 9484 1134, fax The latest news and information from the council, straight to your inbox, every month. The six in the district are the Barnoldswick Young People's Centre and the Bradley, Brierfield, Colne, Gisburn Road and Whitefield Children and Family Wellbeing Services. The main factors that determine this are the energy efficiency status of the property, the cost of energy, and household income. NSW 2120, address Make a payment. It has been well documented over recent years that people are living longer and that the older age-groups will record some dramatic increases over future years, with associated financial implications and demand for health and social care services. Lomeshaye and White Walls industrial estates are the major business sites. For young children and parents the county council's. The differential has largely been greater in the last decade or so. Students of Non-English Speaking Background in 2015 NAPLAN tests: Students of Non-English Speaking Background in 2014 NAPLAN tests: Students of Non-English Speaking Background in 2013 NAPLAN tests: Students of Non-English Speaking Background in 2012 NAPLAN tests: Students of Non-English Speaking Background in 2011 NAPLAN tests: Students of Non-English Speaking Background in 2010 NAPLAN tests: Students of Non-English Speaking Background in 2009 NAPLAN tests. We would like to pay our respects to Elders past and present of the Dharug and Kuring-Gai people and extend that respect to other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. In May 2014, it was confirmed that Pendle has 13 wards with assisted area status. The Heritage Trust North West is actively involved in projects in the authority that preserve the area's heritage, including the Lomeshaye and Higherfold Mill sites that provide workspace units.