Never place tools or parts on the screen or damage to the screen may occur. These resolutions help limit the stress on the mesh from the added weight of the material feed. Like the sliders, the balls are noisy but also require minimal maintenance and are easy to replace when worn out; however, the balls have a tendency to migrate to the screen’s periphery and neglect the screen’s center. Users of circular screen separators know that the top eccentric weight influences the radial rate of movement of material on the screen surface. These material particles tend to adhere to the screen mesh itself, building up around the wires. EN. setting methodology to achieve optimum screening patterns. If you think you might encounter this problem because your process requires separating materials at a high temperature greater than the screen manufacturer’s limits, consider using a welded screen if possible. Ultrasonic system maintenance includes replacing the transducer on the tension ring during screen replacement, which can be costly. Get the latest Food Manufacturing trends delivered FREE to your inbox! For dry applications, ultrasonic systems are an available accessory to enable fine mesh screening. Elastic balls, like the ones in Figure 4, are placed on a coarse screen, which is then mounted two inches below the sizing screen. These features are especially helpful for processors that use the same unit for different applications that may require frequent amplitude adjustments. Not included under the umbrella of bottom- or top-side self-cleaners are application-dependent remedies for screen blinding. Translator. Efficiency is the percentage of on-specification materials extracted from incoming feed materials during the screening process. This article will demystify the set-up and operation of a round vibratory screen separator. These devices are primarily designed for use in dry powder applications to break up materials while assisting them through the screen. then explain the motion of particles inside the separator and how to adjust the weights to This new eccentric weight adjustment system, as the saying goes, requires "no tools, no talent and almost no time" Yet "E-Z Slide" Unbalanced Weight System (patent applied for) is effective and cannot be shaken out of position by machine lurching during shutdown. material moves on the screen. If materials are running in the opposite direction of how they usually run on the screen, check the rotation of the motor. This high capacity vibrating circular screener industrial separator is highly used in industrial screener grading applications in numerous industries, such as food, metallurgy, ceramic, chemical, pharmaceutical, powder coatings and others. The wiper ring self-cleaner is made up of sliders that form a shape similar to spokes on a wheel. This article discusses different concerns associated with vibratory separators, the cause of the issues, and solutions for remedying these challenges. Four narrow, plastic-bristle brushes are assembled on a round frame 90 degrees apart from one another. © Copyright 2020 | CSC Publishing Inc. All Rights Reserved. Some limits are as low as 120ºF (49ºC) while others are as high as 200ºF (93ºC). When looking down at the motor from above, you should be able to see the lead angle, which is the number of degrees separating the motor shaft’s bottom weight assembly resultant force from the top weight assembly resultant force. Make sure the separator is level when installed. The new "E-Z Slide" Unbalanced Weight System design (patent applied for) will make adjustments simple. Depending on your process needs, it might be beneficial to invest in one or more specialty or customized screens to fit the application of the materials being processed. One such device is a bottom-side self-cleaning kit displayed in Figure 3. © Kason Corporation | Sitemap | Terms of Use / Privacy Policy. If a screen is delaminating or separating into layers on the tension ring, this could indicate a temperature issue. Custom Advanced Connections Sifter Separator DM18S33WC. Lead angle and motor rotation. information discussed here in mind will help you be better prepared to Second, check to make sure that oversized materials aren’t building up on the screen deck. This article will As the separator vibrates, the wheel of sliders rotates around the separator screen, shearing material through the mesh openings and breaking up material as it moves. If you have a loose screen due to This device is made up of a perforated plate mounted below the screen surface with sliders placed between the perforated plate and the working mesh. One drawback to the rotary brush is that it’s fairly expensive when compared with bottom-side cleaners. To fix an incorrect lead angle, the weight settings and lead angle need to be adjusted to move the materials off the screen. the screen so that your throughput and Sweco • Florence, KY800-807-9326 • The screen’s center should also be watched to ensure material doesn’t congregate there. separator in the center of the screen. the screen and it’s loose, this will affect how the materials move on the screen, which in turn affects separator throughput and efficiency. However, you should get plenty of use out of your screen before needing to replace it. For the majority of applications, the lead is set at between 60° and 120° . The sliders are individual plastic rings that when stimulated, travel radially around the separator’s screen. lead angle adjustment Vibro-Energy® Separators - Interior View 0 Lead – Material is thrown straight and gives insufficient separation 15 Lead – Material begins to spiral 35 Lead – Gives material maximum efficient screening pattern 90 Lead – Keeps oversize material from being discharged and assists in receiving maximum throughput A 35-degree lead angle is the most typical setting for a standard separator in a one- or two-deck configuration, but all applications and materials are different and require a fair amount of testing to determine the best arrangement. Similar to the wiper ring self-cleaner is the top-side necklace ring dam, also referred to as a wiper wheel. may not always be easy to discern the problem’s source. Ultrasonic systems have the ability to screen fines down to 20 microns, as opposed to many separators that process dry material down to 50 to 80 microns. Model Number: DM18S33WC Frain Number: R29020 Custom Advanced Model DM18-S-33WC 18" diameter vibratory screener has (2) Screen Decks with Top and bottom eccentric weights, for lead-angle and vertical amplitude adjustments lead angle. There are many possible causes for premature screen failure. efficiency don’t suffer. Keep in mind that the separator’s vibratory motion is controlled in two directions. The lead angle ... charge, adjust the lead angle on the bottom weight assembly to assist in facilitating material discharge. Making these eccentric weight adjustments in traditional machines took considerable time. In some cases, these situations may call for a seasoned professional to come fix the issue. He holds a BA in marketing and an MBA, both from Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, KY. Jeff has more than 27 years of experience with bulk solids processing equipment. Near-size materials tend to lodge in the screen’s mesh holes, blinding the screen mesh and prohibiting additional materials from passing through the screen, as shown in Figure 1. biting action is primarily affected by varying the angle or 11lead:1 between the top and bottom motor weights. The lead angle is adjusted at  the bottom weight assembly and can be set at an angle anywhere between 0 to 120  degrees. Top-side self-cleaning devices also act as barriers to the material discharging from the machine, which results in longer material residence time and improved efficiency. Premature screen failure, screen blinding, and irregular material movement are a few of the most conventional — and easily fixable — issues that separators experience. As the name suggests, vibratory separators separate bulk materials by particle size; however, as the equipment ages and experiences wear and tear, you may find yourself running into issues with the machine. If working with a larger screen that uses a center tie-down, ensure that the tie-down is holding the screen level. Vibratory separators, also known as screeners, are used by many for applications in the powder and bulk solids industry. It’s just a matter of finding the appropriate antiblinding method that best fits your application. One disadvantage to using a self-cleaning kit is the added noise level generated from the sliders constantly tapping on the metal perforated plate. The sliders keep the working mesh clean by tapping out or shearing off lodged, near-size materials that tend to blind the screen and reduce screening area. that could influence the motion of the separator, which impacts the screen’s The moderately priced, easy-to-maintain self-cleaning screen does a better cleaning job than the self-cleaning kits and ball trays because  of the sandwich-type setup of the top and bottom screens. To fix an incorrect lead angle, the weight settings and lead angle need to be adjusted to move the materials off the screen. A welded screen can withstand temperatures up to 400ºF (204ºC). The effect of the input control parameters: top weight force, bottom weight force and lead Look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations. Vibrating rim cleaners don’t require any maintenance because the ball bearings are encased, but they are moderate in cost and noisy to operate.