And also, Rancho even with a definite decision to pursue his dreams without stopping, has experienced some romance in his life. His dad needs him to wind up an and become an engineer while he really needed to end up as a photographer. He was answering the interviewees questiones avout what happened to him. He did not catch that. The look on the inerviewees become more and more unhappy but they were curious so they kept the conversation. In this movie, I chose the character of Raju Rastogi to analyze. [13] This was followed by Style (2001), produced by N Chandra. Many had turned a blind eye of what’s truly happening inside the school. Virus was talking in front all of them freshmen. Try to steal Your gaze from us as hard as You can He’s listening, Raju’s listenig. One of his senior told him that he won’t come out; he’ll do the ‘urine-explosion’, making fun of Chatur’s wrong translation, to his door. He believes and trusts whatever he says. Even put a picture of his parents in his wallet. After that, everyone was scared to be near Rancho when he came out the room just to get his water container, even his seniors was scared. Mr. Upon knowing he tried to break them apart. While we all fell in love with Aamir Khan’s character, Rancho, his best friend Raju Rastogi, played by actor Sharman Joshi, was the most relatable of them all. Oh uncle, all is well His friends found him in the place called Ladakh. Arre bhaiyaa aal izz well (x3) Though he had a passion for wildlife photography, he pursued engineering to appease his dad. I, myself, did not see that coming. The incense sticks became ash, still there was no sign of God, Bakra kya jaane uski jaan ka kya hoga Also,you give a good example. He should learn to fight what he loves and not be a puppet of other’s words; his parent’s words. Where has he gone, search for him, Sulagti dhoop mein chhaon ke jaisa registaan mein gaaon ke jaisa As they were on a journey, they both were reminiscing their past, especially their college days when they met a very carefree guy, Rancho. ( Log Out /  It is not engineering, it is photography. Girta sambhalta masti mein chalta tha woh It’s like we weren’t entitled to voice out our opinions. He’s mother then come in between his father and him. This attitude of him makes his character weak but not as weak as Raju though. Virus at that time was so mad at Rancho so he wanted to get back for what he did. He couldn’t fight what he loves, photography: to be a wildlife photographer. You can see the hesitation not just in Farhan’s face but also his eyes. He appeared as a deaf character in Gujarati version of popular play All the Best, which did over 550 shows in three years.