As an aside, a perimeter switch between a post and perimeter player should only occur if the post player is quick enough to defend the ball handler on the perimeter. At the same time, X3 should have time to recover to the initial assignment while X2 covers either 2 or 4 (whichever one that X4 did not guard). The main focus of any basketball defense is to stop the offense from scoring points. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. A good defense works at stopping scoring both in the paint and on the perimeter. The player with the highest Perimeter Defense Attribute Rating among current players on NBA 2K21 is Kawhi Leonard. Generally, play an arms length away, one hand high to defend the shot another low to swipe at the ball or deflect a pass. Ball’s speed helps him have the ability to stay in front of his matchup the full length of the court and get in passing lanes for the steal. In this brief example, a defensive switch occurs during ball screen defense. In this case, the goal would be to cause the 1-man to think that X2 is helping only one pass away. If that were to happen, 1 would most likely pass to 2 for an open jump shot. Also, as that happens, X3 slides over to guard at the nail spot and split the difference of 1 and 3. Too close and you're more prone to be driven on, too far and the offensive player could just pull up for a shot. This is an example of a double team that could potentially occur in a defensive strategy such as the pack line defense. The 1-man was able to beat X1 and get dribble drive penetration to the basket. This is a quick example of the help the helper technique between perimeter defenders. Some of the strategies include ball denial at the top and/or wings, executing the closeout technique on shooters, jumping to the ball, and implementing certain types of help defense when necessary to name a few. The purpose of the stunt is to potentially cause the ball handler to make an ill-advised decision with the basketball. At the same time, X1 leaves the initial assignment to execute a double team on the ball with X2. 5 If he cocks back to shoot the ball, contest the shot with your hand opposite of the shooter. Fundamentals of Denying the Pass Once that occurs, X2 will temporarily stunt at the ball and quickly recover to the same defensive assignment. However, the assignment of X2 (which is the 2-man) is not being guarded. Ball is good at applying pressure full court and causing turnovers before the offense can even set up. For this example, the ball is located on the right side wing area. However, the screener’s defender (X5) is able to switch and guard the ball handler (1) on the perimeter. Also, X3 should not double team because the defensive assignment (3) is only one pass away so the 5-man could simply pass back out and X3 may not have enough time to closeout. (i.e. a crossover dribble moves the ball, so players tend to follow the ball, which tricks them into going the wrong direction). Lonzo Ball has improved his defense enough to make it as an honorable mention perimeter defender. If the 3-man makes a pass to 2 or 4, then X4 can quickly sprint and close out the space to the location of the ball. The 3-man is able to beat X3 off of the dribble and also get middle penetration towards the lane. In addition, at the same time, X4 drops back from the original assignment to cover the nail spot and split the difference between 1 and 4. 1 makes a straight cut to the basket but is not able to receive the pass back from 2. X3 is on the weak side and is providing help defense. This is an example of the stunt and recover technique used within perimeter defense. X1 is applying pressure defense to the 1-man at the top of the key. Jump To The Ball Drill However, wing ball denial can be cause problems against types of offense that utilize the high post such as the 1-4 High offense or the Princeton offense due to the potential backdoor cuts that can occur. This happened because X2 jumped to the ball and was able to take away the easy pass back by standing in the gap between the two offensive players. Once that happens, X3 can immediately closeout onto the 3-man with choppy steps and high hands. To keep an offensive player from getting to the basket, be sure to watch the mid-section. He is followed by Giannis Antetokounmpo in second place, while Jrue Holiday is third. To solve this problem, X4 drops back towards the right wing free throw line extended area but still inside of the arc. As that happens, X2 who is about two passes away steps into the lane to provide help defense for X3 who is currently behind the play. The section below demonstrates some of the basketball defensive techniques commonly used within perimeter defense. However, X2 would be able to quickly recover and closeout on the potential jump shooter. X1 is still applying defensive pressure to the 1-man with the ball. Also, X2 and X3 are applying pressure to 2 and 3 respectively as well. stand in the gap or between). A good perimeter player has the ability to fool the defense using the basketball (e.g. Below is the latest list of top 100 current players with the best Perimeter Defense Attribute on NBA 2K21. Basketball is equal parts offense and defense. 5 receives on-ball pressure from X5 and while that happens, X1 leaves the initial assignment to execute a double team with X5. X1 is denying the reversal pass back to the top of the key. Perimeter defense is a principle of man to man defense that utilizes various basketball defensive techniques to stop or disrupt the scoring opportunities of an offense. Perimeter defense accomplishes this goal by employing different defensive techniques that are used by perimeter player positions commonly known as guards, wings, or forwards. Perimeter defense is a principle of man to man defense that utilizes various basketball defensive techniques to stop or disrupt the scoring opportunities of an offense. Fundamentals of Stunt and Recover. As an aside, generally speaking, ball denial can be a good strategy against types of offense that begin with a top to wing entry pass such as the Flex offense or Swing offense. X2 is providing on-ball defensive pressure. 1 makes a pass to the 2-man on the right side wing. The main focus of any basketball defense is to stop the offense from scoring points. For the adjacent example, the 2-man receives immediate on-ball pressure from X2. At this point, X4 is able to defend in the gap between the 2-man and the 4-man. However, this time, X2 and X3 are executing deny defense against the wing entry pass. When that happens, X2 jumps to the ball side which for this case, is near the right side high post.