Some more obscure cases brought to the Texas Supreme Court between 1846 and 1865. Wall sold me, 'cause dat was one man dat sho' was good to his niggers. Please feel free to contact me for further information. Failing to sell her there, the slave traders took her to Research Enterprises, 1979. Wallcut, 1849. Williams, David A. Collection of documents relating to black history includes an estate and slave inventory, muster roll for U.S. He don't 'long to dem. My mother, special, was a powerful 'ligious woman. was probably held in the church. My paw says he'll make a man of me, and he puts me to breakin' ground and choppin' wood. Lankin wh. Included are documents relating to the selling of slaves. Burges-Jefferson Family Papers, 1836, (1857–1892), 1960. ', "'Master say, you breath smell of brandy, Housed with the Houston (Sam) Papers. Today I am Mose Hursey, Head Prophet to the World. Feed | Recommended Colored Troops. I heared they was a war and folks was goin' with 'visions and livestock. I been done with all things here, Jefferson, Texas, and sold her to Bill Tumlin . Includes a bill of sale from James Howard for the slave Lucy and a letter from Burnet concerning the ill health of one of his hired-out slaves. Will Daily, was born in 1858 in Missouri, near the city of St. Louis. B. Mussey, 1854. In 1899 Charley moved to Fort Worth, and now lives at 308 S. Harding St. "Yes, suh, I'm borned in slavery and not 'shamed of it, 'cause I can't help how I'm borned. (4 items). When we all git 'round dat pan we sho' would lick dat clabber up. "I was educated since freedom, 'cause they wasn't no schools in slavery days, but after I was freed I went to public schools. ', "I don't know whether them calves was ever penned or not, 'cause Peter was waitin' for me at the lot and takes me to live with him on the Ware place. (2 in.). Roberts Sublett I say, 'I ain't tellin' no lie, you say niggers ain't gwine git free.'. "You is talkin' now to a nigger what nussed seven white chillen in them bullwhip days. They says us might as well stay there as go somewhere else, and us got no money and no place to go. people were born in 1865 or earlier. Lots of l'il chillun was sold 'way from de mammy when dey seven or eight, or even smaller. Turner wh. Texas Genealogy Trails. Us have no chillen. He is a man dat buys and sells cattle. Master give me two dresses and a pair of shoes when I married. Devereux (Julien Sidney) Family Papers, 1766–1941. several of the slave owners as they were listed in the 1860 Slave Schedule "I crawls out 'fore dey unloads de wagon and 'fore long massa see me and him say, 'Gosh for hemlock! Den when I was bigger he starts me to carryin' de breakfast to de field whar de grown niggers had been out workin' since way 'fore day. He works for master in the store and I works round the house. One of de slaves runs away and dey ketches him and puts his eyes out. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence between family members and includes discussion of Kiger's crops and slaves.