As for suggestions or Feedback, I have none...except it was exceptional service right when I needed it. The very next day with another early morning rescue, our fourth call came in from a pilot flying away from Alioth and was unable to change course. ), then finally having my team preview it to gather their suggestions for any additions before publishing it live. These organizations, great as they might be, may not lack the familial tightness that holds a family together. To advertise this and encourage people who might be uncertain about it: As someone who played firefighters, EMTs and cops in various games with practical game play I can tell you or generally summarize that those jobs or "shifts" are sometimes menial or uneventful, and at other times the most challenging and rewarding. I implore you to please ask them. Another key player, the dispatcher will always have an ear in our Discord listening for any emergencies as they come in so good multitasking skills if you intend to play at the same time would be a real help here. I had overshot the planet, and burned my remaining fuel returning to the planet with minimal fuel in reserve to make it back from Teoma once I left. These will also be run by the team before presentation. Additionally two organizations, Vulture Cooperation and DYNAMIC AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES have formed partnerships while Albatross Inc in discussion with us. Originally almost 3,000 words, I've moved much of my post that would have gone here onto my organizations' website so as to keep this post a bit tidier. You can still be with your organization and do things with them, we just ask that you, if okay with your superiors, be able to leave your duties behind before you approve to embark on a rescue mission. Two rescues were made this test, that's 21 rescues for Alpha 2 and 35 overall! Links however may go from red to the more traditional blue while the white font color will not change. If you're looking for new games for mind sharpening and brain training, then Wordful is the one for you! JumpStart Adventures: 4th Grade - Haunted Island, JumpStart Adventures: 3rd Grade - Mystery Mountain. With this out of the way, I decided to do some work on the sides with a red trimmed Z stripe that is present on various emergency craft. JackTricolor receives a small bit of praise for having joined only a day prior to our meeting. With regards to the upcoming race I have a few things I'd just like to mention real quick. If tutoring is needed on life, the universe and everything i can provide it under the strict notion that anything will be related to 42. Not the best experience, but what can I say, it's alpha. Does an item in your personal inventory make a forced respawn too much of a risk to chance loosing? Normally I would have made the manual trip myself, but in the interest of getting to bed I contacted someone from NovaQuark who was able to assist with my transportation. I think it's high time to do a quick recap on how things are going with Eyes & Ears. With all the work on the interior, the exterior hull got very little love. I'll have to look around for some real life examples, perhaps that can kick something into action. I took off on Friday evening to transport @Kasper_DU from the North Pole to a marketplace where they were subsequently picked up by their organization. Feel free to ask, × Not a whole lot happened this test on my side of things. A distress call will come in through a 'emergency' channel in Eyes & Ears Discord, details will be gathered and passed over to one or two points. Eight rescues is a little over half the number of rescues we made in the entirety of Alpha 1 so I think that's a good sign that people are taking notice! You know what that means, no uncontrolled descent through the atmosphere or crashing through the finish line. @Ardes refueled a dried up Novean with a quick spot of fuel on the far side of Alioth where civilization is perhaps more sparse. The best crash at the start / finish line was awarded to @Grimmethy. Paste as plain text instead, × Speaking of the HUD, I scraped up some code off the DU Discord and after some tinkering, all my fuel gauges are off to one side, while everything else is off to the other side. Nice work! Finally as far as the Lua front goes, aside from fuel tank gauges, I'm planning on also implementing @Melvin 's artificial horizon script which I sadly didn't get to play with since I was too engrossed in design. 1500+ Word Puzzles - Perfect Offline Word Game!! Thanks to NQ for clarifying the necro rule on org-registry threads! A two hour journey into the black void was all it took before they were on their way back home. Congratulations for the great showing! I might just expand this head and neck of sorts to more of a wide bridge section for a small three to four person crew that's more or less the width of the craft. Container storage space that was formerly at the back of the constructs fuel bay is extended to the front of the docking bay and only a short walk from the bridge. The chunky, plastic playing pieces are the most distinctive part of the game; they are rescue vehicles, each with a POP•O•MATIC® die bubble. With Stormeyes assistance and some fancy teleportation, The Rex Liberata was refueled and it's crew were once more on their way. For Eyes & Ears this purpose is quite clear. After providing some more technical assistance, they were able to respawn back on Alioth, and so capped off rescue 33. Rebuild three islands! Some of these changes will be previewed in our next agenda while a few new things will come up including: This is of course preliminary and will be expanded upon as the week progresses. With my position being closer, I flew out with a supply of fuel and after a rougher than intended landing, Pwnst4r was off. Additionally last weeks feedback has been added to the website alongside this weeks feedback since both rescues were early on in the test. I'm not asking you guys to crash into the moon so we can get some arbitrary number, or am I? With no alternative and no one from NovaQuark on hand to handle the situation, a member of Eyes & Ears stepped up and flew the player out to their craft which secured our 24th rescue. The problem was, the ship wasn't good enough to make it back from space. I'm already bubbling with ideas and have even written some of the good ones down for future work.