OK, but what's your first name? That barf is more appealing than your name. That doll that boys were supposed to carry around? ALLYSON: My son is my ally. Stupid names. OR I just did a chemical analysis of your name, and its PH level is too high. Go figure. OR That's a color, not a name. 5, but Jack should probably go see an urologist. From your stupid name! he asked. You're welcome. HEATH: Cool creamy chocolate outside, sticky gross name inside. Fred and Rick. Spanish for "pretty." Just...not in your name. OR Your name is eel backwards, dummy. WHO IS JULIUS AND WHY DO YOU BELONG TO HIM?? OR Bullocks! AMIE: You spelled Amy wrong. A Jewish businessman in Brooklyn decided to send his son to Israel to absorb some of the culture of the homeland. NICOLE: In Greek, it means "victorious people", but you already knew that didn't you? I'm a Frieda your name! Bishop TD Jakes is returning to Texas after a speaking engagement. ADRIANA: Ancient greek for "tree weasel.". And stupid. If Jack has three balls and Michael has two. Your name is stupid. Could jump high enough to escape you and your stupid name. OK, but what's your first name? WIL: You watch sports with a horse head on. JAMI: Three fourths jam. Name, stupid. JOLENE: Jolene, Jolene, Joleeene, Joleeeeeene. JACK: Your name is a verb. The Voice said, "Funny you should ask. Your name is stupid. BERTHA: Come on. A sticky gross web. ELLIOT: Yeah, your name looks a lot like a toilet. CHELSEA: Great for soccer. Carly. They left. You know what else came from the Bible? The baby of maybe and able. DAISY: Ah, the daisy, stupidest of flowers. AMBER: Amber. JASON: Jason Jason bo-bason banana fanna fo fason fee fi fo you have a very stupid name. But in your case, Les is less. That's what your stupid name means. You're a living disgrace. But not your ugly name. ANGIE: You should get an Angie-oplasty. JENNA: What, you're too good for Jennifer? CHRISTINA: Commonly shortened to nonexistence because it is such a stupid name. LUTHER: Adding one more theses to the door: 100. VAUGHN: Vaughn. Mexico City! DYLAN: And I bet your brother's name is "Hunter," and your sister's name is "Bristol.". MARY: I bet you're still a virgin too. English for "overrated pop star.". You'll always be second best. YOLANDA: Wait, that's kind of an awesome name. SHAWN: Boys name, girls name. AUSTIN: Cool town. K thx. Tiny brain. IAN: Little known fact: IAN is an acronym for Incredibly Annoying Name. You find a new one. ALYSSA: Where'd you learn how to spell names, the Internet? HAZEL: Ah, Hazel: the color of my total indifference to your name. SAVANNAH: Savannah. RENEE: Your name is mostly vowels. SHELBY: As in, by shells? No! RONALD: Like Donald, but if Scoobie Doo said it. ROSALIE: It's not a lie that your name is pretty stupid. No. Nobody. VIOLA: Viola. OR Yo. ANGELA: I read that book about you. Your name is just as annoying. JARED: We don't know how you turned eating sandwiches into a career, but, jealous. Oh. Truth. I never have to hear your stupid name again. MASON: I'm going to drawn a line. Your name is stupid. Scandanavians - cool. CALVIN: Too bad you can't pee on your own name, cause it's stupid. BEVERLY: Great name for a set of hills. ERNEST: Go to jail. RAPHAEL: The most bad ass turtle. Old English for "counselled by elves". Could dunk on an 11 foot rim. Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository’s web address. Your name, is creepy. MARTHA: POTUS goes to Martha's Vineyard every year to escape the lame quality of your name. A stupid spot, for a stupid name. ELLIOTT: Drop an L, rearrange your name. Your name. CANDICE: Your internet connection has been lost. "Those two are always trying to prove who's best." What a stupid name you have! They're chanting your name! JOHNNIE: It's hard to hide a boner behind a name. SELENA: Greek for "moon." MARCY: Remember that band Marcy Playground? HILLARY: I knew a dog named Hillary once, whenever it got around new people, it would barf. How original. CHRISTOPHER: Commonly shortened to nonexistence because it is such a stupid name. ALEX: Alex. Your father's legal name must be "Father". ERICA: Erica is just "Eric" with an "a" tacked on. Earn yourself a new name. DARNELL: Where in the Darn Hell did you get such a stupid name? ROMEO: Where for out thou--oh. He also came back a Christian. That's a felony. SAMUEL: No one was better at pointing out stupid things than Mark Twain. Kim. BRYANT: Couldn't settle for just Bryan, huh? ELIAS: A classic, solidly stupid Biblical name. It's definitely not women... JOSHUA: Hebrew for "God's gift." I added some pun to the sign on a broken pallet jack at work. MOLLY: Your name is more popular for drugs. SUMMER: Technically, it's still Autumn. BRIT: Brit. KRISTEN: Kristen, a strong, masculine name. How ironic. JOANNE: Combining two stupid names doesn't make your name any less stupid. BILL: I should BILL you for every second I have to listen to your stupid name. Your name is stupid. AILEEN: You spelled your name wrong, dummy. HEIDI: Don't hide'y just because you have a stupid name'y! JOHNNY: Johnny, the stupid way to try to make the stupid name "John" feel special. GALE: Like the wind I feel on my face whenever you talk your stupid words. There you are. LEONARD: Live long and give yourself a new, better name. I don't even know if it was a guy tbh, it hardly even looked human. https://www.holidaybullshit.com/#daytwelve. I have a long career of ice skating ahead of me. JOSH: Hebrew for "God's gift." A dumb name and a lower back tattoo. BURL: Mr. Ives? ADOLFO: Adding an "O" to your name doesn't hide the fact that your first name is still Adolph. MARCUS: Marcus: just the name "Mark" but with extra stupid on top. That's upsetting. She ends up sitting down next to him and starts talking to him. LATOYA: Your brother is dead. ROSE: A rose by any other name would sound less stupid. Run FORREST. Add your joke to our site and see how good it is. DIANNA: You spelled your name wrong, dummy. Stupid names. LAUREN: The plural of Laura. LUCIA: I think Atlanta has a few bones to pick with you. She was a gypsy whore. Sissy name. BRADLEY: Just go by Brad. JOANN: Combining two stupid names doesn't make your name any less stupid. BRYCE: A good Irish name. Stupid name. ", "Oh, my," said the father. JUNE: Yeah, right, and my name is "March.". ROCCO: Not even cool enough to have a nickelodeon show nAmed after you. CARLY: Carly. MERCEDES: Hop in one and drive away, hopefully to never hear your name uttered again. Greg. KRISTIN: This just in, Kristin. Just change your stupid name. Larry had the stupidest name. Short for "Alex is a stupid name.". That would have been a better name for you. Makes me spit. OTTO: Your name spelled backwards is "stupid name.". Good luck. JAMIE: Jamie is a name derived as a pet form of James. You were named after Carlos Mencia. JACKIE: Jackie. Toilet. ARLENE: Just...let Jon Arbuckle take you out on a date already. Satan. I actually can't think of anything bad to say. MARSHA: Adding an "a" onto a ugly place doesn't bode well. JEWELL: Where'd you get that extra L? they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. The supervisor says, "Oh, so it's the President." The little guy runs down to the end of the bar and picks up the quarter. And your name will suck Tamara. ANDERSON: Anderson, teah, OK, but what's your first name? WARREN: Warren. Listen to this - your name is stupid. OR Wait, that's kind of an awesome name. something like Paul-ise stop with these bad puns, or these puns are a-Paul-ing, or the bad puns are Paul-uting the atmosphere Paul bearers at a funeral My heart is paulpitating Bees paulinate flowers JEANNE: Yeah, right, and my name is "Shirt. JIM: Jim. Ah, fuck. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. JUSTINE: Justine time for me to tell you how stupid your name is. ZACHARY: A variant of the biblical Zechariah, who has an even stupider name. From a noble viking tradition of having stupid names. Izzy: Izzy. JOAQUIN: Get back to work on your movies there, Joaquin. ABE: Let's be honest. It's really stupid. PERRY: Take this bottle of champagne, break it on your new yacht. ADRIAN: ADRIAAAAN! ELMER: Fudd. ADDIE: Addie. PENELOPE: Wife of Odysseus. Enough said. HOUSTON: We have a problem. One short leg. Your name is dumb. Short for "Jim, get out of my face with your stupid name!". OR There are over 400,000 species of beetle in the world. Your name is stupid. Home to Wayne's World. MICHELLE: Michelle, ma belle, these are words that go together well ... if you're trying to create the stupidest name! Go yourself yourself. What is happening to our young people? BUDDY: Remember my buddy and me? HAROLD: If you're gonna go Norse, why not something more awesome? WENDY: 3rd star to the right and straight on until you find a better name. STEPHEN: Go PHuck yourself. JANA: Jana bana bobbana banana fanna fo your name is so stupid. The middle one. MARYLOU: You should. Curbt, no. We didn't think you would, but hey, you did! An emotion I do not feel when I hear your name. How many balls do they have in total? Guess not. Mind like a feather. SYLVESTER: Suffering succotash, you've got a lame name. APRIL: April. Bishop TD Jakes gets into the driver's seat, and they head off down the highway. MATTIE: Two ts? *hangs up*. John. RUBEN: Clearly your parents were hungry when they named you. - just explaining nonsense. Her: Do you remember the guy with a combover named Jack? Change your stupid name. RONDA: Help me Ronda. OSCAR: You should win an Oscar for stupidest name. See TOP 20 Jake from collection of 113 jokes and puns rated by visitors. Stupid. ANDRE: No one wants to have dinner with you. Stupid. KAREN: Karen. OR Eh. RONNIE: ...knew a kid named Ronnie once. Stupid name. CATHY: You're so chatty. One is dressed entirely in bright pink, another neon green, and another in gorgeous gold. JESSE: Girl's name, boy's name. PHOEBE: Get rid of some vowels and we'll talk. FREDDY: I had a dream last night that your name was stupid, Freddy. VERNA: The name your father gave you when he really wanted a "Vern.". She's hot. OR No. Don't you look silly. Named after a hillbillies truck? HELENE: You just had to muck it up with that extra E, didn't ya? We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. LETA: Like Feta, but from a goat's butt instead. It was creepy. OR You deserve to be punched, just because of your name. OR Won't. I am. Leftovers from Thanksgiving. PHILIP: From the Greek 'Philippos', or "Lover of Horses". Face like a pug. Very. KAREEM: Block this: your name is stupid. OR If you had a choice between the power of invisibility and the power of flight, you would still have a stupid name. That's the best your parents could do?