Following the arrest of two of his men, Tony suspects a traitor. List of characters from The Sopranos in the DiMeo Crime Family; The DiMeo/Soprano Organization (image) The DiMeo Crime Family (image) The Sopranos Wiki: DiMeo Crime Family; The DiMeo Crime Family (Reddit) The DiMeo Crime Family after season 6 (Reddit) Leadership. There is however the possibility that all his interests were still controled by him or by another Capo on behalf of him. In 1999 Hesh began working with Tony on setting up a scam to defraud HMO medical insurance companies through their debtor Alex Mahaffey. Philly Spoons was promoted to capo after the position became vacant following Junior Soprano's promotion to Boss of the family. He gave control of his crew over to his younger brother, Jackie Aprile. The Jackie Aprile Crew It is unlikely to have been the same underboss Eckley had but rather a member of his own old crew. After years of investigating Tony Soprano (at one point trying to turn him into an informant) and failing to connect him to the murder of associate Matthew "Matt Drinkwater" Bevilaqua (which was tossed out when an eyewitness retracted his statement upon learning one of the shooters may have been Tony Soprano), the FBI arrested Tony in 2000 when it was discovered that he had been extorting Davey Scatino. Tony's response to Vito's murder was to blow up a wire room held by Phil in Sheepshead Bay – Benny Fazio was on the scene for the explosion. They are allies of the Lupertazzi family in New York City but the two become rivals as the series progresses. Tony finds out about his mother and uncle's plot. In 1999, Paulie Gualtieri was a central member of Tony's crew. "[3], Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, "The Sopranos - The Complete 1st Season (Blu-ray)". Tony and some soldiers head to a safe house to hide, as the search for Phil continued. Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office... United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, Mitchell H. Cohen United States Courthouse, "All about the Real Life Sopranos overview", "Da Jersey boys who inspired The Sopranos",, Lists of fictional characters by organization, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from October 2020, All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, circa 1930s–1950s – "Alfano" Mysterious Figure mentioned in the book. Barese supported Tony's plan to use Junior Soprano as a figurehead boss along with the other Capos, although he later complained that Junior abused his new authority. Junior was judged to be mentally unstable and was sent to a mental rehabilitation facility. The Sopranos were a key faction in the DiMeo crime family, running two separate crews led by Johnny Boy and Junior, and also had longstanding ties with the five New York Families (particularly the Lupertazzi crime family). Jackie succumbed to cancer in 1999. "[4] James Gandolfini was widely hailed for his performance, with Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly praising his "magnificently shrewd, wary performance" as Tony Soprano. Uncle of Tony Soprano and Tony Blundetto. Owns a farm in Upstate New York that his nephews used to visit in the summers of their youth, Father of Bobby "Bacala" Bacalieri. Bobby Bacala started off in the Junior Soprano crew as a loyal carer and driver to Junior Soprano. The other problem was complicated when Tony B. killed Lupertazzi associate Joey Peeps on the orders of Lupertazzi Capo Rusty Millio and consigliere Angelo Garepe. Posted by. 1999 – Michael "Mikey Grab Bag" Palmice – murdered in 1999. Soprano Crime Family tree by Season (Season 1) Close. Unlike many of his contemporaries he was able to retire from "the business". Fabian Petrulio – (1989) – revealed in Season 1 episode ", Big Pussy Bonpensiero – Soldier – revealed in season 2 episode ".