These have ranged from 8" F/6 to 24" F/3.5 and nearly every aperture and focal length combination between. Sale Price: $17.95 List Price: $22.95. It can be broken into manageable parts that fit into a family car, allowing you to travel away from city lights to get the very best views of the heavens. I also have a cell phone attachment piece that allows you to take some great photos with your cell phone … What we are really offering is an opportunity for you to experience the pride and satisfaction of building your own, top-quality telescope. We're not your typical telescope manufacturer - we are a custom shop, building custom telescopes to your specifications. No Reviews Yet. The Dobsonian Telescope book; Our Telescopes. 12.5" Classic; 15" Classic; 18" Classic; 20" Classic; Random quote "The thrill of actually seeing detail had me so excited I was running all over the sky, as rapidly as a 6 year-old to a Christmas tree. Sirius Plossl (25mm) ($50 new), Celestron 93317 Omni Series (6mm) ($35 new), and Celestron Omni 2X Barlow Lens ($60 new). AstroSystems offers the TeleKit in a variety of sizes: 10, 12.5, 13.1, 14.5, 15, 16, 17.5, 18, 20, 22 and 24 inch truss tube telescope kits. Celestron FirstScope Moon Signature Series 76mm Dobsonian Telescope - 22016. The instrument also has full Go-To capability and motorised tracking to further enhance your observing experience. All are available in medium to large apertures in both our famous Classic design and the new Ultra Compacts. Celestron Cometron Firstscope 76 Reflector Telescope - 21023 . Hubble Optics, known for manufacturing high-quality Newtonian reflector optics, now offers the UL24, a 24-inch f/3.3 ultra-light Dobsonian ($9,500). This fast Newtonian reflector is built for travel, featuring a lightweight “sandwich” mirror that drastically reduces its weight and cool-down period compared to solid mirrors. Our C28 f/3.3 telescope is for you! Meade LightBridge Mini 130mm Tabletop Dobsonian Telescope - 203003. Meade LightBridge Mini View All. With an eyepiece height of only 85", many people will only be one step up at zenith. It is the Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope which can be purchased brand new from for $600 + $70 shipping. Place your astronomy ads, read the latest news articles and check out the current reviews of newest telescopes … The Dobsonian Telescope book; Ultra Compact Obsessions (UC) 15" UC; 18" UC; 22" UC; Classic Obsessions. Want a giant Dobsonian telescope, but not a giant ladder? Teeter's Telescopes, LLC., was formed in 2002, and is the banner under which we have custom-built over 200 Dobsonian Telescopes. is the leading portal for astronomy news, classified ads and telescope reviews. The SkyVision T600 Compact Dobsonian with its whopping 24-inch diameter mirror is that big aperture telescope. Sale Price: $56.95 List Price: $59.95. I could see so much good stuff!" We shaved every possible inch off the height of this instrument and have produced a telescope over 3 feet shorter than our competitor's 24 and 25" scopes. Review the telescopes below and see why Obsessions are the most imitated telescopes on the market. All utilize the best optics available anywhere at any price. Sale Price: $49.95 List Price: $54.95. 1 Review. At Obsession we offer ten models to choose from. I am also including 3 eyepieces.