The speed of sound is not a constant, but depends on altitude (or actually the temperature at … Here's a JavaScript program to calculate speed of sound and Mach number for different planets, altitudes, and speed. Let's compare it with 90 °F, the warm bath temperature. The pitot-static system works on the principle of Bern… The system uses the difference between the total pressure (measured by the pitot probe) and the static pressure (measured by the static ports) to determine the dynamic pressure which is converted to an airspeed reading. The Speed of Sound Calculation by Tim Brice and Todd Hall The speed of sound depends on several variables, but the only independent variable we need to calculate the speed of sound is the temperature of the air. Sound - Frequency, Wavelength and Octave - An introduction to the nature of sound - … Remember that you always can change the units of speed of sound: mph, ft/s, m/s, km/h, even to knots if you wish to. This calculator is to determine the speed of sound in humid or moist air (water vapor) according to Owen Cramer, "JASA, 93, p. 2510, 1993", with saturation vapor pressure taken from Richard S. Davis, "Metrologia, 29, p. 67, 1992", and a mole fraction of carbon dioxide of 0.0004. The speed of sound calculator displays a speed of sound in water, It's 4672 ft/s. The International Standard Atmosphere “is intended for use in calculations and design of flying vehicles, to present the test results of flying vehicles and their components under identical conditions, and to allow unification in the field of development and calibration of instruments.” The use of this atmospheric model is also recommended in the processing of data from geophysical and meteorological observations. It is used as a standard against which one can compare the actual atmosphere and based on the values at … You can use this calculator to determine the Mach number of a rocket at a given speed and altitude on Earth or Mars. Indicated airspeed is the airspeed reading that the pilots sees on her airspeed indicator (ASI) and is driven by the pitot-static system on board the aircraft. We have created an atmospheric calculator to let you study the variation of sound speed with planet and altitude. The speed is equal to 4960 ft/s this time.