The USM has five main branches and Command; Navy, Army, Marines, Air-Force and Coast Guard are the main branches and Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is the Command. This is in fact a lie, since Gmf had joined Roblox since 2008, and his current account is newer due to his old one being premanently banned. I would change the color of the boots to something a bit darker, but overall nice work! E1/BMT - Private - Seaman Recruit - Airman Basic - Private, E-2 Private  - Seaman Apprentice - Airman - Private First Class, E-3 Private First Class - Seaman - Airman First Class - Lance Corporal, E-4 Specialist - Petty Officer 3rd Class - Senior Airman - Corporal, E-4 Corporal - Petty Officer 3rd Class - Senior Airman, E-5 Sergeant - Petty Officer 2nd Class - Staff Sergeant - Sergeant, E-6 Staff Sergeant - Petty Officer 1st Class - Technical Sergeant - Staff Sergeant, E-7 Sergeant First Class - Chief Petty Officer - Master Sergeant - Gunnery Sergeant, E-8 Master Sergeant - Senior Chief Petty Officer - Senior Master Sergeant - Master/First Sergeant, E-9a Sergeant Major - Master Chief Petty Officer - Chief Master Sergeant - Master Gunnery Sergeant, E-9b Command Sergeant Major - Command Master Chief Petty Officer - Command Chief Master Sergeant - Sergeant Major, [SEA] (E-9c)Sergeant Major of the Army - (E-9c) Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy/(E-10)Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard - (E-9c)Chief Master Sergeant of the Air-Force - (E-9c) Sergeant Major of the Marines. 11) USM un-allied USA because of the corruptness, and to distance itself away from any limitations. Around 16,000 8) The United States Military is often Ridiculed by many Roblox members outside of the group (Especially in enemy groups) for unfair war-zones, lack of originality, outdated technology, admin-abusing, free models, and for having too many war-zones: USM denies all of the accusations, and at the moment, T0PN0TCH supports multiple war-zones due to having an Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air-Force. Screenshot_20201109-072506 1080×2160 212 KB. Untitled618_20201109072540 768×768 78.3 KB. Looks great! Looks great dude! Active United States Military The USM contains a very realistic and intricate rank system that represents real-world ranks. as well make sure this is not from a tutorial or from someone else even though I trust you Im just trying to warn you. 12) USM has had many reforms in the past. Hello! 1 Like. [USM]John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center,School[USMC] Marine Air Command[NRF] NATO Response Force(ISAF) International Security Assistance Force[USM] USAF Military PoliceUnited States Military AirForce. I think its perfect ngl. Very detailed, however it could use some more insignia ( shoulder boards, collar boards, etc) the details are very noticeable, good job. You might wanna add a military cap just to seal the deal. Thats Great. They will be added automatically by a template when appropriate. Looks good. Owner Using References is a good thechnique. Wow, super detailed! Allies Activity Showing exemplary performance can result in giving you a rank of O-2. Each branch contains Units that are named after real-life units. 3) The United States Military is a group that is the most realistic portrayal of the United States Armed Forces on Roblox. Each branch/command also contains other jobs in sub-commands such as TRADOC (Army Training Command) and AFSOC (Air Force Special Operations Command, which is a part of SOCOM).