If you can downgrade to the 1.01 patch and get your hands on the DLC itself from a country where it was actually released, then this trophy is 100% obtainable. The servers mentioned below are free and public, implying that they are 100% accessible. Simply right-click the Dedicated Server software from your Steam, click properties, click the Local Files tab, and click "Browse Local Files"Download the Plutonium Launcher here and extract the plutonium.exe into your Dedicated server install location. Not sure what’s going on, but Sony are staying silent. is glitched for everyone. Reason: The stat tracker is broken, thus preventing the above trophies from being obtained. Both of these trophies work in the European version as it gives you the correct pieces as you play. Amen brother keeping it updated as much as I possibly can. Using version 4.73. ya still down in india Is anyone having similar issues. Down for you guys too?? PSN Problems on Thursday November 12, 2020? I'm afraid there's no way for console. Please Help.. Just bought a ps4 for Christmas and I can’t login to the PSN. A small but extremely helpful tool for ofw users, PKG Linker 2.0 - Serve Packages to your PS3 (HAN/CFW), PlayStation & PlayStation 2 Classics Icon Template, PS1 Game Cover for MultiMAN & WebMAN and PS3's Homebrew, PS3 Proxy Server for Android - v2.1 - Universal, Original PS3 Gameboot & Sounds [4.80 - 4.86 CFW ONLY], PS3 Slim Style Gameboot & Original Sounds [4.80 - 4.86 CFW ONLY], MultiEmu Downloader - Automatically Download Emulators for HAN. FFXIV was to update last night (April 17,2017) and since the update I can’t log in at all. This game was such a disaster, it set a new record for the shortest time between release and the servers being terminated. This is only for PC players who are interested. Reason: The upload and stat tracking servers have closed. I believe when your at the main lobby screen press the "Back" button. Yes, i have the same problem. PS4: Focus On You (NA) + DLCs - mandatory VR - July 16, 2020, Wraith VR (EU) - Mandatory VR - June 27th, 2019, The Walking Dead: The Final Season (NA) (Digital) - There appears to be another version of this stack, that doesn't sync. Reason: How Much Ya Got? Signed me out randomly late last night (around 11pm EST, USA, April 5th) in the middle of an Overwatch match. Reason: This was an online only game so no servers = no trophies. Shares (Image credit: Pixabay) PRICE. Roundguard: Treasure Hunter Update - Payback Trophy - Almost no-one has this trophy but due to the low player count, it's hard to tell if this is actually glitched or the requirements are just misleading. Have not been able to connect to PSN for two days now. All platforms for mw3 are not cross platform, PC plays with PC Xbox with Xbox PlayStation with PlayStation. ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny (All 3 versions) - The servers are rumoured to have been closed without warning a few years back. Reason: The situation with this DLC is a messy one so see here for more details: LINK. PSN will go down for planned maintenance on Tuesday, August 18 2015. EA SPORTS™ GRAND SLAM® TENNIS 2 Platinum Trophy. Bummer. I hope they stay online forever lol I'm late to the party, Nop not true still a lot of game with online comunitys . is impossible but no-one has a clue as to why "There, I fixed it" won't pop. DON’T LOG OUT!!! Again, Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming support! Visual Searchable offline database of PS3 Error Codes. Tried again today 11/4. Bad Company 2 is active but Im afraid EA will announce the shutdown this year. https://status.playstation.com/en-us/. I’ve been trying to play destiny but the “servers are down” then I get logged off several times and now I cannot even sign onto my psn account. Speed up and secure your browsing with the best DNS services around today. - If you want to see which games are adversely affected by the ability to change your PSN ID, then please see this thread on PSNP (credit to MaxieM0us3: LINK. Reason: For some reason, any digital or retail copy of the Bedrock Edition purchased after that update will not allow you access to the minigames needed for the Expansion 2 and Expansion 5 trophies (notice that the trophies have been changed to read "Editions Only"). Both my Ps3 & Xbox 360 servers are down..and im really getting pissed off that it keeps occurring. Battleborn - January 25th, 2021 - The servers are unreliable and getting worse. Signed in and internet is working can watch Netflix etc but PS4 says it can’t download the Game update (cod Black ops3) and the free game from ps+ Little Big Planet 3 Hate to say this, but i’m kinda glad i’m not the only one. Maybe these systems should have hacking alert in them and show the location on them. Keep on getting error 80710092. Those asking is PSN down today could be doing so after receiving an error code on PS4 or PS3, and this page provides a PSN status update with problems left by the Product Reviews community. Matchmaking, with DLC on, was near impossible. “This feature is temporarily unavailable. I tried logging in several times since this morning and I been getting an error saying that “an error has occurred. It’s been like this for the whole week for me. There has been at least 1 patch for these problems but it barely helped, thus the is unobtainable for the Vita version of the game. Reason: Due to the online co-op being omitted from the Vita release, these trophies are impossible. PS3 Media Server (32-bit) 2020 full offline installer setup for PC PS3 Media Server is a DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server that can enable users of all knowledge levels to easily share their audio/video collections with compatible home devices. The result was terrible. PSN is down in both the United States and Uk right now, it has been this way for a few hours. Got rid of the One. Psn won’t let me sign in on PS3 uk October 10 2015, Party chat is not working error code (NP-31952-0) can it be fixed. Reason: These trophies are glitched for everyone and the EU version has been delisted. Just picked up mw3 for 5 bucks, figured why not. Just got a PS4 for xmass but Their network is offline. Reason: If your system is not set to English, this trophy will glitch but you can fix it by changing your system language to English and then redoing Free Fight Mission 2. OK I can’t see my friends list again yhe the hell Is going on. Is PSN down, as I cannot play GTA V, Call of Duty, or Destiny on my PS4 right now? What better day than today, as you have FIFA 16, Call of Duty, and many other franchises that will hold maintenance sometimes when PSN is going down. Everybody's Golf (PS3 & Vita - all regions). Real-time video transcoding of MKV/FLV/OGM/AVI, etc. My psn is Thedrunkhobbit69 and I’ve been put offline and cant get online though and can’t play online games, Just cant log in my psn soo cant use anything got home from work to find this fucking angry as hell, PSN keeps kicking my server for ARK Survivor Evolved, August 25th and I can’t even connect. Each time error for paypal and cc that info is not correct or valid and i keep getting emails that sony has cancelled my purchase agreement w. Paypal. Is what it is, but I’ll still try to find some games. Checking the app regularly just incase it comes back tonight. Is PSN down? Reason: The countdown timer is glitched and currently states that you will be assigned a gym in 6000 days making these trophies impossible. I’m on the same issue I tried to turn off the ps4 but it made it worse. lol, I have the 4.74 update installed and my recent games are still downloading but it still won’t let me sign in to PSN, I checked the status psn status and it says its working fine, my wifi is at 80% but everytime I try to sign in to psn or look at my profile I get this message: After the update? PSN down for anyone else right now? *It may not solve all the issues but should save your account. Jurassic Edition (NA) - August 20, 2019, Dinosaur Island VR - Mandatory VR - December 18, 2019, Minesweeper Genius (NA) - There appears to be another version of this stack, that doesn't sync. MXGP Compact - November 18, 2014 - August 14, 2018, Syren (EU) - Mandatory VR - October 31, 2019, Syren (NA) - Mandatory VR - November 6, 2018, Rage Room - Mandatory VR - February 4, 2019, QuiVR (EU) - Mandatory VR - April 11, 2019, QuiVR (NA) - Mandatory VR - April 16, 2019, Roarr!