The texture had moderate slip to it, which I felt made it apply better with fingertips for more even application, though it could be applied and blended out to an even finish with a brush, it just took a little more effort (but wasn’t difficult by any stretch). I have green eyes and I LOVE how olive greens and olive golds look on me. Shades like Be the Sunshine, Light My World, and Escape applied and “melted” onto my lid giving a very smooth, high-shine finish that didn’t look heavy or emphasize my lid texture/lines. Awww well clearly you have great taste! Oh my….these are such lovely colours and would be wonderful for when the cooler autumn weather arrives (if it ever does!). Thank you! They probably will be, eventually. We recommend signing up to take advantage of personalized features like tracking products you own, viewing dupes that you already have, and more! I didn’t try olives and greens till about 5 or 6 years ago, and I’m still kicking myself! Type in the shades below to get instant side-by-side swatches! Find your next foundation or concealer match! Are you new to the world of foundation or have you never felt like you've found an ideal shade match? It’s stunning. Thank you for your support! “Cheap” is a relative term. I do have dupes for some of the shades, but a lot of them are only 85% dupes, and some of them are one green shade in a big palette. I have used it for so many different looks. $ saved. There are four mattes and five shimmers in the set, and all of the shades performed well: they were pigmented, blendable, and long-wearing. These shadows are extremely pigmented and very blendable. These are the best quality shadows I have ever used. Read now. We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. I feel like I’m being bombarded by temptation today. Normal-to-Dry skin. Please teach me your ways! Get a Full-Size Blush and mini Lipstick with $65+ purchase. That was such an ingrained, hard-and-fast no-no during the time I was growing up. However, I would love to see some different shades in the new Winter Bundle. The texture was smooth to the touch, creamier and denser but not too thick or heavy on my lid. Every shade is totally unique (the gold flecks in “Green Mango” are like nothing I have ever seen), and there are about a million looks you could come up with these shadows alone. Not to worry -- we can still help! I’ve got my cart loaded up in I’m waiting for the 26th. Rationalization: Well, you have all the bright greens you need, but not all the muted ones….. SG is right up there with chocolate and peanut butter, as my weakness. ***Zinc Stearate made from natural and essential raw material. It’s killing me not to get this. Reviews of the newest releases from best to worst! She has normal-to-dry skin with occasional dryness on cheeks and nose. The more metallic/sparkly the shade is, the creamier and more emollient the eyeshadow felt in the pan, which often yielded really smooth application and good adherence to the lid, though a few worked better with a fingertip or a dampened brush for true-to-pan color or to get a truer finish/sheen. Sort By: Quick view Compare Out of stock. Love our content? This is so pretty. being reviewed due to time constraints and changes in priorities! The matte formula tends to wear between eight and eight and a half hours on me. Looks great! Like colors competing with your eyes? However, I would love to see some different shades in the new Winter Bundle. Combination skin. Plus, some will dupe some other, more expensive shades I have on my wishlist. And I adore your eye look. We're here to help you make better beauty purchases that you'll enjoy and love! If you have general feedback, Curious how two shades compare to each other? Having her talk about ND or Melt or her latest haul...just makes the most mundane tasks at the end of exhausting days so relaxing and enjoyable. The shimmers are so metallic and reflective, such beautiful shades and the mattes offer the perfect amount of pigmentation and blendability. Comments that do not adhere to our I’m happy more brands are jumping on the green wave, but luckily for my wallet, I am set for this current trend. We appreciate enthusiasm for new releases but ask readers to please hold questions regarding if/when I locked and removed your post because it violates our self-promotion guidelines. Readers often ask me what are my absolute, all-time favorites, and now you can find my current and long-time favorites all in one place! contact us directly. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Look to see if any shades between two palettes are known dupes. ***Oxides are natural minerals and add color to the product, also helps with making the product opaque. All nine shades were easy to work with, had semi-opaque or better pigmentation, and blended out without difficulty. Every single shade is super pigmented, buttery, and blendable. Such a tough choice! If you ever get or have had the pleasure of meeting our mom you will love her; I haven't met anyone who doesn't think that our mom is absolutely amazing! There are 3 variations in our database, which you can select from in the View a Variation dropdown menu below. Do you have any of her none bundled singles that you like? Reviews of the newest releases from best to worst! being reviewed due to time constraints and changes in priorities! I know...subconsciously he’s picked it up having her in the background , I have peanut butter, paris, and morning star and they are so great. removed. Thank you for your patience! They last me all day long without an eyeshadow primer. Also she accompanies me many evenings when I am doing dishes and prepping lunches for the next day. ... Fall Haul Event - Up To 50% Off Select Products. We earn commission on sales tracked from our links. Very Light, Olive, cool undertones. They stay on all day without fading, flaking, or oxidizing. Thanks for this! Readers often ask me what are my absolute, all-time favorites, and now you can find my current and long-time favorites all in one place! ***Caranuba Wax Mica this is a Sericite Mica that has been surface treated with Carnauba Wax, the wax coating helps bind the particles so the formulas have less fly away when pressed. They’re similar to other greens but have different undertones. will typically be removed after errors are fixed (unless a response is needed). I definitely don’t *need* this, but I find SG bundles / palettes inspire me in a way that few other brands do. It wore well for eight and a half hours on me before it faded a bit. but I am an amateur beauty blogger, who writes from the perspective of the average consumer who is a makeup enthusiast. Christine Mielke is the editor-in-chief and has been reviewing products for over 14 years. She is just a fan :-), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Indiemakeupandmore community, Continue browsing in r/Indiemakeupandmore. NOTE: This is a bundle of single shadows. Thank you! Oooh this is tempting, I think I'll grab this when the Tiny Marvels palette restocks! There are 3 variations in our database, which you can select from in the View a Variation dropdown menu below. Please help us streamline the comments' section and be more efficient: double-check the post above Wildlife is a muted, light-medium olive green with subtle, warm yellow undertones and a matte finish. However, I did just recently purchase Coloured Raine Safari Raine, also have Huda Emerald and ABH Subculture, so I’m guessing that I’m set? It had opaque pigmentation in a single layer with a soft, smooth texture that wasn’t too powdery nor too firmly pressed in the pan. I will say the bottom two shimmers are bit lighter then in the picture, but still look beautiful. ColourPop At Forest Sight Eyeshadow Look (Cooler), ColourPop At Forest Sight Eyeshadow Look (Warmer), Huda Beauty Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Look (Cooler), ColourPop x Raw Beauty Kristi Collection Swatches, Clionadh Multichrome Eyeshadow Swatches (x15), Tom Ford Holiday 2020 Collection (Part 2) Swatches, Curate a Makeup Collection You Love with More Mindfulness (2020 Guide), How-to Buy Less Makeup: Guide to Makeup No-Buys & Low-Buys (2020), How Beauty Brands are Committing to Change + Next Steps.